PS Plus Free Games For April 2015 Announcement Sometime Next Week, EU vs NA Inferior Treatment Accusation

PS Plus Free Games For April 2015 Announcement Sometime Next Week, EU vs NA Inferior Treatment Accusation

Want to know when Sony will announce PlayStation Plus Free Games For April 2015? According to Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation Blog Manager, Instant Game Collection Line-up for April 2015 will be revealed “Sometime Next Week”.

PlayStation Plus Free Games For April 2015

This means PlayStation Plus subscribers will have to wait a bit longer to know what Sony has in store for them. When asked by a fan on Twitter: Will the Instant Game Collection announcement for April 2015 is coming this week or next week? Fred replied:

“Next week”

In addition to this, Fred Dutton also clarified that Sony doesn’t do any sorts of partiality (inferior/superior treatment) between PlayStation Plus subscribers in North America and Europe.

When asked: As has been the case before oct i think, when eu plus update falls before america one, eu gets delayed a week? Fred replied:

“Nothing to do with inferior/superior. That’s just how the earth orbits around the sun I’m afraid!”

Fred further went on to explain the reason behind the delay in announcement timing of PS Plus free games for Europe vs North America:

“IE. We can’t release Plus games on 1st April if it’s still 31st March in one territory.”

So there you have it PlayStation folks, you have to wait a for few more days for IGC April 2015 announcement. Bethesda’s Dishonored is already confirmed as one of the free PlayStation 3 free games for April 2015.

Pax East Panel: Warframe Developer & Community Panel | Warframe

Pax East Panel: Warframe Developer & Community Panel | Warframe

All the juicy hot info you want about warframe from Pax East 2016

The leading free to play, cross platform game Warframe is gave avid players a closer look at what is in store at PAX East this weekend. Members of the Digital Extremes team offered their player base, the Tenno, an all access pass to all things Warframe.

What is Warframe anyway?

Developed by Digital Extremes, Warframe is a free to play, cross platform, over the shoulder (or third person) shooter. Players control the Tenno, an ancient warrior race who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep. The Tenno remotely control powerful suits called Warframes. After being awakened, the Tenno find themselves at war with different factions from across the universe. You can find a complete review of Warframe by Orange Gaming right here on

The panel

The panel was made up of Digital Extremes staff, including:

  • Geoff Crookes- Animation Director
  • Rebecca Ford- Community Manager
  • Scott McGregor- Design Director
  • Sheldon Carter- Studio Manager
  • and Steve Sinclair – Creative Director
 Community hot topics

**Warning Spoilers ahead**

Digital Extremes is an extremely player driven company. In listening to the community, they have planned these major changes and updates to the game:

  • Events:  Devs at DE commented on the fact that global player events took a steep decline over the past few months.  Calling it a “mistake” they fully intend to make special player global event more frequent, like they were in the past. With the resurgence of special events, DE plans on expanding the syndicates’ use in the game by having some events be missions for certain syndicates. As the player progresses through the event, certain interactions will occur based on their standing with each faction. The next special event will be called the Rathoon, which is the Grineer trail by combat.
  • Sentients: the machine race that hails from the Tau System have long yielded “meh” rewards. Now the devs are looking to change that by adding new Sentients and having them offer powerful upgrades. They are also looking to improve the focus experience system to deepen the players options when utilizing these skills.
  • PVP: Instead of constant blood shed, players will now have the option of playing “Lunaro”. Lunaro is a light and fun way to compete with other Warframes in a player vs player setting. This mode will be located in the Conclave area.
New Warframes

In addition to all those hot topics, 1 new Warframe and 1 new prime Warframe were announced. The new Warframe is a whimsical female butterfly themed Warframe. She has no official name so we will have to keep tabs on that. The new prime Warframe is the Vauban Prime. As with all primes new prime versions of weapons have been announced as well. This time its the mighty hammer Fragor. Both will be coming out in late spring. 

