Flappy Bird now playable on e-cigarettes

Flappy Bird now playable on e-cigarettes

Have you heard the main one concerning the guy who made Disaster playable on the piano? Yeah, yeah, old news. Well, have this: Flappy Bird, Doug Nguyen’s auto-scroller which was so effective he quit making game titles forever, has become playable with an e-cigarette.

Kotaku discovered the hack, transported out by one Balázs Bánk. It really looks simpler to experience on the micro-sized screen than you are on an effective smartphone. As Bánk demonstrates, you utilize one button to flap your lil’ birdie’s wings, and the other to retry whenever you inevitably fly beak-first right into a pipe and revealed a string of curse words.

While playing Flappy Bird with an e-cigarette is perhaps an enormous total waste of time, same with orchestrating the hack to begin with-except not necessarily, since it is pretty awesome that technologies have evolved enough where we are able to rig pianos to frag Imps in D minor and program vaping devices to pilot wild birds.

Game titles are weird. Also, awesome.

Wanna take Flappy Bird: E-cigarette Edition for any test flight? Bánk made the game’s binary readily available for download.



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