Elder Scrolls Online Developer Faces Lay Offs | Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online Developer Faces Lay Offs | Elder Scrolls Online

Amid planned layoffs, Zenimax promises to continue supporting the game.

Zenimax Online Studios laid off a number of employees this past Wednesday. Pete Hines, VP of PR and Marketing for Bethesda, said,

As is the norm for games of this type, we had ramped up a large workforce to develop a game of vast scale and ramped up our customer service to handle the expected questions and community needs of the Elder Scrolls Online at launch.

Dropping staff may be seen as a bad move when the game still hasn’t realeased on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. It appears that only customer service jobs took a hit in this wave of lay offs and development will continue as normal. Console fans likely won’t see the game until the end of the year. In order to alleviate any fears they might have, Hines continued,

We remain strongly committed to The Elder Scrolls Online, and continue to invest heavily to develop new content for PC players, prepare the game for its console launch and handle our planned expansion..

Players worried about any potential impact to development should consider that patches have been released regularly and add-ons such as the loyalty program for paying for the longer subscriptions have been added to the game since its debut.

Don’t panic just yet. It hasn’t even been released across all of its intended platforms and still charges a monthly subscription fee. Going free-to-play seems to be the move MMO’s make when they are in bad shape.

CoD: Ghosts having FPS Issues on Xbox One | Call of Duty: Ghosts

CoD: Ghosts having FPS Issues on Xbox One | Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts has frame rate issues on the Xbox One, even while running on 720p

Former IGN Editor, Jeremy Conrad, has taken to Twitter on an important issue about Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts, and no, it isn’t that it runs on 1080p upscaled from 720p.

Conrad says that the game has frame rate (fps) issues when running on Microsoft’s next-gen console, the Xbox One. This issue isn’t only happening to the Xbox One, as it seems to be happening on Sony’s PlayStation 4, but the latter runs it on native 1080p.

People say 720p isn’t a big deal compared to 1080p, but a FPS drop from 60 to 50 is reason to not buy it (PS the 720p game has worse drops)

— Jeremy Conrad (@ManaByte) November 5, 2013

The frame rate issue isn’t new at all, as this has been mentioned before. Firstly, Infinity Ward‘s executive producer, Mark Rubin, mentioned that Call of Duty: Ghosts would be running on native 1080p on Sony’s PlayStation 4, while on 1080p upscaled from 720p on Microsoft’s Xbox One, as it was needed to do this in order to play at 60fps…something that seems not to have worked all that well.

But it didn’t end there, as Major Nelson pretty much replied to what Rubin had said, stating that the resolution was up to developers, as the Xbox One could run anything at native 1080p at 60fps, something that doesn’t seem quite accurate, as Call of Duty: Ghosts isn’t the only game running at 720p, given that it has been confirmed that Titanfall is also running at 720p.

Could this mean that Microsoft missed something on the Xbox One?

DVD Audio coming ‘soon’

DVD Audio coming ‘soon’

Approval of a revised copy protection system for DVD (Digital Versatile Disk) Audio, drawn up because a related system was hacked, is likely to come within the next month, according to the head of DVD business at Matsushita, Japan’s largest consumer electronics manufacturer.

“We have proposed a new system to the major music companies and they are now evaluating it,” said Sakon Nagasaki, director of the DVD Business Development Office at Matsushita, speaking at the CeBIT trade show here. “We expect approval of the system within the month.”

Hacked off
The first version of the DVD Audio format had already been approved, and manufacturers were preparing to launch players supporting the format when the DVD industry was stunned by news that the DVD Video copy protection system had been hacked and software enabling users to copy the disks was circulating on the Internet

This spelled trouble for DVD Audio because the system relied on an updated version of the same copy protection system.

The four companies that developed the system, Matsushita, Toshiba, IBM and Intel, pledged to come up with a more secure system, and this was presented to music companies earlier this year, said Nagasaki yesterday.

Should approval of the system be received, first commercial DVD Audio products incorporating the new system will hit the market in the second half of the year, predicted Nagasaki.

Samsung Sells 10 Million Galaxy S Android Smartphones

Samsung Sells 10 Million Galaxy S Android Smartphones

Samsung on Monday announced that it has now sold more than 10 million Galaxy S smartphones running the Google Android mobile operating system.

The milestone sales occurred around the world in only seven months, meaning Samsung managed to sell around 1.4 million devices per month, or about 40,000 units per day.

The electronics manufacturer said it has sold around 4 million Galaxy S smartphones in North America, 2.5 million in Europe, and around 2 million in South Korea in the past seven months. While outside the U.S. the Galaxy S was marketed in one standard version, the four major U.S. wireless carriers sold four slightly different variations of the device.

According to Gartner figures, Samsung was the lead Android devices manufacturer (32 percent) in the third quarter of 2010 and the latest sales milestone from the company only solidifies its position. HTC was the second largest Android smartphone manufacturer with 27 percent, and Motorola came third with 17 percent of the market.

Worldwide, Android is the second largest mobile operating system, only outclassed by Nokia’s Symbian. But in the U.S., Apple’s iOS still holds a slim lead in overall market share, according to the latest figures from the Nielsen Company. In November 2010, Apple held 28.6 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, while Android covered 25.8 percent of the market and BlackBerry OS slipped to 26.1 percent.

