World Cup iPod guide

World Cup iPod guide

As the world goes football crazy, developers at mycitymate have put together a completely free 12-city World Cup guide for iPods.

The guide contains extensive information about the host cities during the championship, featuring roughly 750 venues – restaurants, bars and clubs, points of interest – and essential information to help football fans visiting one of the World Cup game-hosting cities to get around.

The company is also offering mobile Java guides for the World Cup which include more venues, metro maps and events.

iPod users must register in order to get hold of the free World Cup guide.

Nintendo will introduce a major 3DS title during the E3 2014

Nintendo will introduce a major 3DS title during the E3 2014

Nintendo has confirmed that they will address two events during the full length of E3 2014 to be held in Los Angeles from June 10 to June 12 2014. Each event will be focused on one game.

Nintendo E3 2014

On 10 June, Nintendo will focus its attention on Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, which will be presented by Masahiro Sakurai. 

Meanwhile, on 11 June, Nintendo will address another event, but this one will only be dedicated to a new game for 3DS, to which we really dont have any clue yet.

This will surely bring happiness and surprise element to 3DS gamers at E3 this year. Stay tuned for more updates on this upcoming 3DS title announcement.

In the meantime, can you tell us what you really hope from Nintendo at E3 this year for Wii U? It is kind of lost somewhere totally from next-gen consoles lineup.

Foursquare launches major redesign

Foursquare launches major redesign

Foursquare on Thursday launched a major redesign of its app for the iPhone and Android devices, incorporating features from social discovery and local search applications, as well as the “like” feature made famous by Facebook.

Foursquare, which launched in 2009 and has 20 million users, lets users “check in” to shops and other locations to share their whereabouts with social contacts.

Foursquare described the redesign as “a whole new app.” The app’s “explore” function will now allow users to browse locations by category or conduct a specific search like “free wi-fi” or “dumplings,” a company blog post announcing the launch said.

The company touts the “explore” function as a better local search than Google or Yelp. While users of those apps all get roughly the same results, Foursquare users get “a very personalized set of search results,” based on prior check-ins, friends’ check-ins and a given location’s popularity across Foursquare, Holger Luedorf, Foursquare’s vice president of business development, said at a conference in San Francisco on Tuesday.

Reinforcing the point, the blog post Thursday noted, “It’s not the one-size-fits-all approach to local discovery you’re used to.”

Thursday’s redesign debuted a Top Picks feature, or a set of recommendations that appear without requiring a query, a representative said. The existing feature that allows users to find friends who may be nearby has also been relocated to the “explore” tab.

The redesign introduced a “friends” tab featuring “tips, lists, and places your friends have saved,” the company said. Foursquare also claims to have made the app faster.

A BlackBerry version of the app will come soon, the company said. Foursquare does not build apps for Windows Phone “in-house,” a representative said in an email, but according to Luedorf, the company is working with Microsoft to create an app for the Windows Phone.

The blog post announcing the changes promised more updates in the “weeks ahead.”

SuperDrive iMac Firmware update posted

SuperDrive iMac Firmware update posted

Apple has released its update for the SuperDrive iMac Firmware.

The software is available through the Software Update utility. This update repairs a previously reported incompatibility with 4x DVD-R and 2x DVD-RW media used in iMac SuperDrives.

In September, Pioneer warned that some of its DVD recorders could overheat when using the new high-speed DVD-R and 2x DVD-RW media. The company warned this could damage the DVD recorder units, and potentially harm the host machine. Pioneer also said Apple would release an update to fix the problem.

Apple’s update also fixes a problem found ejecting copy-protected audio CDs.

New Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact trailer is awesome

New Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact trailer is awesome

A 15 second teaser trailer of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact has been released. This new trailer features Naruto, Bee, and Sasuke.

This new short trailer also features a scene where Jiraiya comes down along with Rasengan and then Naruto and Sakura are together punching Kakashi.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact box art

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact will launch in North America on 27 September, in Japan on 20 October and on 21 October in Europe. Watch the teaser below for more details:

Evolve getting delayed to February 2015

Evolve getting delayed to February 2015

It looks like the Fall releases are getting ever thinner, as yet another big game is getting pushed to next year. 2K Games announced today through its earnings report that the monster hunting game is getting delayed to February 10, 2015. 

