Panther, iTunes support offered

Panther, iTunes support offered

Apple is providing two new support sites for Panther and iTunes users.

The Mac OS X Panther Support Site features Q&As, tips and hints, discussions, and downloads. Additionally, it offers assistance with upgrading to Panther, an OS X-specific search facility, the very best five Panther topics, a hyperlink to some resource page that has books and training, and also the Panther tip each week.

Two iTunes Support Sites can be found Body for OS X and yet another for Home windows users. Both sites include tips and methods, and tutorials. Topics for example importing music, burning CDs, buying music, transferring music, using playlists and discussing music are covered.

Although a lot of the website is centered on the united states-only music-purchasing function, subjects for example playlists, third-party music players, and AAC file support are discussed.

Apple has additionally published your final Cut Pro QT Render Plug-set for OS X. This really is to solve an issue in Final Cut Pro 4, that stopped responding when rendering non-DV clips with QuickTime 6.4.

Apple strongly recommends all Final Cut Pro 4 users download the plug-in, that is available here.

Cod: Black Ops III “ninth Specialist” Leaked, Has A FlameThrower Type Weapon Known as Purifier

Cod: Black Ops III “ninth Specialist” Leaked, Has A FlameThrower Type Weapon Known as Purifier

Cod: Black Ops III leaks continue from beta build files on PC. Today, our friend at “” discovered first image and details concerning the classified “ninth Specialist” in Cod: Black Ops III. You should check out the look and game play screenshot of the new specialist below.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

It appears such as this new specialist have a new weapon type known as “Purifier”, which look much like FlameThrower. There’s a confirmation of the new ability known as HeatWave. With the aid of this ability, players can produce a sphere around themselves that will burns and stuns opponents inside a certain radius. Sounds pretty awesome.


Yesterday, via beta build files on PC, some interesting new information on zombies and unannounced 9 weapons were leaked, read our coverage onto it here. Cod: Black Ops III is scheduled to produce on November 6 for PS4, Xbox One, PC and last-gen consoles.


Facebook assumes privacy with new tools

Facebook assumes privacy with new tools

After going for a beating from users over privacy issues this season, Facebook got the content and gave users additional control over their information.

On Wednesday, Facebook Chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg announced several new tools for that social media site, including one made to enable users to download any one of their information in the site. Another new tool is really a dashboard that enables users to watch what applications they have utilized on Facebook and delete them easier.

The brand new feature that’s received probably the most attention is Facebook Groups, which lets users split up their buddies into subgroups. For instance, an worker who may not want his boss to determine an update about the interview could make that publish readily available for merely a couple of online buddies to determine.

Industry analysts observe that behind these inclusions in the most popular social site are its users’ festering frustrations over Facebook’s privacy, or insufficient it.

“Facebook has proven that they have heard the content on privacy and user control,” stated Dan Olds, an analyst using the Gabriel Talking to Group. “These additional features, combined with the privacy control update captured, finally give users the opportunity to tweak what individuals on their own list can and should not see. Using the Groups feature, Facebook is giving users an infinitely more granular method to set access parameters and also to separate their loved ones and shut buddies from mere acquaintances.”

Olds is not alone in believing that Facebook is trying to quell a number of its ongoing privacy issues.


The Electronic Frontier Foundation, within an online commentary , noted that Facebook is moving nearer to satisfying the organization’s Bill of Privacy Legal rights for Social Media .

“While EFF retains outstanding difficulties with Facebook, we greatly appreciate these important steps toward giving Facebook users more transparency and control with regards to the way the information they publish to Facebook is shared, and much more capacity to place their Facebook data together when they ever decide to leave the service,” authored Kurt Opsahl, a senior staff attorney for that foundation.

Opsahl added, however, the foundation is searching for additional privacy changes from Facebook, including more granular application controls, in addition to changes towards the Groups feature.

Take advantage of Enderle, an analyst using the Enderle Group, noted that Facebook made some tactical privacy moves now, but altering people’s perceptions from the site’s personal privacy may take time.

“It might make new users and existing users more prepared to invest time but, trust, or the possible lack of it, will trump this effort,” Enderle stated. “I believe [Facebook] understands there’s an issue. Like the majority of engineering companies, they appear to consider it mostly is due to technology and do not yet have that it’s more details on how people see them.”

Ray Valdes, an analyst with Gartner, stated privacy issues aren’t likely disappear for just about any social media site because everybody has different privacy expectations. While users have voiced their frustrations with Facebook’s privacy controls, couple of from the site’s greater than 500 million users have remaining the website correctly.

