World of Warships Celebrates Launch With Streams, Giveaways, German Battleship 

World of Warships Celebrates Launch With Streams, Giveaways, German Battleship 

Normally, when a ship launches, there’s a grand ceremony and a bottle of champagne that gets shattered against the hull. While Wargaming doesn’t seem to be sacrificing any alcohol today — well, not on the hull of a ship anyway — it does have plenty of other stuff to celebrate the full launch of World of Warships.

Ranked battles officially go live today, and there’s a 3x XP bonus for your first win of the day until Sept. 21. You can also tune into the Wargaming Twitch channel from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. PDT, where the team will be streaming gameplay and giving away prizes. Or, for more guaranteed loot, complete this survey about Wargaming’s livestreams to get 250 gold or doubloons.

Along with the launch comes the game’s first German ship, the enormous battleship Tirpitz, which can be yours for a not-insignificant number of deutsche marks. This is probably why Germany racked up so much debt in the World Wars…

Apple updates iWork, iPhoto, Mountain Lion ready

Apple updates iWork, iPhoto, Mountain Lion ready

OS X Mountain Lion - AppleOS X Mountain Lion - Apple

The recently new version of iPhoto (9.3.2) works with OS X Mountain Lion, has improved performance and today enables the consumer to talk about images easily via Twitter or Messages.


Apple reminds users of coming shutdown

Improved iWork file discussing arriving Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion: All you need to know in one location

Apple updates Logic Pro and Logic Express

Apple updates Logic Pro and Logic Express

Apple has issued updates its music production software for pros (Logic Pro) and amateurs looking for something more than what GarageBand can offer (the now discontinued, Logic Express).

Both updates take the software to version 9.1.7 and are available via the Mac App Store in the case of Logic Pro and Software Update for Logic Express. Apple discontinued the boxed versions, and unified Logic Pro and Express in one package for £139.99 back in December 2011. (More below…) 

The updates include 12 different bug fixes, with more detailed information about the update’s available from Apple’s KnowledgeBase entry.

– Offers compatibility with songs created with GarageBand for iOS 1.2.

– Resolves an issue in Logic Pro 9.1.6 in which projects with a large number of fades displayed “I/O Error, Result code = -36” when playback was started.

– Improves performance when using multiple instances of EXS24 in 32-bit mode with EXS24 Virtual Memory mode active.

– Resolves issues related to the download and installation of basic and additional content. (According to Apple’s notes, this is the Pro update only)

– Resolves an issue that could occur which caused the application to stop responding when performing Undo. This would occur after deleting a file or region in the Audio Bin.

– Fixes a problem with the Compressor plug-in so it works as expected with the “ClassA_R” and “ClassA_U” models.

– Fixes an issue in which the Autofilter plug-in might produce clicks with certain settings.

– Fixes an issue with the “Select Zone of Last Played Key” setting in the EXS24 editor.

– When adding Auxes as additional outputs for Multi Output Software Instruments, the additional Auxes are automatically assigned the same color and track icon as the Software Instrument.

– Fixes an issue in which copying a MIDI region in a project which does not start at 1 1 1 1, and in which the Transposition track is active, might result in unexpected transposition of the copied region.

– The Controls View of plug-in GUIs now fit properly on the 11in MacBook Air display.

– Resolves an issue in OS X 10.7.x Lion that caused the Consolidate Project command in Logic to open a backup of the project at the end of the process.

The new sony: PS4 Firmware 2. Launch “Just Not Far AwayInch, Explains How Free PS Plus Games Are Selected Every Month

The new sony: PS4 Firmware 2. Launch “Just Not Far AwayInch, Explains How Free PS Plus Games Are Selected Every Month

At GamesCom 2014, The new sony announced details regarding Ps 4 firmware 2.00 and mentioned that it’ll get to Fall 2014 i.e. will launch among September 22 and December 21. Holidays 2014 approximately to begin but nonetheless we have not heard everything from The new sony regarding exact release date of Ps 4 firmware 2..


Ps Europe Blog Manager Fred Dutton did provided some good info when fans can anticipate seeing launch of Ps 4 firmware 2., “Just Not Far AwayInch stated Fred.

“I can not discuss new hardware features today, apart from to state that [updates] will always be within the works – as formerly announced there is a big PS4 update just not far away that i will be speaking much more about soon.”