Samsung is among vendors preparing entries in a new batch of Android smartphones expected in 2011. But that’s not the extent of its mobile devices; the company also entered the Android tablet market in late 2010 and in December 2010 said it has sold more than one million of its 7-inch tablets in less than two months.

Kojima Tries Knack, Comes Away Satisfied | Knack

Kojima Tries Knack, Comes Away Satisfied | Knack

What does the legendary game designer think of Knack?

Knack didn’t receive the best review scores. The PlayStation 4 launch title only averages 54 percent on Metacritic, despite many supporters who love the game’s nostalgic feel.

So, what does a veteran gamer and master designer like Hideo Kojima think? As he revealed on his Twitter page, he got some time to play Knack and for the most part, he enjoyed himself.

The following set of Tweets (collected by DualShockers) explains his three-hour time trial:

I was invited by mark and played the Japanese language version of Knack quickly. It’s an action game and it proceeds smoothly.

Operation is simple and easy, but it becomes a very hard game when I change the difficulty. It’s exhilarating when Knack becomes huge. I loved the traps like in Crash.

Knack: I played it for a little less than three hours at Sony Computer Entertainment. It seems that Mark created it very carefully. The next generation feeling is a bit thin, but the art is an interesting attempt.

Also, a father that loves FPS games, if he’s tired of firefights, can he try cooperative play with his children?

All valid points. There are many who would share his viewpoint, especially those who weren’t expecting anything “next-gen” from Knack. Personally, as I argued in my recent review, most critics understood the game’s goal. It’s just that in the eyes of those reviewers, the production missed those goals, instead coming across as a missed opportunity. Kojima, however, appeared to have plenty of fun.

Sure, Knack can be entertaining for a few hours, but…

The problem is that the longer you play, the more of a missed opportunity Knack becomes. You start to realize that each new level is almost exactly the same, only with a fresh coat of paint. You realize you’ve been using the exact same set of combination attacks and special skills since the start. You realize that, in fact, this game doesn’t really have the charm and style you thought it might have. Still, it’s a certainty that when Kojima talks, people listen.

And well they should.

MWSF: Intel tools boost Mac development

MWSF: Intel tools boost Mac development

Intel has announced a suite of software development tools and resources to help Mac developers exploit its new dual-core processors, called Core Duo.

The announcement follows the unveiling of the first Macs based on Intel chips instead of PowerPC processors, the iMac and MacBook Pro.

To help smooth the transition to an Intel-based computer architecture, the company has released free beta versions of its Intel Fortran Compiler, Intel C++ Compiler, Intel Math Kernel Library, and Intel Integrated Performance Primitives for Apple’s developers. In addition, Intel has published online resources to assist developers with dual-core threading and migration issues.

Intel’s tools work with Apple’s Xcode development environment, the company said. The tools will be available for purchase during the second quarter, it said. Pricing was not announced.

In related news, Apple is offering developers who bought a Developer Transition Kit a chance to exchange that kit for a new Intel-based iMac at no charge. This limited time offer is available until March 31, 2006.

Newer reduces upgrade prices

Newer reduces upgrade prices

Newer has opened up its spring sale with price reductions, ranging from £50 to £100 across most of its current, top-of-the-range MAXpowr G3 and G4 upgrades.

MAXpowr G3 and G4 upgrades come in ZIF and PCI varieties. ZIF upgrades are designed for use in beige and blue-&-white PowerMac G3s, while PCI upgrades are aimed at older Macs, from the 7300 to 9600 models, and Power Computing, Umax, DayStar and Mactell clones.

Price changes at a glance
MAXpowr G3 500/1MB/250 – ZIF £449 (reduced from £549)
MAXpowr G4 400/1MB/200 – ZIF £479 (reduced from £549)
MAXpowr G4 450/1MB/225 – ZIF £599 (reduced from £699)

MAXpowr G3 400/1MB/200 – PCI £309 (reduced from £359)
MAXpowr G3 500/1MB/250 – PCI £449 (reduced from £569)
MAXpowr G4 350/1MB/175 – PCI £359 (reduced from £425)
MAXpowr G4 400/1MB/200 – PCI £479 (reduced from £549)
MAXpowr G4 450/1MB/225 – PCI £599 (reduced from £699)
All prices exclude VAT.

Newer products are distributed by A M Micro in the UK.

Apple Expo: Interview with ‘inscrutable’ Steve Jobs

Apple Expo: Interview with ‘inscrutable’ Steve Jobs

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has a reputation as a showman but in private is as shrewd as a Vegas poker-player, at least that’s what The Guardian’s Bobbie Johnson found.

Johnson achieved a rare interview with the famously media recalcitrant Jobs in Paris this week. He describes Jobs as a man in possession of: “patience, self-belief, bravado – and, most importantly, the ability to ride a streak of luck”.

“In person he is quiet, determined and relatively inscrutable,” Johnson observes.

Jobs discussed Apple’s luck with its iPod and stressed that luck is only half the battle – to really accomplish success you have to “exploit” such good fortune. It’s vital to stay ahead when “We have world-class competitors trying to kill us,” the report observes.

