Animal Cruelty: OGPlanet Announces Third-Person FPS GunDog?

Animal Cruelty: OGPlanet Announces Third-Person FPS GunDog

Someone alert PETA, OGPlanet has announced their latest third-person shooter GunDog and like suggested by its name it calls for guns and dogs. Particularly, GunDog pits two rival camps (Union & Empire) of recently employed pups inside a World War of dogs. What makes them fighting? You never know. Possibly among the dog leaders had his/her favorite bone stolen or world’s resources of Kibbles and Bits can’t sustain both camps resulting in the Dogs to battle because of its control. Honestly I do not know why I’m creating a back-story with this conflict to begin with. Possibly for the reason that the idea is really strange. I am talking about what makes them even walking two legs to start with? Is that this some Planet from the Apes/Dogs shenanigans whereby Dogs have grown to be the dominate species later on? I Do Not UNDERSTAND.

Past the apparent “the player is really a dog” premise, the sport touts features like tactical team-based shooting mechanics using the ability for players to gather unique cards which unlock new playable figures with new weapons and talents. Players may also choose from 6 different playable classes such as the standard Rifleman, Medic, and Sniper. The sport utilizes cel shaded graphics that provide the sport a really Battlefield Heroes vibe. A beta test is scheduled for April fourth with the eighth which you’ll subscribe to here.

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