Fleksy brings alternate keyboard to many popular iOS apps

Fleksy brings alternate keyboard to many popular iOS apps

Bay Area-based software developer Syntellia announced on Thursday that it is Fleksy on-screen predictive text input technologies are being put into several popular iOS apps, including utilities like Launch Center Pro 2 and text editors like Wordbox.

Greater than most likely every other technology in Apple’s mobile operating-system, the program keyboard may be the one of the things that helped Apple redefine the idea of smartphones, freeing handsets from hardware buttons that used to consider half (or even more) of the device’s property.

Still, the default keyboard is not for everybody, and that’s why iOS provides just a little-known iOS programming interface that enables developers to produce their very own input methods–and that is where Fleksy is available in.

Distributed like a special package that third-party developers can integrate to their own apps, Fleksy replaces the default iOS keyboard with Syntellia’s own, which utilizes a subtly different input method along with a unique predictive formula that, based on the organization, recognizes most words, even when all of their letters are typed incorrectly.

Though it occupies the equivalent screen property and incorporates the familiar Texting layout, the keys around the Fleksy keyboard are spaced just a little farther apart, which makes it simpler to type (specifically if you have big fingers) additionally, it supports numerous gestures where you can perform common operations, for example moving the cursor forward and backward without getting to turn to time-consuming operations that need your full attention. (Yes, magnifying loupe, which means you.)

According to my brief tests, the outcomes are really quite good, as lengthy as you are familiar enough with Texting keyboards that you could aim your fingers within the general direction from the keys you need to hit. Fleksy has an excellent recognition rate–so great, actually, that you could really hide the laptop keyboard altogether having its “ghost” mode but still continue typing while getting use of your whole screen.

Additionally to produce Center Pro 2 and Wordbox, Fleksy is making its debut in SMS application GV Connect and geolocation software BlindSquare. If you wish to provide the technology a try free of charge, you are able to download a duplicate from the company’s own demo, which requires iOS 7 and creates both iPhones and iPads, from the Application Store.

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