A week ago well-known industry insider Tidux mentioned that Ps 4 firmware 2. was scheduled to produce right before Evolution’s PS4 exclusive racing title, DriveClub, but Game Director Paul Rustchynsky clarified that, “it is simply a rumor” and there’s no truth into it.

Lastly, Fred Dutton also described the entire process of selecting Ps Plus Free Games for every month:

“There exists a global PS Plus team who choose the games each month. I am afraid I can not discuss precisely why they choose particular titles, apart from to state they are doing their best to choose an assorted line-from quality games within the three platforms.”

“Obviously, not every games attract all gamers, there is however some really awesome stuff within this month’s selection. Pix the kitty is ridiculously addictive making with a scarily gifted team with an excellent pedigree, Spelunky is among the best platformers from the last ten years and Rainbow Moon is really a cracking RPG. For Batman – I appreciate it’s five years old, but [within my honest opinion] I’d also argue it is the best game within the series.”

PS4 Firmware 2. will prove to add number of fan requested features for example capability to share game play videos online, Share Play feature which enables online co-op game play of games even when your friend does not possess a copy from the game under consideration and remote controlling Ps 4 titles over internet.

Are you currently disappointed using the time The new sony take to produce PS4 firmware 2.? Inform us within the comment section below.

6 Day Riot play Apple store 1 August

6 Day Riot play Apple store 1 August

Apple will host a live performance from UK act 6 Day Riot at its Regent Street retail store in London on 1 August.

The band will perform an acoustic set downstairs at 1pm. It’s thought the decision to play downstairs is caused by renovation work taking place at the store at present.

Discovered by producer Steve Levine, the band is presently promoting its debut EP The Maybe EP.

The 6 Day Riot official website is here. You can also check the band’s MySpace page here.

Opinion: Is Microsoft too late to the game with Office 365?

Opinion: Is Microsoft too late to the game with Office 365?

If there’s one thing Microsoft does indisputably better than any other tech company, it’s being fashionably late, and Office 365 is the perfect example. Almost five years after Google Docs first arrived and two years after it finally left its long beta test, Microsoft finally introduced Office 365, Redmond’s own cloud-based productivity suite. But is it too late for anyone to care?

Let’s look back in the annals of tech history at a few of Microsoft’s other tardy releases to see how they fared to gauge whether Office 365 has entered the game too late.


The product that has come to define Microsoft was perhaps its first and best-known example of being two years late to the party. To be fair, Windows 1.0 in late 1985 wasn’t that far behind the successful January 1984 release of the Macintosh as the first graphical user interface system, especially if you consider that things didn’t turn over nearly as fast back then. And it wasn’t until two versions and a half-decade later, with the release of Windows 3.0 in 1990, that it really began its climb to become the OS of choice for much of the computing public.

Internet Explorer

By the time Microsoft threw its hat in the ring in the browser battles of the mid-1990s, Netscape had already established its dominance and IBM and Apple had also launched their own browsers. Yet what happened next was such a complete and total takeover of the market for a single piece of software by Microsoft that the Justice Department felt a need to get involved. Netscape disappeared into the black hole that is AOL, and Internet Explorer peaked in the early 2000s, when it was the gateway to the Web for more than 90 percent of the world.


Microsoft hasn’t turned every late release into global domination. In 2001, Apple shoved the music business into the future with the first iPod. Five years later and no longer distracted by the Justice Department, Microsoft debuted the Zune. The company had its sights set on repeating the magic it made in the operating system and browser worlds by biding its time. We now know how this turned out. By many accounts, the Zune is a nice piece of hardware, but compatibility issues with Macs and the iPod’s established cult following proved insurmountable.

Windows Phone

To be fair, Microsoft has been in the mobile game for more than a decade, but much of what it released in those years has been junk. Mobile 6.5 as a serious competitor to the iPhone? Please. If Windows Phone represents Microsoft’s attempt at getting serious about the smartphone market, it definitely qualifies as another instance of being late. And while I’m not betting on Redmond to turn the industry on its head as it did with Windows, some analysts say it’s a strong contender.

Of course, Microsoft isn’t always late. Sometimes it loses by being too early, as seems to be the case with tablets. As for Office 365, I don’t know that it will change the world, but I also don’t see it being the epic fail that the Zune was. It may be an instance where Google has primed the pump for cloud productivity and now Office can muscle up and become the new standard. It wouldn’t be the first time.