“There’s a very strong DNA within Apple, and that’s about taking state-of-the-art technology and making it easy for people,” Jobs said. He defines his market as busy people who “don’t want to read the manual”.

The report promises new iPods “on the way”, and adds a Jobs promise of “a lot of new things in the pipeline”.

The full interview is available on The Guardian’s website.

DOTA 2 Fanatics To Battle In Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup In Sep 2015, Mumbai Schedule Details Announced

DOTA 2 Fanatics To Battle In Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup In Sep 2015, Mumbai Schedule Details Announced

Taiwan Excellence in India announced the second edition of the Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup (TEGC) after its stupendous debut last year. The worldwide championship has in definitely provided a platform for gamers in India to assemble, engage and compete. The tournament will challenge DOTA 2 gamers to battle for the revered cup, winners take home a cumulative cash prize of INR 4,00,000.

Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup: Dota 2

This year, elimination rounds was held in Delhi between August 14th to 16th and August 21st to 23rd and will be held Mumbai between September 4th to 6th and September 11th to 13th.

To participate in the contest, enthusiasts can register HERE. However, it should be noted that registering online does not mean a team slot is confirmed. Participants will have to be present with their teams at the venue between 10 am and 12 pm on the first day of the event to get a registered slot confirmed. Registrations will close on the first day of the event once the slots are full.

The gala challenge will see games like DOTA 2 (Steam version), Competition method: 5 versus 5 (Team play, 5 players per team) and Game Mode: Captains Mode (CM) being played.

After the eliminations, eight teams will qualify to play in the Grand Finale, a day-long ‘League of Excellence’ festival that will be open to gaming buffs and audiences at a central venue. The event will also be streamed live on Twitch TV.

The Finale will culminate into a grand award ceremony, which would see winners and participants being lauded for their performances and provide chances to win gaming gadgets and a total cash prize of Rs. 4,00,000. All eight teams qualifying for the finale will win guaranteed cash prizes. The winning team will take home a cash prize of Rs. 1,70,000.

The team winning the second spot will get a cash prize of Rs. 90,000, while those winning the third and fourth spots will take home Rs. 40,000 each. The fifth and the sixth spot winners will take home Rs. 20,000 each and those winning the seventh and the eight spots will get Rs. 10,000 each.

Please note: Competitors are expected to bring their own equipment, including keyboards, mouses, headsets and mouse- pads.

You can check out full schedule below:

Elimination Round

Mumbai: September 4th – 6th
Cafe Name- Gear Up
Address: Powai Plaza Mall, Shop No 151, First Floor, Hiranandani Gardens Powai, Mumbai – 400 076

Mumbai: September 11th – 13th
Cafe Name- Accuracy Gaming
Address: Shop 2/16, opp Nutan dal Mill, division 3, unnatnagar, M.G Road, goregaon west, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400062

Grand Finale in Mumbai

September 18th – 19th- Infinity Mall, Malad, Mumbai

Please note: Competitors are expected to bring their own equipment, including keyboards, mouses, headsets and mouse- pads.

Any question? let us know in the comment section below.

Gmail for mobile now supports multiple account logins

Gmail for mobile now supports multiple account logins

Multiple account log-ins and vacation-message creation have been added to the mobile version of Gmail, Google’s email program, for Android and iOS devices.

Desktop users of Gmail have been able to login into multiple accounts simultaneously for some time–mobile users can now do it, also. Accessing multiple accounts is as easy as tapping the new account switcher button at the bottom of mobile Gmail’s browser interface. That will display a pop-up menu that gives you the option of switching between accounts or signing in to all accounts simultaneously.

“Of course, if you don’t already have multiple accounts enabled, you will need to enable it first by visiting your account settings and selecting the box that allows you to access multiple Google accounts in the same browser,” Juli Clover reminded Gmail users in the PadGadget blog.

If you do use multiple accounts, you might want to create a bookmark that lives on the application screen of your device for each account. Not all devices support this feature, but iOS phones and tablets, which use the Safari browser, do. On those devices, while Gmail is in your browser window, tap the bookmark icon beside the address bar and from the pop-up menu that appears, choose “Add to Home Screen.”

Vacation Messages, Custom Signatures

When you’re on vacation or need to generate some other kind of message to be sent automatically to anyone who sends a message to one of your Gmail accounts, you can do it through a set-up menu accessible from the toolbar at the top of the mail program’s interface.

From the settings menu, the program will set the start date for the message, and you can set the end date. You can also limit who will receive the auto-responder message to just contacts in your Gmail address book.

Another new feature accessible from the settings screen is the ability to create a custom signature for a mobile device. Google suggests this might be handy for explaining why a particular message may not meet your ordinary high standards for spelling and grammar. Of course, if someone hacks into your Gmail account, such a signature could give their fractured English more credibility than it ordinarily would have, too.

While these latest additions to the Gmail mobile web app are small in nature, they can add to your productivity when you’re using Google’s online mail program. It’s a program, by the way, that can be easier to use than some dedicated email apps, most notably, the iPad’s built-in email app.