New Hearthstone ‘Grand Tournament’ minion introduces ‘better’ Hero Forces

New Hearthstone ‘Grand Tournament’ minion introduces ‘better’ Hero Forces

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft’s approaching Grand Tournament expansion is putting a greater focus on Hero Forces. The Inspire auto technician is a which will trigger effects with Hero Forces used, however nowadays, Blizzard revealed a brand new Legendary minion which will basically put individuals forces on steroids.

Blizzard explains this concept over on Fight.internet. Meet Justicar Trueheart, a 6-cost 6/3 minion. Individuals stats aren’t anything interesting, however the Battlecry effect will turn some heads. It really states “Replace your beginning Hero Power having a better one.” Just how much better? Well, browse the image below.

A few of these enhanced Hero Forces are in position to be game-changers. Those that stick out would be the Warlock’s power, which will no longer have a existence-draining drawback, and also the Priest’s power, which basically offers Prophet Velen’s double heal without his presence. Obviously, should you have Prophet Velen out, that Heal would double to eight Health. Justicar Trueheart’s ability is really a Battlecry, meaning the result remains permanent throughout all of those other game. With regards to the Hearthstone meta-game, this really is potentially a significant shift.

Shacknews is breaking lower Hearthstone “Grand Tournament” cards beginning later today. Locate a more in depth introduction to Justicar Trueheart within the future.


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