Toshiba, Clariant develop 30GB recordable HD-DVD

Toshiba, Clariant develop 30GB recordable HD-DVD

Swiss chemical company Clariant Worldwide and Japan’s Toshiba have jointly created a dye that’s essential for dual-layer recordable HD-DVD dvds able to storing 30GB of information, they stated Friday.

HD-DVD is among two next-generation optical disc formats which are competing to exchange today’s DVDs. Another format is Blu-ray Disc.

Additionally to developing the dye, which is often used on every recording layer, the 2 companies also created prototype dual-layer dvds and verified they work, stated Junko Furuta, a spokeswoman for Toshiba in Tokyo, japan.

At the moment, the greatest capacity HD-DVD-R dvds which have been standardized are single-layer 15GB dvds. The 2 companies have previously suggested the twin-layer disc towards the DVD Forum standards body with the expectation that approval can come through the finish of the year, stated Furuta.

There’s two other formats that comprise the HD-DVD family. The read-only HD-DVD-ROM format is going to be employed for prerecorded content like movies and was already standardized at 15GB single-layer and 30GB dual-layer. A triple-layer version able to storing 45GB is studying the standardization process. There’s additionally a rewritable format known as HD-DVD-RW that’s been standardized at 20GB. The next form of the rewritable disc that may hold around 32GB is under development.

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