The panel ended with the floor opened up to Q & A from fans. You can watch the whole dev stream on Digital Extremes twitch page. Also don’t forget to follow Warframe on twitter.

Getting to know iTunes 11’s Up Next player

Getting to know iTunes 11’s Up Next player

One of the marquee features of iTunes 11 is Up Next, a new way to queue up songs for your listening sessions. Radically different from iTunes DJ, which this feature replaces, it can be a bit complex. Here’s a look at how to get the most out of Up Next.

How does it work?

The first thing you need to know about Up Next is that it’s always on–and you may add songs to it without realizing it. For example, if you start playing a playlist by clicking the arrow button next to its name, when it’s displayed in iTunes, the Up Next queue gets filled with all the songs that playlist contains. The same is true if you start playing an album by clicking the arrow button next to its name in, say, Albums view or Artists view.

But in this case, Up Next is only adding the songs in the selected album or playlist, and that’s not where the feature becomes useful. What makes Up Next a powerful feature is its ability to queue up songs from different playlists or albums.

You can edit your Up Next queue from the menu that displays when you click on the Up Next icon.

You can clear the entire queue by clicking Clear, and you can also clear the currently playing song by clicking Clear again. And see that clock icon? Click that to see what you’ve played recently; you can then add any songs you want to hear again to the Up Next queue by hovering, clicking the > icon, and using the commands described above in the pop-up menu. (And you can access any of the other commands in that menu as well, such as rating songs, adding them to playlists, viewing them in the iTunes Store, and so on.) Click the clock icon again to return to the Up Next queue.

So long, DJ

Up Next is a valuable feature if you like to set up a queue of music to listen to. It lacks the ability that iTunes DJ had to choose songs at random from your music library, or from a selected playlist, and some iTunes users miss this feature. But try out Up Next and see how it fits with your listening; you may find that you like the way you can choose what music you’ll listen to and how you can easily manage the list.

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Think Secret calls Apple back to court

Think Secret calls Apple back to court

Apple is due back in court on April 12 to determine whether it can force Mac rumour Web sites to reveal their sources in the light of California’s anti-SLAPP statute.

The statute is intended to protect against lawsuits brought primarily to chill the valid exercise of constitutionally protected rights of petition and free speech, writes Information Week.

Attorney Terry Gross intends to offer two lines of defence on behalf of his client, Think Secret’s Nicolas Ciarelli. The first is a First Amendment argument that states that journalists can’t be held liable for reporting the news if they obtain information lawfully.

The second questions whether news about Apple’s products really reveals trade secrets. Trade secrets are generally defined as information that derives economic value from not being known and has been subject to reasonable efforts to maintain its secrecy, explains Information Week.

Gross says: “Apple can’t even prove trade-secret misappropriate occurred here, because there’s no commercial advantage in this information just a few days before issuing a press release. No competitor is going to be able to take this information and use it to their advantage. And Apple makes no claim that any competitor did do that.”

Leaks continue

Even if Apple does remain victorious, the effectiveness of Apple’s recent win in California’s Santa Clara County Superior Court that affirmed its right to force the publisher to disclose confidential sources, is called into question by Information Week which states: “The leaks appear to be continuing.”

Information Week points to rumours that Apple will be introducing a two-button mouse, and Apple’s interest in buying HipSolve media for $3.6 million – both rumours came to light in the days following Apple’s win.

In the beginning

But does it matter if the leaks get out? The New York Times recalls the case of Paul Freiberger, an InfoWorld reporter who was preparing to run a story on two secret projects he had uncovered at Apple in 1981. After being shouted at by Steve Jobs, who insisted that if he revealed the details it would offer a crucial advantage to the computer makers rivals, he held back.

In the end the paper got its scoop though, and revealed details of Lisa and the Macintosh, and Apple still managed to trounce its competitors, writes New York Times John Markoff.

