Apple waging fight against Dell?

Apple waging fight against Dell?

The Fool’s Tim Beyers also offers some theories concerning the real causes of Apple’s proceed to Apple chips.

He thinks that the reason behind the Apple deal is “to lure individuals buying computers from Dell – or Gateway, or Acer, or perhaps ipod device partner HP – into trying a Mac.”

Beyers certainly does not believe that the Apple connection means Apple allows other Computers to operate the Mac OS. His reasoning: “Apple is not an application company it’s, and try to continues to be, a tool company.”

“Jobs really wants to sell countless screaming-fast $2,000-$3,000 laptops and vast sums of iPods. Licensing the Mac OS does not match that agenda,” Beyers writes.

And do not expect the nick change to mean cheaper Macs. “Apple has operate on excruciatingly thin margins for a long time. It is a good bet that Jobs is going to do whatever he is able to to help keep margins nearer to what Dell enjoys,” writes Beyers.

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