Cyberpunk RPG Copper Dreams reaches crowdfunding goal Copper Dreams

Cyberpunk RPG Copper Dreams reaches crowdfunding goal Copper Dreams

The indie, cyberpunk RPG exceeded its crowdfunding goal in under 30 days.

The anticipated indie game Copper Dreams has become a measure nearer to being reality.

Whalenought Studios, the couple duo accountable for the sport Serpent within the Staglands, started the campaign for that game on May 12, setting an objective of $40,000.

Today, with 1,023 backers, how much money promised for that game is $42,612.

Copper Dreams is really a cyberpunk inspired RPG, in which the protagonist is among the many citizens hanging around forced into colonizing the area, and government owned metropolis, Calitana to alleviate the over crowding in all of those other world.

Based on the game, the federal government sent supplies towards the immigrants initially, however it just sent more and more people. “The lucky get drafted to war,” the narrator within the trailer stated, “The rest get drafted here.”

Due to this forced colonization, Calitana operates to ruin. With no official rule, corporations took charge. The protagonist works best for one of these simple corporations, but on the way, finds out secrets while stalking competitors.

The campaign for that game will formally finish on Saturday at 5:30 p.m., Eastern Daylight Time. The sport arrives for release in March 2017.

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