Over the years Jobs has become a “master of orchestrating new product buzz,” notes the report. It suggests that Apple’s decision to go after operators of Internet fan sites for revealing trade secrets could actually “strengthen Mr Jobs’ marketing magic by deepening the secrecy – and thus the buzz – he has always tried to maintain around the company’s future products”.

Regis McKenna, a Silicon Valley marketing executive who began working with Jobs shortly after Apple was founded said: “He’s a master at creating the mystique. His problem is how to continue to innovate out of the limelight.”

PC Version of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Coming 'Soon' | Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

PC Version of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Coming ‘Soon’ | Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Metal Gear Rising is coming to PC sooner than you might think.

Dedicated PC gamers looking for a taste of Platinum and Konami’s Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance won’t have to wait much longer, according to the most recent Kojima Productions Alert.

During the 36 minute podcast, a Kojima Productions member took on fan questions, one of which inquiring about the PC version of Metal Gear Rising. You can listen to the full podcast below:

Host Sean Eyestone claims the PC version of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is in its ‘final stages’ of development, and that we may be seeing it find its way to Steam sometime over the coming days.

This is certainly surprise news to those who thought the PC version wasn’t coming at all. Large Japanese developers/publishers rarely port their console titles to PC, and neither Platinum Games nor Konami have an extensive history of doing so. This will be the first Platinum Games title to find its way to the PC audience.

Sean Eyestone does not mention the exact date of release during the Kojima Productons Alert podcast, so keep your eyes peeled on Steam over the next couple of weeks to see if Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has finally launched on PC.

Virtual Reality – Where is it heading, and what does that mean to us?

Virtual Reality – Where is it heading, and what does that mean to us?

What have we learnt about the implications of VR in the last few months, especially during PAX East, and what this means for the average gamer? Read on to find out!

If you’ve been keeping track of PAX East this weekend, you would’ve noticed the fact that VR is a subject that is mentioned quite often. Whether within one of the panels, at some of the booths, or through some of the demos available, VR has been a hot topic. This is in large part because some serious contenders for the VR market have released — or are releasing — their device this year. But what does this mean for the average gamers?

The possibilities of VR

One of the most talked-about topics when it comes to VR, is the potential uses for it; be it full-on gaming, spectating esports and even traditional sports, educational and therapeutic purposes, controlling drones and other vehicles or even something as simple as VR chat, the possibilities are endless! And of course, don’t forget VR entertainment, and even porn.

With the hardware largely available to developers now, VR is more about content than it is possibility. As was mentioned in “The Cutting Edge of PC Gaming with Newegg” panel today, what VR really needs right now is that ‘killer app’ or new content that drives the interest in VR from a want, to a must-have. And if the trend is to continue in its current direction, that is very likely to become a reality relatively soon.

Virtual Desktop

One very interesting implementation of Virtual Reality is seen in Virtual Desktop, an application that allows you to make use of your normal desktop, in a VR setting, and so much more.

Available on Steam for $14.99 (£10.99), this is certainly a great motivator for purchasing a VR headset.

Spectating E-Sports and Sports in general

There are however other amazing possible implications when it comes to VR. With the popularity of e-sports in modern gaming, and with Valve attempting to bring DotA 2 spectator mode to VR, there is a growing likelihood that other forms of e-sports could be viewed in a Virtual Reality setting. In fact, this technology wouldn’t even have to be limited to gaming; traditional sports such as Baseball, Basketball and Football could as easily be seen within a VR setting, with immersive content and the possibility to watch a game from the sidelines. While this would likely come at the cost of a pay-per-view model, who wouldn’t want the chance to watch a match from just a few feet away, but still be in the comfort of their own home?

Military Implications

VR is already being used by the U.S., and likely other nations’, Armed Forces, to train troops and prepare them for real world combat and tactics. While they do make use of their own hardware, there isn’t a great deal of technical difference between their tech and that seen in most gaming VR devices. This technology also has likely uses in the piloting of drones and other unmanned aircraft.


