Call of Duty DLC to Feature Snoop Dogg Voiceovers | Call of Duty

Call of Duty DLC to Feature Snoop Dogg Voiceovers | Call of Duty

This is the sound that a slain giant makes before it crashes to the ground.

No, no really I didn’t just make this up. For two dollars and ninety nine cents, you — yes lucky lucky you — can have Snoop Dogg narrate all the multiplayer voice prompts in-game for Call of Duty: Ghosts. It is just one segment of a series of “customization items” that will be on offer to purchase on the 22nd of April.

To many it sounds like a caricature of a caricature of Snoop Dogg “rackin’ points with his homies in the joint with a brother from another mother” (yeah, he says all those things..yeah, I put them all together for comic effect). 

To me, it sounds like a death wail for the once mighty– nay– gargantuan monster, that was the Call of Duty giant. The pinnacle in monopolised “laissez-faire” gaming entertainment.

Keepin’ it real

I hear the tearing sound of flesh and sinew, as the wooden stake is driven through Activision’s soulless heart. For years it has bled dry innocent civilians; its insatiable thirst for profit margins ever-increasing. Those who have been stricken by its curse have in turn been left with their own insatiable and inexplicable desire to keep paying more money to play the same game. For all of eternity.

And now, this weird, overgrown, fictitious and absurd amalgamation of a Vampire Man-Dragon metaphor– so tortuously concocted inside my imagination — now keels over. And it begs of its own believers to just worship him this one last time. I was there first hand for the allegorical press release. In my head.

“My worshippers! If you will just spare me a moments decency, for I have one last thing to share with you! Before you permanently decide to leave for the Titan Brotherhood- I have some sound bytes recorded of Snoop Dogg saying stuff in a cool way..NO HANS, NOT LIKE ICE CUBE, IT’S FAR MORE STEREOTYPI- *ahem* , err..Hip.  

My fellow worshippers, before you go forever – please spare me the remaining nickels and lint in your pockets.”

And the followers, how they did flock to pay tribute to its fallen leader. They threw various pennies and notes at the bloated monster, which in return gave them things they already had, but didn’t realise they possessed. Not in a spiritual sense, but in a very literal con artist sort of way (see the $3.99 Soap Mac Tavish multiplayer skin).

And the beast laid, belly up, staring toward the stars. For what had seemed an eternity, was in fact less than a decade. The end was not now, but it would be soon enough.

Watch Dogs is Going Multiplayer! | Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is Going Multiplayer! | Watch Dogs


The Beauty of Innovative Multiplayer

As I watched the teaser to the multiplayer of the game Watch Dogs, my eyes widened. It seems like the developers enjoy what they are doing, and they want to further impact the gaming community.

The multiplayer of Watch Dogs is going to include both online play and offline play. The online play will be cross-platform, even going across to the Smartphone. When I heard about the Smartphone part, I flipped. This means you can play with your friends (who are on their console), at home, while you are on the bus with your Android tablet. That project itself is innovative and I’ve never seen it in a game before.

The multiplayer would also feature a non-lobby. You will automatically be placed in a game and you are going to find other people around the corner (although they specified it will not be an MMORPG).

Every time I hear news about this game my want for it grows. Can’t wait for it in November!

The iPhone 5 could be available to pre-order on 12 September

The iPhone 5 could be available to pre-order on 12 September

In July, iMore reported that Apple is planning to unveil its next iPhone at a special event on 12 September. Now, the blog reports that the iPhone 5 will be available to pre-order that same day, and will be shipped nine days later for US customers. For international markets, the iPhone might not hit the shops the first week of October.

The information comes from “sources that have provided iMore with accurate iPhone related launch dates in the past,” says the report.

The report claims that Apple is getting “more aggressive” than previous years, by organising the pre-orders on the same day as the unveiling. The iPhone 4S was introduced on 4 October 2011, and the pre-orders didn’t begin until the 7 October.

Following iMore’s 12 September event claims, further evidence flooded in from publications including AllThingsD and The New York Times, which agreed with iMore’s report.

eBay has seen a 70 per cent increase in old iPhones on its site since the September iPhone 5 reports.