Evolve is another in a growing line of high profile games to get delayed – a list that includes Battlefield: Hardline and Dragon Age: Inquisition. 

Facebook scammers host Trojan horse extensions on Chrome Web Store

Facebook scammers host Trojan horse extensions on Chrome Web Store

Cybercriminals are uploading malicious Chrome browser extensions to the official Chrome Web Store and use them to hijack Facebook accounts, according to security researchers from Kaspersky Lab.

The rogue extensions are advertised on Facebook by scammers and claim to allow changing the color of profile pages, tracking profile visitors or even removing social media viruses, said Kaspersky Lab expert Fabio Assolini in a blog post on Friday.

Assolini has recently observed an increase in the number of Facebook scams that use malicious Chrome extensions and originate in Brazil.

Once installed in the browser, these extensions give attackers complete control over the victim’s Facebook account and can be used to spam their friends or to Like pages without authorization.

In one case, a rogue extension masqueraded as Adobe Flash Player and was hosted on the official Chrome Web Store, Assolini said. By the time it was identified, it had already been installed by 923 users.

“We reported this malicious extension to Google and they removed it quickly,” Assolini said. “But we noted the bad guys behind this malicious scheme are uploading new extensions regularly, in a cat and mouse game.”

Uploading multiple rogue extensions on the Chrome Web Store and running several Facebook spam campaigns to advertise them allows attackers to quickly compromise thousands of accounts.

The accounts are then used to earn scammers money by Liking particular pages. The people behind these campaigns sell packages of 1, 10, 50 or 100 thousand Likes to companies who wish to gain visibility on Facebook.

The use of Trojan horse browser extensions to hijack accounts is not new, nor is the method specific to Google Chrome. However, it has several advantages over other techniques. For one, users are more likely to trust an extension distributed from the official Chrome Web Store for Chrome, or Mozilla’s add-on repository for Firefox, than a clickjacking or phishing page. Few users are aware that browser extensions can intercept everything they do through the browser.

Security compromises based on rogue browser extensions are also more persistent than those based on password theft or other methods, because these extensions can piggyback on active sessions to perform unauthorized actions even if the account owners change their passwords or enable two-factor authentication.

“Think twice before installing a Google Chrome extension,” Assolini said.

Illustrator CS3 updated for performance, reliability

Illustrator CS3 updated for performance, reliability

Adobe has released Illustrator CS3 13.0.1, an update to the latest major release of their illustration software for Mac OS X.

A free update for registered users of Adobe Creative Suite 3, the software is available for download either from Adobe’s website or using the Adobe Updater software included with CS3.

The new release “addresses issues related to overall performance and reliability in several key areas,” according to Adobe. The company lists fixes for LiveColour, PSD file import, Chinese IME, printing, graphic styles, colour management, transparency, and Live Effects among the improvements in this new release.

The Olympics becomes second most valuable brand, beaten only by Apple

The Olympics becomes second most valuable brand, beaten only by Apple

A new study by Brand Finance has revealed that the Olympics brand is now valued at $47.6 billion (around £30 million). This makes the Olympics the second most valuable brand in the world, beaten only by Apple, which is valued at $70.6 billion (around £45 million).

The Olympics brand’s value has seen an 87 per cent increase since the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, according to the study. This makes the brand’s value higher than all of its major sponsors, which includes Samsung and Coca-Cola.

CEO of Brand Finance, David Haigh, said: “There is no doubt that the Olympics ‘Brand’ is a formidable revenue generator and has huge value. It has recently been criticised for heavy-handed brand control, however it should not be forgotten that in the current four year cycle $4.6 billion has been generated for initiatives to develop sport worldwide. It is also expected to produce a net benefit to the UK economy of more than $25 billion (£16.5 billion).”

The London 2012 Olympics are just days away, but Londoners are ‘not that worried’ about Olympic traffic chaos, according to a new poll. However, Parallels and the Mayor of London say they should be. If you’re hoping to watch the Olympics from afar, here’s how to watch the events live on your iPhone.

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