Treatment for Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Glitch on Xbox 360 Console


Treatment for Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Glitch on Xbox 360 Console

Yesterday Infinity Ward released new DLC content and patch 1.16 for Xbox 360 Console form of Modern Warfare 3. But sadly for gamers, an awful glitch game together with these new content (unintentionally).

Modern Warfare 3

This nasty Modern Warfare 3 glitch affect Spec Ops mission. It causes gamers Spec Ops rank, it shows as if it’s reset, as well as doesn’t allow gamers to produce any one of their Spec Ops DLC.

Many gamers reported this problem on official Modern Warfare 3 forum, as reported by the details provided, this glitch affects to individuals gamers who’ve Modern Warfare 3 is a component of Hard disk drive, and also have downloaded the most recent Elite DLC.

Listed here are two fixes with this Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Glitch.

Fix 1:

Uninstall Modern Warfare 3 out of your Hard disk drive, after which re-do the installation. How this method can help (this can be the issue visiting the mind at this time). Don’t be concerned this is actually the explanation.

You Spec Ops rank should re-appear because it is, as well as your lately downloaded Elite DLC may also be accessible.

Fix 2:

If you won’t want to uninstall after which re-install Modern Warfare 3 in your Hard disk drive than consume a simple step and delete whatever you DLC for that game and re-download it once more.

Hope all of the above fix can help you overcome this nasty Spec Ops glitch. If you’re facing every other issue in Modern Warfare 3, tell us within the comment section below.


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