Squence Of Events: Archlord 2 Trailer Showcases Combat?

Squence Of Events: Archlord 2 Trailer Showcases Combat

As Archlord 2 is presently in the pre-registration phase, it hasn’t stored developer/writer WEBZEN from showcasing what adventure is abound within the approaching fantasy-based Mmog. A current pr release gave some insight on which the main game features will be, in addition to a preview of those very features within the trailer above.

A classless character system promises to create a very unrestricted gameplaSquence Of Occasions: Archlord 2 Trailer Showcases Combat?y experience, allowing the gamer to select what direction they think fit that weapon they ultimately decide to wield. With 4 different weapons to select from that every highlight a specific combat role within fight. Equipping among the four weapons can give players archetype specific skills to select from.

Combat within Archlord 2 includes a combo system termed as chained skills, which could simply be used based on a particular pattern. Perfect timing produces a chain of effective attacks that grant themselves more than one to another.

Learn more in the wikia the city Management team continues to be assembling.

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