“Overall, I believe Facebook has weathered the storm of privacy concerns, as shown by ongoing robust growth,” Valdes stated. “Privacy issues will be there forever … Facebook continuously walk this tightrope, and, although it has teetered occasionally, it is constantly on the get back its balance and move ahead.Inch

GTA V Generates $800 Million in The First Day Sales


GTA V Generates $800 Million in The First Day Sales

Take Two and Rockstar Games just revealed The First Day sales figure and revenue information on Grand Thievery Auto V. In first 24 hrs (launch day sales), GTA V generated over $800 million in revenue.


According to details revealed by Take-Two, GTA V delivered the greatest first day retail sales associated with a title within the good reputation for the organization and also the Grand Thievery Auto series.

“Many of us at Take-Two are thrilled using the initial reaction to Grand Thievery Auto V. Once more, they at Rockstar Games have surpassed themselves, setting the entertainment industry’s new standard for creativeness, innovation and excellence,” stated Strauss Zelnick, Chairman and Chief executive officer of Take-Two.”

“Beginning at night time on Monday, consumers all over the world collected in anticipation to become one of the primary to see the evolution of the outstanding series. In The United States alone, greater than 8,300 stores opened up their doorways at night time to welcome fans whose loyalty and enthusiasm were rewarded using what The Brand New You are able to Occasions known as ‘the most immersive spectacle in interactive entertainment’. We’re incredibly happy with Rockstar Games’ creative achievement and may ‘t be more happy with the prosperity of this launch.”

Yesterday GFK Chart Track says GTA V is becoming fastes selling game ever in United kingdom because it offered 1.53 million units (the first day sales) and generated £65m in revenue. GTA V broke the record of Treyarch’s Cod: Black Ops which offered 1.41m units and generated whooping £58m in revenue in November 2010.

This suggest GTA V is off a flying start.


Geoff: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance 2 Wasn’t Teased At Taipei Show, “Teaser Emblem 2 Would Be A Countdown Graphics”

Geoff: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance 2 Wasn’t Teased At Taipei Show, “Teaser Emblem 2 Would Be A Countdown Graphics”

At Taipei Game Show 2014, Kojima Production teased a follow up to Metal Gear Rising Revengeance using a emblem having a word “2” having a background like the one which featured within the official emblem of original Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. Should you missed it, take a look below.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance 2

Now, Geoff Keighley, Producer, The Sport Awards, via Twitter has mentioned that Kojima Production did not tease anything associated with Metal Gear Rising Revengeance 2, and that he is discussing this update following a talk to “Ken-ichiro Imaizumi, Senior Producer Kojima Productions Konami Computer Entertainment Japan.”

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance 2 Teaser Logo

Geoff tweeted:

“Slice that rumor: No Metal Gear Rising 2 tease at Taipei games show. Spoke to @Ken1555 from @Kojima_Pro_Live, it’s not true.”

Slice that rumor: No Metal Gear Rising 2 tease at Taipei games show. Spoke to @Ken1555 from @Kojima_Pro_Live, it’s not true.

– Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) Feb 1, 2015

When requested for clarification for that term “2”, Ken-ichiro mentioned:

“It is a countdown graphic like 3. 2, 1. Have you look into the actual SCE fall into line trailer?”

It is a countdown graphic like 3. 2, 1. Have you look into the actual SCE fall into line trailer? @logokas @geoffkeighley @erikkain @Kojima_Pro_Live

– Ken-ichiro Imaizumi (@Ken1555) Feb 2, 2015

When quizzed further by Twitter user that “There’s no graphic for several or 1. 2 left nowhere and it is clearly stylized for purpose”, Ken-ichiro responded:

“We do not allow it to be. Please ask SCE. ” and cut the converstion.

Remove anything you can out of this conversation. Like a lengthy time fan of Metal Gear franchise, i’m still by taking your teaser emblem for Metal Gear Rising 2.

The Wolf In Our Midst visiting Xbox One and PS4 states GameFly, no words from Telltale Games yet


The Wolf In Our Midst visiting Xbox One and PS4 states GameFly, no words from Telltale Games yet

The Wolf In Our Midst, Telltale’s effective new episodic game is due Ps 4 and Xbox One, based on store GameFly. The store has listed next-gen port from the Wolf In Our Midst, so we possess the snapshot from the listing below for you personally as confirmation.

Please be aware, by no means it is really an official confirmation because this is only a single online store listing and thus we advice readers to consider this listing having a touch of suspicion and see it as rumor only. We’ve contacted our source at Telltale Games, so stay tuned in once we will update this publish when we obtain to listen to something from their store.

The Wolf Among Us PS4 Listing

The Wolf Among Us Xbox One Listing

The Wolf In Our Midst is really a five episode series in line with the award-winning comic series Fables (Electricity Comics/Vertigo.) It is really an frequently violent, mature and difficult-steamed thriller in which the figures and creatures of myth, lore and legend are really the and appear in the world.

