WebbToys launches Sherlock rival

WebbToys launches Sherlock rival

WebbToys has released Krytton, a text-file internet internet search engine for your PowerPC.

The program is wonderful for frequently altering text files, and will be offering a substitute for Sherlock.

Krytton, unlike Sherlock, does not rely on indexing to provide accurate results, in line with the organization.

Krytton lets users save both search and results sets. Either of individuals might be looked through. The producer claims this enables the customer “dig much much deeper and far much deeper before you decide to find what you look for, when you want it”. Searching program can help to conserve all is because of multiple searches in to a single-search set, which might be a master index of important documents.

A drag-&-drop feature means files just have be pulled – and dropped – onto a Krytton window to create immediate links from the new search set plus a file.

Krytton is free of charge software. A measure-by-step description of the ins and outs could be acquired from WebbToys.

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