Dying Light DLC The Bozak Horde challenges survivors on May 26

Dying Light DLC The Bozak Horde challenges survivors on May 26

Techland has announced a brand new bit of DLC for Dying Light, The Bozak Horde, is going to be releasing on May 26th.

The Bozak Horde is a new game mode that lets players go into the Harran Stadium to defend myself against a number of twisted challenges orchestrated with a psychopath named Bozak. The sport mode continues to be made with co-op in your mind like a it’ll generate a challenging experience for probably the most experienced groups of four whilst tossing inside a competitive element in to the mix.

Players who is able to defeat the horde will get a substance hunting bow which may be outfitted with electric, incendiary, and exploding arrows when additional objectives are completed.

The Bozak Horde is going to be open to all Season Pass holders and you’ll be readily available for separate buy for $9.99. For now, take a look at our listing of eight games which use parkour in interesting and new ways while wishing Techland gives Dying Light survivors super strength once more.



iTunes ‘Live From London’: Kate Walsh

iTunes ‘Live From London’: Kate Walsh

Apple has announced Kate Walsh will perform an acoustic set at the Apple Store, Regent Street next week.

The latest in the iTunes ‘Live From London’ series of events, Walsh will take the stage on 22 May at 9pm.

Walsh will be singing songs from her new album, Tim’s House, which reached number one in the UK iTunes album chart, Apple claims.

The 23-year-old Brighton-based chanteuse delivers her own brand of acoustic folk/rock with a lyrical twist. She said: ““I’m really proud of the new record and I can’t stop listening to it”.

You can listen to four tracks from Walsh through her MySpace page.

Animal Cruelty: OGPlanet Announces Third-Person FPS GunDog?

Animal Cruelty: OGPlanet Announces Third-Person FPS GunDog

Someone alert PETA, OGPlanet has announced their latest third-person shooter GunDog and like suggested by its name it calls for guns and dogs. Particularly, GunDog pits two rival camps (Union & Empire) of recently employed pups inside a World War of dogs. What makes them fighting? You never know. Possibly among the dog leaders had his/her favorite bone stolen or world’s resources of Kibbles and Bits can’t sustain both camps resulting in the Dogs to battle because of its control. Honestly I do not know why I’m creating a back-story with this conflict to begin with. Possibly for the reason that the idea is really strange. I am talking about what makes them even walking two legs to start with? Is that this some Planet from the Apes/Dogs shenanigans whereby Dogs have grown to be the dominate species later on? I Do Not UNDERSTAND.

Past the apparent “the player is really a dog” premise, the sport touts features like tactical team-based shooting mechanics using the ability for players to gather unique cards which unlock new playable figures with new weapons and talents. Players may also choose from 6 different playable classes such as the standard Rifleman, Medic, and Sniper. The sport utilizes cel shaded graphics that provide the sport a really Battlefield Heroes vibe. A beta test is scheduled for April fourth with the eighth which you’ll subscribe to here.

Lego City: Undercover Digital Download Size for Wii U Revealed, Requires Exterior Hard disk drive


Lego City: Undercover Digital Download Size for Wii U Revealed, Requires Exterior Hard disk drive

Based on details revealed by Nintendo via pr release digital form of Lego City Undercover for Wii U is 22 GB in dimensions, so if you’re thinking about buying digital copy from the game rather of retail version, just make certain you possess an exterior Hard disk drive for download.

LEGO City: Undercover

In an announcement, Nintendo stated, “LEGO City Undercover is going to be available March 18 at stores as well as in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. (You’ll want an exterior hard disk to download miracle traffic bot. Offered individually. Visit support.nintendo.com for details about storage options.”

Situations are worst because from 32 GB internal space of Wii U 25 GB are utilized by system update along with other extra things.


Create Connect Xbox One Exterior Hard disk drive to PC otherwise your Xbox account could easily get banned


Create Connect Xbox One Exterior Hard disk drive to PC otherwise your Xbox account could easily get banned

Maybe you have discovered a situation/scenario in which a beta tester (or anything you call him upOrher) get a BAN for supplying feedback? Reddit user “GER_v3n3” got this special therapy from Microsoft, Banned from Xbox One Preview Program for supplying feedback on exterior Hard disk drive.

Xbox One

GER_v3n3 shared the next image detailing the feedback he presented to Microsoft on exterior Hard disk drive formatting. You should check out detailed information below.