As Bigby Wolf — The large bad wolf in human form — you’ll uncover the brutal, bloody murder of the Fable is simply a taste of products in the future, inside a game series where every single decision might have enormous effects.

Fleksy brings alternate keyboard to many popular iOS apps

Fleksy brings alternate keyboard to many popular iOS apps

Bay Area-based software developer Syntellia announced on Thursday that it is Fleksy on-screen predictive text input technologies are being put into several popular iOS apps, including utilities like Launch Center Pro 2 and text editors like Wordbox.

Greater than most likely every other technology in Apple’s mobile operating-system, the program keyboard may be the one of the things that helped Apple redefine the idea of smartphones, freeing handsets from hardware buttons that used to consider half (or even more) of the device’s property.

Still, the default keyboard is not for everybody, and that’s why iOS provides just a little-known iOS programming interface that enables developers to produce their very own input methods–and that is where Fleksy is available in.

Distributed like a special package that third-party developers can integrate to their own apps, Fleksy replaces the default iOS keyboard with Syntellia’s own, which utilizes a subtly different input method along with a unique predictive formula that, based on the organization, recognizes most words, even when all of their letters are typed incorrectly.

Though it occupies the equivalent screen property and incorporates the familiar Texting layout, the keys around the Fleksy keyboard are spaced just a little farther apart, which makes it simpler to type (specifically if you have big fingers) additionally, it supports numerous gestures where you can perform common operations, for example moving the cursor forward and backward without getting to turn to time-consuming operations that need your full attention. (Yes, magnifying loupe, which means you.)

According to my brief tests, the outcomes are really quite good, as lengthy as you are familiar enough with Texting keyboards that you could aim your fingers within the general direction from the keys you need to hit. Fleksy has an excellent recognition rate–so great, actually, that you could really hide the laptop keyboard altogether having its “ghost” mode but still continue typing while getting use of your whole screen.

Additionally to produce Center Pro 2 and Wordbox, Fleksy is making its debut in SMS application GV Connect and geolocation software BlindSquare. If you wish to provide the technology a try free of charge, you are able to download a duplicate from the company’s own demo, which requires iOS 7 and creates both iPhones and iPads, from the Application Store.

Cro-Mag shareware released

Cro-Mag shareware released

Pangea Software has launched a shareware version of the Mac-bundled game, Cro-Mag Rally.

The new version flavour is identical to the boxed version that’s priced at £39.99 (inc VAT).

The game is aimed for those that wish to download the game off the Internet.

Players simply download the game and buy a registration code through Internet shareware registration service Kagi.

This shareware game adds to Pangea’s stable of shareware games that includes Bugdom released March 1.

Cro Mag Rally is part of a games bundle that ships with new Macs.

Mortal Kombat first gameplay video shows Kratos in action

Mortal Kombat first gameplay video shows Kratos in action

A very first Mortal Kombat gameplay video footage has arrived on internet, and guess what the footage feature God of War’s Kratos in action.

Mortal Kombat

You can watch the video below, to watch Kratos you have to wait for sometime as he appears after 1 minute and 17 seconds.

Mortal Kombat is slated to launch on April 19. Earlier this month official Xbox360 achievement site revealed complete achievement list for Mortal Kombat along with details about the secret achievements, and with that they also revealed two unlockable characters. Want to know the details about these two unlockable characters click here.

Canon fires product salvo

Canon fires product salvo

Canon has launched a two-megapixel camera.

The PowerShot A200 has direct-print capabilities and a 4x digital zoom. It includes the latest intelligent three-point AiAF (Artificial intelligence Auto Focus) system, which ensures that the subject is always in focus, wherever positioned in the frame, Canon claims. The PowerShot A200 is also capable of capturing short video-clips.

The £199 PowerShot A200 can be connected to Canon’s Card Photo Printers, the CP-100 and CP-10, to produce 4-x-6-inch prints.

Prints without borders
Canon has also released the S820 Bubble Jet printer. It has a high-density print-head capable of delivering a full colour, A4 print in two minutes; and a borderless, 4-x-6-inch full colour print in about a minute.

The S820 includes Canon’s advanced MicroFine Droplet Technology to give the highest control of ink in terms of accurate dot-placement, shape, and density. The six-colour ink-system uses the world’s lightest density inks, Canon says, and when combined with 2,400-x-1,200dpi resolution and ultra small 4pl (picolitre) drop-size, the S820 gives grain-free photographs with up to 49 colour-shades-per-pixel.

The S820 printer is available for £186 (prices exclude VAT).