The new sony: PS4 Firmware 2. Launch “Just Not Far AwayInch, Explains How Free PS Plus Games Are Selected Every Month

The new sony: PS4 Firmware 2. Launch “Just Not Far AwayInch, Explains How Free PS Plus Games Are Selected Every Month

At GamesCom 2014, The new sony announced details regarding Ps 4 firmware 2.00 and mentioned that it’ll get to Fall 2014 i.e. will launch among September 22 and December 21. Holidays 2014 approximately to begin but nonetheless we have not heard everything from The new sony regarding exact release date of Ps 4 firmware 2..


Ps Europe Blog Manager Fred Dutton did provided some good info when fans can anticipate seeing launch of Ps 4 firmware 2., “Just Not Far AwayInch stated Fred.

“I can not discuss new hardware features today, apart from to state that [updates] will always be within the works – as formerly announced there is a big PS4 update just not far away that i will be speaking much more about soon.”

A week ago well-known industry insider Tidux mentioned that Ps 4 firmware 2. was scheduled to produce right before Evolution’s PS4 exclusive racing title, DriveClub, but Game Director Paul Rustchynsky clarified that, “it is simply a rumor” and there’s no truth into it.

Lastly, Fred Dutton also described the entire process of selecting Ps Plus Free Games for every month:

“There exists a global PS Plus team who choose the games each month. I am afraid I can not discuss precisely why they choose particular titles, apart from to state they are doing their best to choose an assorted line-from quality games within the three platforms.”

“Obviously, not every games attract all gamers, there is however some really awesome stuff within this month’s selection. Pix the kitty is ridiculously addictive making with a scarily gifted team with an excellent pedigree, Spelunky is among the best platformers from the last ten years and Rainbow Moon is really a cracking RPG. For Batman – I appreciate it’s five years old, but [within my honest opinion] I’d also argue it is the best game within the series.”

PS4 Firmware 2. will prove to add number of fan requested features for example capability to share game play videos online, Share Play feature which enables online co-op game play of games even when your friend does not possess a copy from the game under consideration and remote controlling Ps 4 titles over internet.

Are you currently disappointed using the time The new sony take to produce PS4 firmware 2.? Inform us within the comment section below.

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