4G LTE equipment turns up in US Apple Store


4G LTE equipment turns up in US Apple Store

Even when Apple does not to produce 4G LTE iPhone this season, the organization sure appears thinking about we’ve got the technology at this time.

Engadget has gotten what’s supposedly an image of 4G LTE equipment set up in “a significant Apple Store.” The objective of these treadmills are unclear, however it apparently supports just the 700MHz and AWS bands, which AT&T plans for 4G coverage if it is purchase of T-Mobile qualifies.

The tipster also told Engadget that Apple has become attempting to increase its sales floor staff by 30 %, suggesting that an iphone 4g is originating soon. Rumors peg the iPhone 5’s arrival for September or October.

LTE, short for “Lengthy-Term Evolution,” is really a wireless standard that offers to depend on 10 occasions quicker than current 3G systems. It’s significantly quicker than HSPA , which AT&T and T-Mobile presently advertise as “4G,” as proven with a recent PCWorld speed test. Verizon’s LTE network launched this past year, and also at&T intend to unveil its very own network in 15 markets through the finish of 2011.

Apple is rumored to become testing 4G LTE iPhones, based on Boy Genius Report, however that does not imply that Apple’s next-gen of smartphones will offer the speedier wireless standard. AT&T has not even launched its LTE network yet, although in a few days the carrier will start selling a hotspot along with a USB stick to future LTE support. Meanwhile, Verizon’s LTE phones have a tendency to drain battery when attached to the network.

It is possible that the next-generation iPad could support LTE, but new rumors claim that Apple is suppressing on these units until the coming year. Apple will most likely hold back until we’ve got the technology will come in more markets and battery issues are resolved — but nothing’s certain before you listen to it from Apple.

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