Xbox One Ban Message

The response that originated from Microsoft was BAN from Preview program and Application got taken off GER_v3n3 Xbox One. GER_v3n3 also mentioned he did not get any notification for BAN so when customer care was contacted, the response was

“Just at random checked my Apps today and didnt begin to see the Registration Application any longer. Next I checked basically was still being capable of getting in to the Forum, but no luck. I’m able to still observe that my publish can there be, but cant open it up.

“Already contacted German support plus they explained that Xbox reserved the authority to remove me in the program without notification or reason.”

GER_v3n3 further mentioned that: “The EULA states in Germany, that you aren’t permitted to reverse engineer anything connected with Xbox… its a gray area, but Ive been banned at a lower price before”

We’re following a update from GER_v3n3 for additional update about this, aspire to visit a reply from Microsoft’s Major Nelson via Twitter soon. Stay tuned in.


TERA Expansion Gets Release Window and New Details 

TERA Expansion Gets Release Window and New Details 


Bluehole Studios has released some more information about the recently announced Fate of Arun expansion for TERA: Rising, the free-to-play MMORPG. This info also included a release window of December 2014, but no specific date has been announced yet.

A new level cap of 65 of course means new skills, 3 per class, but tweaks and balance changes will be added for existing abilities as well. The example supplied was the existing Lancer ability “Adrenaline Rush II” which will not only increase attack speed, but will also cut melee cooldowns in half and generate additional aggro.

The 4 new zones were also revealed and summed up as follows:

Mjusu Kraal (from level 60)

The adventurer’s journey into Northern Arun begins in the thick jungles of Mjusu Kraal. Characters of level 60 and above will encounter new enemies, old conflicts and uncover clues about the preparations for a mighty war that has the potential to change the face of Arborea. This ominous danger is the common thread running through the background story.

Spring Valley (from level 61)

Stretching between the mountains above the jungle is Spring Valley. The second stop in Fate of Arun’s journey leads the hero to the town of Highwatch, a settlement isolated from the outside world which is threatened by extinction from the Archdevas. Players find themselves intervening in the intensifying conflict over two levels, becoming ever deeper embroiled in the story of the looming war.

Ex Prima (from level 63)

The third hunting zone merges seamlessly into the events in Spring Valley, with the expansion’s storyline escalating amongst the overgrown ruins. Adventurers of level 63 and above need to call on the aid of old allies to have a chance of keeping the peace.

Arx Umbra (from level 64)

The story’s climax nears with the player’s arrival in Arx Umbra. Despite all efforts, the smouldering conflict between Arborea’s peoples intensifies into a war, and it is here that the hostile camps begin to make preparations for the impending battle. Up to reaching the level cap there are missions here that are deftly tied into the campaign against the Archdevan threat.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on new information as it is released!

New MGS V: Metal Gear Online Glitch Allow Players To Rank Up Fast

New MGS V: Metal Gear Online Glitch Allow Players To Rank Up Fast

Do you want to get a higher rank in Metal Gear Online without honestly playing for hours and hours? We don’t appreciate that, let us tell you. Anyway, this doesn’t mean we can’t help. YouTuber LAZTURNTONLINE has shared a video detailing how to rank up faster than light, and you can see it below.

MGS V: Metal Gear Online

The method wants you to access the Cloak and Dagger mode to gain fast experience. There a just a few steps you have to fulfill in order to reach the top of the rank:

  • Pull out the iDroid.
  • Go to matchmaking
  • Create a match for two, four or six players and only invite people you know.
  • Put a password on the match so no randoms join.
  • Set the time limit to 10 minutes
  • You can pick any map you like but it’s suggested that doing Black Site in the Cloak and Dagger mode is the best option because of the underground bunker for when it’s time to use the Fulton.
  • Head to point ‘A’ on the map at Black Site.
  • When your friend(s) get there, essentially go back and forth grabbing them and interrogating them.
  • You’ll each get 500 experience points per grab and interrogation. You can keep repeating this to get levels rather quickly.

It’s easy enough and you don’t have to worry about working hard to get experience points or earning your rank the real way.

As the development team seems not to be leaded by Hideo Kojima anymore, it seems unlikely that this exploit will be fixed soon and players will cheat their way to a high rank without having to worry about getting caught.

Elgato launches EyeTV 250

Elgato launches EyeTV 250

Elgato Systems has introduced EyeTV 250, an ultra-compact TV receiver/recorder for analogue TV.

