Watch Dogs on PS3/Xbox 360 Looks More Like a PS2 Game

Watch Dogs on PS3/Xbox 360 Looks More Like a PS2 Game

Ubisoft has finally revealed to the world how Watch Dogs looks on current-generation consoles i.e PS3 and Xbox 360. The result is pretty disappointing as Watch Dogs on PS3/Xbox 360 look a bit ugly more like a PS2 game.

Watch DogsUbisoft have been showcasing Watch Dogs to gaming press and fans either on PC or on PS4/Xbox One but yesterday’s trailer was the first instance where it was showcased for PS3/Xbox 360.

The feedbacks from fans on this new trailer has been pretty sour because they expect much better graphics and visuals from Xbox 360/PS3. You can take a look at the new trailer below and decide yourself how it looks.

This low quality graphics of Watch Dogs on current generation might be due to the fact that Ubisoft from start concetrated only on next-gen and PC version of the game.

Here is what Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot said way back in Februry 2013 (link to our article): “”The team is developing it on high end PC’s and next gen, after that other teams are looking how they can make it fit for the older generation. So the first approach is to see how they can take full advantage of the next gen consoles,”

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