Just Dance 2016 creating any mobile application in your area Just Dance 2016

Just Dance 2016 creating any mobile application in your area Just Dance 2016

Forget about wires. Control right in your hands.

Fed up with connecting all of your wires for your Xbox One, your Ps 4 or perhaps your Wii U? Well Just Dance 2016 isn’t just busting out newer and more effective moves, it is also making your phone behave as the controller for that game.

All you need to do is download the needed Dance Controller Application for your phone (iOS or Android) after which hook it up via Wireless to whichever console you will be using. Simple as that.

On August sixth, 2015, Ubisoft introduced the needed Dance 2016 Controller Application in the Gamescom in Germany. Just Dance 2016 has sparked some interest allowing people consider using a free demo after they download the application.

Some artists that happen to be put into the set list are Britney Spears, Shakira and Jason Derulo. You are able to pay attention to a few of the tracks here on the Spotify playlist just for Dance 2016.

Newer and more effective content that’s been added consists of having the ability to create your own videos and challenging your buddies online to conquer your personal score. You may also submit your videos towards the online Just Dance community, where anybody can compete and then try to end up being the ultimate Just Dance dancer. Just Dance 2016 is going to be open to play October 20, 2015.


  1. Datgamesucksbighairydogballs

    Omg look at dat… whats dat a handy game. Plz stop port mobile shit to the PC. We are the MASTERRACE we dont play bullshit like this pile of shit.

  2. Yeah, I was playing opposite gendered or alternate-oriented characte1 in D&D in the effing SEVENTIES. What’s new about this? Who has ever held you back from playing how you want but you1elf?

  3. “what flesh is within that Warframe…?
    I will crush it…i will fill my lungs with your death!!!”
    -General Sargas Ruk

  4. Remember when they said the same thing for Mass Effect and it never happened?

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