Other likely uses for VR

VR could also provide some great opportunities in the field of education; what if instead of explaining a famous battle in history, your teacher took you see it? What if you could see an atom in front of your eyes, at a thousand magnification? Or a star light years away?

The possibilities don’t end there however; whether in architecture and real estate, civil engineering, art and design, and really any form of work that requires some kind of outline, VR can be extremely useful, especially when it comes to the small details. Seeing yourself within a building you’ve designed would be a fantastic way to troubleshoot some of its flaws and improve upon them.

Retinal Resolution; the way into the future

An amazing concept that was discussed within the Newegg sponsored panel was the notion of Retinal Resolution; the resolution and FPS within which your mind would not be able to differentiate between Virtual Reality, and reality. At this resolution – namely 16,000 by 16,000 resolution per retina at 240 Frames Per Second – you would quite literally think what you are seeing from your VR device, is actually real. This could make the technologies seen in movies such as Surrogates and the Matrix a real possibility.

In the end, the potential is endless; VR Skype, VR gaming, VR porn, VR movies, VR exercises, VR therapy, really any activity with the word VR inserted behind it is becoming a possibility. What does this mean to the gaming world however, is something that remains to be seen. If you’re interested in buying a VR device, check out our In-depth comparison of upcoming VR Devices: VIVE, PS VR, Oculus Rift, and more. and our first looks at the Steam VR/HTC Vive.

So what are your thoughts on VR? Are you more/less likely to buy one after seeing what’s in store for the future? Let us know in the comments section below.

Next-Level WoW Love – $20K Blizzard Sword and Shield Up On eBay | World of Warcraft

Next-Level WoW Love – $20K Blizzard Sword and Shield Up On eBay | World of Warcraft

If you happen to have $20K lying around and a deep-seated yearning to be a Blizzard employee, your time has come at last.

Time to get your gold-farmer on.

If you happen to have $19,999.00 USD (honestly is anyone still fooled by that missing dollar’s worth of difference?) lying around and a deep-seated yearning to be a Blizzard employee, your time has come at last. What better way to pretend than to hold in your hands the mythical five and ten year service awards of an honest-to-god ex-employee?

eBay vendor Gemmintwen specializes in selling Blizzard collectibles, and fresh up on the auctioneer’s block (that is, a Buy It Now listing), is the “Blizzard Employee EXCLUSIVE 10 year Sword & Shield – Gift Warcraft Blizzcon WoW.” Oh baby.

As service awards go, I’d say that’s some pretty classy swag. The Swords and Shields ceremony is held every year to commemorate those employees who’ve stuck it out under the thumb of the gaming behemoth. Five years into your employment at Blizzard nets you the sword, and ten years the shield. The swords may change in style every year (you can check them out in the Swords and Shields website here) but the shield stays the same. In comparison, the fifteen-year mark employee ring just doesn’t seem to cut it, does it?

Though the former executive’s name has been removed from the wall-mount, the seller is willing to provide it upon the buyer’s request as proof of authenticity for the collectible. Now I’m no stranger to spending ridiculous amounts of money on a shiny (virtual) hat, but twenty grand is still a bit above and beyond what I’m willing to shell out for this 20 pound wall space hog. (And let’s be honest, the Master Sword accepts no imitations and no reflected glory).

However, if you fancy yourself an interest in this one-of-a-kind bit of Blizzard history, you can still find your newest piece of precious here.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn World Transfer Service To Be Free For 5 Days! | Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn World Transfer Service To Be Free For 5 Days! | Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Looks like you’ll soon be able to transfer your characters to another world for free in FFXIV:ARR!

When Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn launched Square Enix greatly underestimated how popular the game would be. Players faced hours upon hours, sometimes full days where they could not login.