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iPod video in October?

iPod video in October?

American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu believes Apple will release a video-capable iPod in October.

Portal Player this week revealed net income of $6.3 million on $44.6 million in revenue.

Discussing these results, Wu wrote: “We believe new iPods including colour iPod minis, higher capacity flash, and a video-capable iPod will not likely ship until the October timeframe in the December quarter.”

Wu also expects Apple will ship 7.1 million iPods in its current quarter, 3.1 million of which will be flash memory-based iPod shuffles.

He also “believes” Portal Player to have “secured the design win in a new 2GB iPod mini using flash”. He also predicts Apple will dump its 4Gb iPod mini.

Announcing Portal Player’s results, company president and CEO Gary Johnson said: “We have completed the design win activity for our customers’ exciting new models intended to ship in the second half of 2005.”

Next-Gen Xbox is called X720?, Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed IV confirmed for X720 by Ubi Employees

Next-Gen Xbox is called X720?, Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed IV confirmed for X720 by Ubi Employees

It seems like the next-generation Xbox console from Microsoft will be called “X720”.

Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is coming to Microsoft’s unannounced next-gen Xbox console (X720), according to details revealed in the LinkedIn profiles of two Ubisoft employees.

Watch Dogs LinkedIn profiles of Ubisoft gameplay programmer Paolo Maninetti and marketing artist Phil Brolles states that both Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed 4 is heading to Xbox 720.

Phil Brolles profile reveal that Watch Dogs is “work in progress for next generation consoles (PS4/X720)”, whereas Maninetti profile states that Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is arriving on “PC, PS3, X360, PS4, X720, [and] WiiU”.

This shouldn’t surprise any one of you, isn’t it?.

Freeverse offers free Think software

Freeverse offers free Think software

Freeverse has announced Think, a free software application designed to help Mac users follow a focused workflow.

The application allows users to ‘illuminate’ any Mac OS X application, blocking other windows and applications in order to focus on what they are doing.

The application also lets users bring forward other applications as and when they need to access them for a project, shoving them back into the background when use of these is complete.

“Mac users have always been inclined towards being more productive,” said Freeverse developer Michael Watson. “Think lets you put all the distractions in the background and just work.”

Think is available as a free Universal Binary for Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later.

Watch video of the first iPhone 6…being dropped

Watch video of the first iPhone 6…being dropped

It almost looks like too perfect of a testimonial of the new iPhone 6’s sturdiness to be believable as an accident. But live TV cameras caught a young man in Perth, Australia dropping his new prized new Apple smartphone as he opened the box (see video).

Young “Jack” — first in line among hundreds who waited out at an Apple store — recovered quickly, seeing that the screen appeared to be unbroken: “It’s all good.”

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus become available in the United States today, but those in Australia, with its time difference, got the jump on Apple fanboys and fangirls in the U.S.

Here’s how to figure out which new iPhone, if you’re headed in that direction, is for you.

Apple emphasizes user-privacy efforts in response to PRISM accusations

Apple emphasizes user-privacy efforts in response to PRISM accusations

In an open letter published to Apple’s website Sunday, the company outlined its policies for responding to government requests for information and promised to work to safeguard user privacy.

Early this month, The Guardian broke the story about a U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) program–code-named PRISM–under which the NSA has reportedly been monitoring the Internet activities of Americans. The report claimed that the NSA has been directly monitoring the servers of major computing and technology companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

Since that tech-world bombshell, many of these companies, including Apple, have denied working with the NSA in any capacity other that required by court order. Specifically, an Apple representative told the Washington Post that the company does “not provide any government agency with direct access to our servers, and any government agency requesting customer data must get a court order.” Other companies have issued similar statements.

These same companies have attempted to further assuage user fears by revealing exactly what cooperation has occurred, but they’ve reportedly been hamstrung by “gag orders” preventing them from revealing such details due to national-security concerns.

Last week, Google requested from the Justice Department permission to publish aggregate information about national-security requests. Facebook and Microsoft have made similar requests, and it appears the U.S. government–under increasing pressure to provide some transparency about its data-monitoring programs–has conceded.