BlackBerry maker RIM meets Ofcom to discuss porn blockade

BlackBerry maker RIM meets Ofcom to discuss porn blockade

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) was summoned to a meeting with the UK communications regulator Ofcom yesterday, after it emerged that children are able to view pornography on its smartphones.

According to a report in The Telegraph, the problem is to do with the way the BlackBerry operating system works. While mobile operators have been able to apply adult filters to other handsets such as the iPhone and Android devices, they have been unable to do so on the BlackBerry, because data flows through RIM’s own servers rather than those provided by the networks.

Ofcom told the newspaper that it is “very concerned” about the issue, and is keen to get it resolved “as quickly as possible”. As well as Ofcom and RIM, the meeting was attended by all the UK mobile operators and the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). A second meeting has been scheduled for the New Year to check on progress.

Once seen as a tool for business executives, the BlackBerry has become a popular choice among teenagers, thanks to its free BBM instant messaging service. A significant proportion of its eight million users in Britain are now believed to be under 18.

In a statement emailed to Techworld, RIM said that it is committed to child protection and an is active member of the IWF. The company offers its own content filtering solution to operators free of charge, enabling them to perform content filtering for BlackBerry smartphones. T-Mobile has been using this solution since 2006, when the operator first started selling the Blackberry in the UK.

“Operator partners around the world have implemented content filtering, including operator partners in the UK,” said a RIM spokesperson. “Any reference to content filtering having been turned off is inaccurate.”

However, an Ofcom spokesperson explained to Techworld that, although RIM has succeeded in blocking access to those URLs flagged up by the IWF, it does not currently prevent access to adult content by default.

RIM explained it is now working on new parental control features that will give parents the ability to control and restrict their children’s use of various services and applications on BlackBerry smartphones. Integrated parental control features will be provided in future versions of BlackBerry 7, and BlackBerry App World 3.1 also offers content rating and filtering options for applications based on the CTIA Wireless Association’s “Guidelines for App Content Classification and Ratings”.

Ironically, RIM’s decision to route BlackBerry data through its own enterprise servers has been one of its greatest selling points. The information is encrypted in transit so it is extremely difficult to steal – making it an attractive options for enterprise users who send and receive confidential information on their smartphones.

For some governments, indeed, Blackberrys are too secure. In August 2010 the United Arab Emirates announced it was planning to block RIM’s BlackBerry handsets from sending emails, accessing the Internet, and delivering instant messages, and Saudi Arabia also said it would prevent the use of the BBM.

Other countries, including India, Indonesia, Turkey, and Lebanon have also been negotiating with RIM over the same issue. These governments say the device could be a security risk because its instant messaging, email and SMS use a level of encryption that prevents the security services from monitoring users.

During the riots in London earlier this year, for example, BBM was used widely to organise protests and avoid police, prompting Tottenham MP David Lammy to demand that RIM suspend its instant messaging service to keep protesters from communicating.

Despite all this, however, RIM is struggling to keep up in the smartphone race. In November the company was forced to pay a $365 million (£233m) charge for unsold PlayBook tablets, and yesterday it announced that the launch of its QNX smartphones would be delayed until the latter half of 2012, rather than being out by March.

iPhone 6 spring launch is reason for iPhone 5 production slow down, analyst

iPhone 6 spring launch is reason for iPhone 5 production slow down, analyst

There has been a lot of concern lately that iPhone 5 demand has slowed, based on rumours that suggest Apple has cut back on orders from its suppliers who make the iPhone 5. However, an ex CEO of Apple recently suggested that Apple is moving to a six month product cycle, and an Apple analyst has suggested that the reason for Apple’s slow down on iPhone 5 production is because the iPhone 6 of iPhose 5S will soon be launching.

As we reported last week, former Apple CEO John Sculley told CNBC: “I think they’re going through a very significant change now in terms of product cycles. Traditionally Apple introduces products once a year; now it’s really introducing products twice a year.”

Sculley continued: “The complexity of that from a supply chain is immense, and Apple seems to be doing it well. So, I think that people are underestimating just how well Apple is run, and just how successful the company can be when it gets to that twice-a-year product introduction cycle.”

Sculley’s theory suggests that Apple is managing production of the iPhone 5 much better than people realize, and could indicate that the company has plans afoot for a new iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 at some point in the new year and therefore doesn’t need to build as many iPhone 5 models.

Apple analyst Horace Dediu of Asymco suggests that Sculley might be on the money with his observation. He writes: “Sculley’s comments prompted me to weigh the possible evidence that this [Apple moving to a semi-annual cycle] is happening”.