It’s about the size of the original iPod and takes its design cues from the Mac mini. It contains a powerful hardware encoder that converts analogue television signals into MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 formats.

The EyeTV 250 will also digitise VHS video tapes and connect video game consoles to the Mac. The product will be available at the end of April for €199 (including VAT).

EyeTV 250 ships with EyeTV 2 TV-recording software, which lets users watch, record, pause, and replay television on the Mac. Recorded shows can be exported to fifth-generation video iPods with one click, burned to DVD with Toast 7 Titanium, and exported to many video formats such as H.264 or Sony PSP.

EyeTV 2 is a Universal application and runs on Macs with both PowerPC and Intel Core processors. It ships with an adaptor cable that accepts Composite and S-Video connections from video sources such as video tape recorders, cable and satellite boxes, or game consoles.

To turn EyeTV and your Mac into a monitor for a game console, Elgato provides a switchable ‘Game Mode’ option for EyeTV 250. This option disables the hardware encoder, routing the video signal directly to the Mac’s screen for zero-latency game play.

Cyberpunk RPG Copper Dreams reaches crowdfunding goal Copper Dreams

Cyberpunk RPG Copper Dreams reaches crowdfunding goal Copper Dreams

The indie, cyberpunk RPG exceeded its crowdfunding goal in under 30 days.

The anticipated indie game Copper Dreams has become a measure nearer to being reality.

Whalenought Studios, the couple duo accountable for the sport Serpent within the Staglands, started the campaign for that game on May 12, setting an objective of $40,000.

Today, with 1,023 backers, how much money promised for that game is $42,612.

Copper Dreams is really a cyberpunk inspired RPG, in which the protagonist is among the many citizens hanging around forced into colonizing the area, and government owned metropolis, Calitana to alleviate the over crowding in all of those other world.

Based on the game, the federal government sent supplies towards the immigrants initially, however it just sent more and more people. “The lucky get drafted to war,” the narrator within the trailer stated, “The rest get drafted here.”

Due to this forced colonization, Calitana operates to ruin. With no official rule, corporations took charge. The protagonist works best for one of these simple corporations, but on the way, finds out secrets while stalking competitors.

The campaign for that game will formally finish on Saturday at 5:30 p.m., Eastern Daylight Time. The sport arrives for release in March 2017.

Amazon Kindle Fire update expected in 2 days


Amazon Kindle Fire update expected in 2 days

Amazon . com will give you an over-the-air update to Amazon Kindle Fire tablets in under two days, a spokesman told The Brand New You are able to Occasions.

Couple of details were offered, however the Occasions stated the enhancements will affect efficiency and multitouch abilities. Also, users can edit a summary of recent actions, including Internet sites visited, the newspaper stated.

Amazon . com didn’t respond when requested to verify or elaborate around the update. On November. 29, Amazon . com issued an update to Amazon Kindle Fire with version 6.2, so it stated “provides enhancements to the whole process of your Amazon Kindle Fire.Inch

That update might be handled within the Fire’s Wi-Fi connections.

Amazon . com can also be likely to launch a better form of the Amazon Kindle Fire, “most likely” as soon as next spring, the Occasions stated, although Apple and lots of manufacturers usually wait about 12 several weeks to produce a brand new generation of the device.

The Occasions quoted usability expert Jacob Nielsen saying the Amazon Kindle Fire “provides a disappointingly poor consumer experienceInch noting that lots of Internet sites don’t look great around the Kindle Fire’s 7-in. screen, but look far better on the 10-in. screen. (The iPad includes a 9.7-in. screen.)

“Using designs meant for a complete screen on the 7-in. tablet is much like squeezing a size-10 person right into a size-7 suit,” Nielsen stated. “Not going to look great.Inch

Many reviewers and early adopters from the Fire have founds other problems, but have lauded the device’s $199 cost, which makes it one of the cheapest tablets available on the market.

Inside a recent in-depth review around the Amazon Kindle Fire, evaluating it towards the Nook Tablet, Computerworld’s Preston Gralla stated the Amazon Kindle Fire would please consumers of video and music streaming. But overall he favored the Nook Tablet e-readers for that “best hardware and gratifaction, probably the most expandability, the very best screen and e-studying experience.”

Analysts, including Forrester Research, have predicted that 3 to 5 million Kindle Fires is going to be offered by year’s finish.