Nokia Lumia 800 versus iPhone 4S versus Nexus World (Video)

Nokia Lumia 800 versus iPhone 4S versus Nexus World (Video)

Nokia is betting its future on Microsoft’s mobile OS, and also on Wednesday introduced its first Home home windows Phone 7 device, the Lumia 800.

Once the Lumia 800 looks familiar, that’s because it’s such as the Nokia N9, which runs OS (MeeGo) potential ditched. The Lumia 800 brings a few enhancements over its relegated sister, plus a faster processor, but in comparison with large players, the iPhone 4S as well as the latest Android World Nexus and Android RAZR, Nokia’s flagship remains falling behind.

The Lumia 800 features a smaller sized sized curved 3.7-inch screen when compared with N9, that have a 3.9-inch display — an alteration needed to support the three hardware buttons Home home windows Phone 7 OS requires beneath the display. Lumia’s display is slightly bigger when compared with 3.5-inch screen round the iPhone 4S, but significantly smaller sized sized when compared with huge 4.65-inch visible around the World Nexus.

Nokia’s phone also provides the least expensive display pixel density at 800 by 480 pixels, far within the Nexus Galaxy’s resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels, or perhaps the Retina visible around the iPhone 4S, which has the finest pixel density inside the comparison.

Nokia can’t brag about how precisely slim the Lumia 800 is. At 12.1 mm, it’s the thickest phone inside the line-up. It’s also probably the most heavy, at 142 grams, a hair more than the iPhone 4S as well as the Nexus World.

Inside, the Nokia Lumia does not possess a dual-core processor: it provides a 1.4GHz single-core processor with 512MB of RAM. In comparison, the iPhone 4S runs using a 1GHz dual-core nick with 512MB of RAM at the very best quality there’s the World Nexus getting single.2GHz dual-core nick and 1GB of RAM.

The Lumia 800 can be a mixed bag inside the camera department. There’s an 8-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens round the back, like the iPhone 4S, but unlike Apple’s phone, it doesn’t record 1080p HD video, only 720p. Even World Nexus’ 5-megapixel-camera records 1080p video. Surprisingly, the Lumia 800 does not have a front-facing camera for video calls, which makes it really the only phone inside the comparison without.

Overall, Nokia’s Lumia 800 is an interesting proposal for those who would really like a smartphone it’s not an iphone or Android, with solid guts and glossy looks. But in comparison to its competitors, the Lumia 800 does not have anything outstanding to supply: it is not the thinnest or fastest of phone, nor has it the most effective camera or capabilities (no expanding storage, no secondary camera, no HDMI, no NFC).

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