Dead Space 3 existence confirmed by John Riccitiello?


Dead Space 3 existence confirmed by John Riccitiello?

Did i heard it right John Riccitiello spoken about “Dead Space 3”?. Yes he did. Although official confirmation isn’t yet made, John Riccitiello, Ea, Chief executive officer has mentioned the sales of Dead Space franchise is yet to blow up, and it’ll visit a massive growth with the appearance of third installment within the series i.e Dead Space 3.

John Riccitiello

Addressing the guests at Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, John stated Dead Space series has remaining much more to attain to obtain its name incorporated in strong, growing franchises list, this can only happens after the appearance of Dead Space 3 that will really kicks the franchise into gear.

Riccitiello stated: “At this time we have got strong, growing franchises including Madden, FIFA… Requirement for Speed, Medal of Recognition and Battlefield – I include them as you because we are unlikely to ship them in almost any twelve months simultaneously,Inch .

“Additionally, there are Mass Effect… Dragon Age… and also the one that is kind of not proven that’s coming later within our fiscal year, The Exorcist: That Old Republic. That excludes Dead Space because It will most likely take Dead Space 3 prior to getting into that 5 million unit pedal rotation versus say three, four.”

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