Did Ubisoft just leak a load of backwards compatible games for Xbox One?

Did Ubisoft just leak a load of backwards compatible games for Xbox One?

New image on Reddit can provide a peek at titles in the future soon.

It’s really no secret that Ubisoft continues to be intending to release a number of its greatest franchises from the last generation on Xbox A person’s backwards compatibility program. Actually, a few (Rainbow Six 1 & 2) are planned as freebies should you pre-order Rainbow Six: Siege on Xbox One.

A brand new image continues to be published around the Ubisoft Mexico Facebook page and it was discovered by users on Reddit it appears nearly the same as the marketing images that Microsoft has utilized because of its backwards compatibility campaign because it was unveiled during E3 2015.

The look was posed having a question that means “Which Ubisoft game on Xbox 360 Console would you like to be compatible on Xbox One?”

Simply to be obvious, this isn’t a confirmation these games can get backwards compatibility support, but given their pedigree, that is certainly likely.

There’s without doubt that any of the games displayed within the picture is worthy of backwards compatibility support, and all sorts of could (and most likely will) come free of charge sooner or later alongside the next release within their particular series, particularly if Siege’s promotion is effective. Other prominent publishers like Bethesda and Square Enix will also be packaging in older games to improve pre-order figures on Xbox One, so expect this type of practice to become trend.

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