Rainbow Six Siege beta end date extended to October 4

Rainbow Six Siege beta end date extended to October 4

Ubisoft has extended the Rainbow Six Siege closed beta through October 4.

The beta extension will be a way for not only fans of the Rainbow Six series to get more time to play the game, but it’ll also provide additional data and feedback from players over the next few days. In fact, Ubisoft is allowing those who participated in the beta the opportunity to invite their friends in. Anyone who play at least one match prior to 2:00PM ET on Sept. 29 will be sent an email with an immediate access code that can be shared with a friend.

The Rainbow Six Siege closed beta is one of the largest betas Ubisoft has ever performed and has learned a lot in the process. The publisher has identified a number areas that will provide long-term improvement for the game’s launch and also pushed out several updates that have helped ease things on a short-term basis.

Ubisoft shared some additional information regarding the beta, such as the average wait time for PvP matchmaking improving to 30-45 seconds and Terrorist Hunt having a 96% success rate per matchmaking attempt. The longer the closed beta runs, the more improvements Ubisoft can offer when Rainbow Six Siege is released on December 1.

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  1. I play on russian obt and i can say few words about cashshop. So basically you have credits and argents. For argents you can buy premium. If you dont have money you can convert credits into argents 160 creds = 1 argentum. In auction you can buy fashion clothes or idk how i gonna say this but there you can spend argents or credits. And you cant buy any gear for donate! So i really enjoy this game no p2w at all but you need a lot time to get high prestige (lvl)

  2. indeed, but what amazes me most are the people selling those passes that are meant for f2p playe1 in market for prices we have almost no way of paying

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