Taylor Quick explains the main difference between Apple Music and Spotify


Taylor Quick explains the main difference between Apple Music and Spotify

Almost overnight, Taylor Quick went from criticizing Spotify to singing Apple Music’s praises. And also the pop star has become revealing why.

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“Apple treated me like I had been a voice of the creative community they really thought about,Inch Quick told Vanity Fair. Playboy calls Quick an “Apple Music crusader” using the “readiness to defend myself against tech giants.”

A couple of days before Apple Music launched in the finish of June, Quick published a wide open letter criticizing Apple because of not having to pay royalties to music legal rights holders throughout the free three-month trial. It required mere hrs for Apple to turn back policy, with Apple’s senior VP of Internet software and services Eddy Cue tweeting, “#AppleMusic pays artists for streaming, in customer’s free trial offer period.”

Quick was apparently so impressed with Apple’s…um, quick response that Apple Music grew to become the very first music plan to count using the exclusive stream of her latest bestselling album, 1989.

“And That I thought it was really ironic the multi-billion-dollar company reacted to critique with humbleness, and also the startup without any income reacted to critique just like a corporate machine,” Quick added, talking about the response she caused by Spotify after she pulled her music in the streaming service in November.

Spotify comes with cash flowing in, however, generating more than a billion dollars in revenue in 2014. The issue is its lack of ability to make money since it pays the majority of its revenue to the background music industry. Spotify states that it is beginning in 2008, it’s compensated $2 billion to legal rights holders.

Why this matters: The general public back-and-forth between Taylor Quick and Apple led to a contented truce. Apple was handed the opportunity to show “humbleness” which thought about artists exactly the same week it launched Apple Music, perhaps certainly one of its greatest music projects ever. By relenting to Swift’s demands, Apple Music seemed to be in a position to cause board other artists which were once reluctant. It had been victory-win for those. Well, aside from “no incomeInch Spotify.

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