Dediu notes the following indications that Apple is moving to an update cycle of more than once a year.

1) All Apple’s major products were updated this autumn. A move that Dediu describes as “unprecedented”.

2) The iPhone has already launched in “nearly the entire distribution list”. He suggests: “It indicates no channel fill will be happening past Q1”.

3) Apple’s once-yearly update cycle leads the company with “an inability to meet demand for half the year and a sales lull for the other half. Clearly this is suboptimal,” writes Dediu.

4) Dediu notes: “Production for Apple has tended to be ‘bursty’ with breakneck round-the-clock crush followed by periods of idle time and re-tooling. This is not only inefficient but it also creates strain and stress and lowers morale.”

5) He notes a recent bursts in CapEx and suggests it “may have to do with tooling-up Samsung’s replacements,” or “it may also imply a move to a more rapid product cycle.”

6) And then there are the rumours that the iPhone 5S is already in pre-production.

Dediu notes that these are all “circumstantial pieces of evidence” but he suggests that they “corroborate Sculley’s claim of a six month product cycle.”

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Hotmail mobile usage surges thanks to iOS 5

Hotmail mobile usage surges thanks to iOS 5

Microsoft says mobile usage of its Hotmail webmail service has exploded in the past few weeks, and it has Apple to thank for it. More than 2 million users linked their Hotmail accounts to their iPhones or iPads since the launch of iOS 5 on Oct. 12, and Microsoft reports almost 100,000 new iOS 5 devices are being set up with Hotmail every day.

Support for Hotmail on Apple’s gadgets has been baked in iOS for around a year now, allowing users to sync their inboxes, calendars and contacts to iPhones and iPads via Exchange Active Sync. But with the introduction of iOS 5 last month, the Hotmail linking process has been drastically simplified to three steps — leading to a spike in iOS usage of Hotmail, which has some 360 million users overall.

The biggest chunk of Hotmail users on iOS 5 come from smartphones, Microsoft said — almost 80 percent in total. Forty percent of the installed base comes from an iPhone 4, 24 percent run Hotmail on an iPhone 4S, and 12 percent use it on an iPhone 3GS with iOS 5. Almost 15 percent also use Hotmail on their iPads, where the iPad 2 Wi-Fi-only model is the most popular at 6 percent.

Hotmail’s bitter rival, Gmail from Google, is also pushing for further iOS adoption, and the company has launched the first official Gmail app for iPhones (Gmail is also integrated in iOS 5 Mail, and works just fine). However, Google’s first attempt was premature, to put it mildly. Shortly after the app was released, it was pulled because of a bug. The interface of Gmail’s iPhone app did not receive much praise either; it was dubbed a mere skin to the existing mobile version of the service, with the added benefit of local push notifications.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 for Mac hilarious online craze

Surgeon Simulator 2013 for Mac hilarious online craze

Surgeon Simulator 2013 is a game that’s unwittingly become the latest Internet craze, and you can download the Mac version here if you’re interested in joining in.

The game sees you controlling the hand of a surgeon trying to save the life of Bob, who is having a tough time on the surgeon’s table. 

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Surgeon Simulator 2013, by Bossa Studios is one of the games to come from this year’s Global Games Jam. The game is unintentionally – or perhaps intentionally – black-humoured, as players try to give Bob a heart transplant. The game sees most players accidentally spill surgical tools around, drop items inside Bob, cut his ribs open, and try to take his innards out.

Surgeon Simulator 2013Surgeon Simulator 2013

The game is portrayed from a first-person point of view, with the surgeon’s hand floating around in front of you, all of which adds to the dark humour. The operating theatre is covered in blood.

It doesn’t help that the hand is somewhat hard to control. The A, W, E, R and Space keys control fingers, while the left mouse button lowers the hand, and the right mouse button is used for rotation. Sadly, for Bob, it’s nowhere near as easy to control as it sounds.

All the time you play the blood count is going down, and Bob’s chances of survival are decreasing.

This has led to many people posting images with pithy captions, and recording videos of their surgical prowess, such as this hilarious video by YouTuber Robbaz, who comments happily along as he spills surgical tools into Bob’s open chest cavity.

Click here to visit GameJam and click the Mac download link to play the Surgeon Simulator 2013.

Alternatively just watch this video of the game in action from YouTube with commentary from Robert. (Warning, there is some mild swearing and gory content)..