In an open letter, titled Apple’s Commitment to Customer Privacy and posted to the company’s website, Apple reiterates that it was unaware of the PRISM program before the press asked about it on June 6, 2013. The letter also repeats, verbatim, the company’s earlier statement about government access and court orders. However, Apple also provides some hard data about the number of information requests it has received.

As part of the summary data the government has apparently authorized companies to release, Apple says that from December 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013, the company received from U.S. law enforcement organizations between 4,000 and 5,000 requests for customer data. Those requests specified between 9,000 and 10,000 accounts or devices, and the requests “came from federal, state and local authorities and included both criminal investigations and national security matters.”

Apple further says that among those requests, the most common came “from police investigating robberies and other crimes, searching for missing children, trying to locate a patient with Alzheimer’s disease, or hoping to prevent a suicide.” The statement claims that when receiving such requests, Apple provides only the narrowest possible amount of information, and only if appropriate. The statement notes that Apple sometimes refuses to fulfill inconsistent or inaccurate requests.

Apple also outlines the kinds of data it does not provide to government agencies. FaceTime and iMessage messages, which are encrypted, cannot be provided to government agencies because Apple chooses not to retain that data. Location information, Maps searches, and Siri requests are never retained in personally identifiable form.

Apple concludes the letter by promising to “continue to work hard to strike the right balance between fulfilling our legal responsibilities and protecting our customers’ privacy as they expect and deserve.”

The statement closely echoes a recent press release from Facebook outlining that company’s policies for providing customer information to government agencies, as well as providing aggregate numbers for information requests it has received.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Missing Link DLC launch trailer

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Missing Link DLC launch trailer

Square Enix has just released the launch trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC titled as “The Missing Link”. This new DLC explores Jensen’s attempts to escape captivity after facing torture by Belltower.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution screen

According to details revealed by Square Enix, the DLC will include new achievements and trophies but no new Augmentations. The Missing Link DLC carries a price tag of 1200 MS Points, £8.99 and €11.25 on PSN, and £8.99 and €10.99 on OnLive and Steam.

Watch the launch trailer below:

Samsung overtakes Apple in Q3 in smartphones

Samsung overtakes Apple in Q3 in smartphones

Samsung beat Apple to the top position in the smartphone market in the third quarter taking a 23.8 percent share of the global market to Apple’s 14.6 percent, according to data released Friday by research firm Strategy Analytics.

Nokia was third with a 14.4 percent share.

Apple became the world’s largest smartphone vendor by volume with 18.5 percent market share in the second quarter, ahead of Samsung and Nokia, according to Strategy Analytics. Samsung also overtook Nokia in the second quarter to become the world’s second largest smartphone vendor with a 17.5 percent share to Nokia’s 15.2 percent.

Samsung shipped 27.8 million units, up from 7.5 million units in the same quarter last year, while Apple shipped 17.1 million units as customers and operators waited for the fourth-quarter launch of the iPhone 4S amidst stiff competition from Samsung’s Galaxy S2 model, and volatile economic conditions in several key countries, Strategy Analytics said.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Global smartphone shipments grew 44 percent annually to reach a record 117 million units in the third quarter, the research firm said.

Apple launched the iPhone 4S on Oct. 14, and said it had sold over four million units in just three days after the launch.

Samsung’s rise has been driven by a blend of elegant hardware designs, popular Android services, memorable sub-brands and extensive global distribution, according to Strategy Analytics. In the third quarter of last year, Samsung had a 9.3 percent share to Apple’s 17.4 percent. Nokia, which had a 32.7 percent share in the third quarter of last year, has been losing share because of competition from Apple and phones running the Android operating system, as it transitioned to the Windows Phone operating system.

Apple and Samsung are caught up in patent litigation relating to their smartphones and tablets in a number of countries.

The worldwide mobile phone market grew 12.8 percent year-over-year to 394 million units in the third quarter of 2011, as smartphone growth declined in key mature markets, IDC said. Strategic Analytics estimated a growth of 14 percent to 390 million units, mainly on lower estimates of shipments by smaller vendors.