A 5-minute Woz brain dump (Also known as, 2013 UC Berkeley commencement address)


A 5-minute Woz brain dump (Also known as, 2013 UC Berkeley commencement address)

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, an experienced from the college commencement address circuit, shared a totally free-form talk to UC Berkeley grads recently throughout their ceremony.

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Wozniak, who dropped from UC Berkeley in 1971 and co-founded Apple with Jobs a couple of years later, came back to cement his bachelor’s degree in the school in 1986.

Throughout his talk, Wozniak told graduates the personality they form throughout their college years is most likely virtually what they are likely to have for existence. He stated he loved the individual he is at college and made the decision to remain this way, it doesn’t matter how wealthy she got from his work on Apple along with other endeavors (he stated he returned and trained grade school “secretly, no press”).

Woz also thrown out this formula: H=S-F (happiness equals smiles minus frowns) and encouraged grads to prevent things that can make them frown. He stated students are in a time of getting peak physical and intellectual energy, and just look so far as the likes of Apple, Google and facebook to determine what individuals how old they are can accomplish when they are creative.

UC Berkeley has condensed Wozniak’s 15-minute speech into about 5, and here you go for the listening and viewing pleasure:

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