Initially, restrictions were placed on character creation for certain worlds to help ease the servers until further measures could be taken. Thankfully, Yoshi-P and the rest of the FFXIV:ARR team were able to come up with a way to resolve these server issues and now you can login with no problems.

But what about all of those people who bought the game but couldn’t join their friends because of the then-imposed character creation restrictions? A lot of those people still wanted to make use of the subscription time they paid for and ended up creating a character on another world in hopes of being able to transfer it at a later date.

Well it seems those people won’t have to wait much longer. According to an official reply by community rep Camate on the Official FFXIV:ARR Forums the World Transfer Service is scheduled to begin soon. The World Transfer Service will normally be a fee-based service, however as a means of apology for the server issues they had at the beginning of launch the team has decided to make the service free for the first five days.

#FFXIV Producer/Director Yoshida shares info on the upcoming World Transfer Service which will be free for 5 days:

— FINAL FANTASY XIV (@FF_XIV_EN) October 2, 2013

Players will be able to transfer their characters from a new World to a new World, a Legacy World to a Legacy World, and a new World to a Legacy World. They won’t be able to transfer from a Legacy World to a new World because of the economic implications it may bring. However, Yoshi-P has stated that they are looking into enabling it at a later date.

I was lucky in that everyone I play with decided to play on the same server of which also happens to be one of the less populated ones, so I don’t plan on transferring. But I’m sure a lot of players will be really happy to know that they will be able to transfer their characters and join their friends on the same server – all for free.

More info about the World Transfer Service can be found at the link in the embedded tweet above.

How about you? Are you happy they will finally be enabling the World Transfer Service? Let me know in the comments below!

iPod, Mac sales drive Apple analyst upgrade

iPod, Mac sales drive Apple analyst upgrade

Analysts at Needham & Co today raised their target on Apple stock to $57.

With a previous $52 price target, analyst Charles Wolf cites a “more profitable iPod financial model following the introduction of the iPod nano, a more profitable software revenue stream than we previously assumed, and a larger free cash position” as rationale for the upgrade.

In a note to clients obtained by Macworld, he reveals: “The nano signaled that Apple should be able to maintain materially higher average selling prices on the iPod than we previously assumed.” 

However, Wolf warns that slower-than-expected iPod sales could “jeapordize” all the revenue streams in his financial model for Apple.

Mac sales exceed expectations

The analyst adds that Apple’s Mac sales are “currently tracking above our long-term forecast”. 

Wolf admits his forecast doesn’t include Windows users who move to Mac to avoid Windows-borne viruses and other malware; it only includes people driven to the Mac by a favourable iPod experience, the so-called ‘iPod Halo effect’.

Software sales propel revenue

Apple’s software sales should also boost the company’s bottom-line, Eolf says. “About 75 per cent of Apple’s software sales consist of Apple-branded software applications”. With an estimated 90 per cent profit margin on software, Wolf chose to raise his estimate of how much money software sales will make for Apple.

“Apple has generated over $1 billion in additional free cash since our last valuation exercise,” he adds.

Namco announces Rise of Incarnates Closed Beta Date 

Namco announces Rise of Incarnates Closed Beta Date 

During the Fighting Games panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con developers from Bandai Namco revealed the upcoming closed beta date for their 2 on 2 Free-to-Play fighting game Rise of Incarnates. Set to begin on August 8th, the closed beta will run for roughly ten days before concluding on August 18th.

Namco conducted a Closed Alpha test for Rise of Incarnates back in May, which the studio says helped in providing quite a lot of feedback from the fans who played it, resulting in quite a number of improvements being implemented. The closed beta will feature a new stage set in Paris and introduce the new playable character Brynhildr, a cyber-cycle riding, lance wielding Valkyrie of sorts.

In the spirit of Comic-Con, Namco also revealed a new set of comics made in collaboration with Marvel, which goes into the backstory of how these individuals came to possess their unique abilities and why they fight. These comics are available to read online here, where players can also choose to signup for the closed beta.