Jobs petitioned in stop DRM campaign

Jobs petitioned in stop DRM campaign

A web-based papers are with Apple to “set the ethical example” and eliminate DRM from iTunes.

The petition, launched by DefectiveByDesign, area of the Free Software Application Foundation, shows that because the largest purveyor of DRM music, Apple must take responsibility for that situation.

Apple Chief executive officer Jobs made his ideas about DRM obvious within an open letter printed on Apple’s website in Feb. He stated that the organization would happily remove DRM from tracks offered within the iTunes Store when the record labels would allow it to.

DefectiveByDesign’s reaction to Jobs’ letter would be to claim that Apple should remove FairPlay from iTunes songs by independent artists and take away DRM from Disney films. (Jobs is a major shareholder, as well as on the board at Disney, since that company bought Pixar.)

The petition received 1,000 signitures within the first five hrs.

Quantum Break’s Developer Developing New Games Quantum Break

Quantum Break’s Developer Developing New Games Quantum Break

Mind of Communications for Remedy Entertainment is thinking about making more games and becoming them out more frequently.

Thomas Puha, Mind of Communications for Remedy Entertainment, just announced an update on what’s next for that studio. Remedy released Quantum Break two several weeks ago and grew to become the “greatest-selling new Microsoft Studios printed IP this generation”. This elevated the bar for Remedy and Thomas Puha is searching forward.

They are intending to making more games and becoming them out more frequently. They have split up into two teams for game development. They’ve been “creating a completely new Remedy game with a brand new partner.” Which supports spread brand understanding of Remedy Entertainment through another platform.

However, we might not be seeing or hearing anymore specific news than this while he clearly stated “don’t expect us go ahead and take stage at E3 or gamescom this seasonInch. His reasoning with this is the fact that it’s too soon to show anything at this time.

All we all know at this time is the fact that Alan Wake won’t be within the two projects they’re presently focusing on.

What platform do you consider Remedy is dealing with? Any bulletins you anticipate these to make later on? Tell me within the comments!

Apple updates Mac Pro firmware

Apple updates Mac Pro firmware

Apple has released two software updates for the Mac Pro, the EFI Firmware Update 1.0 and the Mac Pro SMC Firmware Update.

The 1.8MB EFI Firmware Update fixes several Boot Camp and start-up issues on Mac Pros. After it has beem successfully installed, the Mac’s Boot ROM Version will be: MP11.005C.B01. The download is available here.

The under 1MB System Management Controller (SMC) Firmware Update adjusts fan behaviour in the Mac Pro, improving the machine’s thermal management.

The company also released an update to restore the firmware of an Intel-based iMac (early & mid 2006), Mac mini (early 2006), MacBook Pro (early 2006), MacBook (early 2006), or Mac Pro (mid 2006) to original factory condition.

Apple updates Logic Pro and Logic Express

Apple updates Logic Pro and Logic Express

Apple has issued updates its music production software for pros (Logic Pro) and amateurs looking for something more than what GarageBand can offer (the now discontinued, Logic Express).

Both updates take the software to version 9.1.7 and are available via the Mac App Store in the case of Logic Pro and Software Update for Logic Express. Apple discontinued the boxed versions, and unified Logic Pro and Express in one package for £139.99 back in December 2011. (More below…) 

The updates include 12 different bug fixes, with more detailed information about the update’s available from Apple’s KnowledgeBase entry.

– Offers compatibility with songs created with GarageBand for iOS 1.2.

– Resolves an issue in Logic Pro 9.1.6 in which projects with a large number of fades displayed “I/O Error, Result code = -36” when playback was started.

– Improves performance when using multiple instances of EXS24 in 32-bit mode with EXS24 Virtual Memory mode active.

– Resolves issues related to the download and installation of basic and additional content. (According to Apple’s notes, this is the Pro update only)

– Resolves an issue that could occur which caused the application to stop responding when performing Undo. This would occur after deleting a file or region in the Audio Bin.

– Fixes a problem with the Compressor plug-in so it works as expected with the “ClassA_R” and “ClassA_U” models.

– Fixes an issue in which the Autofilter plug-in might produce clicks with certain settings.

– Fixes an issue with the “Select Zone of Last Played Key” setting in the EXS24 editor.

– When adding Auxes as additional outputs for Multi Output Software Instruments, the additional Auxes are automatically assigned the same color and track icon as the Software Instrument.

– Fixes an issue in which copying a MIDI region in a project which does not start at 1 1 1 1, and in which the Transposition track is active, might result in unexpected transposition of the copied region.

– The Controls View of plug-in GUIs now fit properly on the 11in MacBook Air display.

– Resolves an issue in OS X 10.7.x Lion that caused the Consolidate Project command in Logic to open a backup of the project at the end of the process.

RAD On The Order: 1886 Photo Mode: "It's Not As Easy As It Seems, Would Be Spectacular If We Manage To Do It"

RAD On The Order: 1886 Photo Mode: “It’s Not As Easy As It Seems, Would Be Spectacular If We Manage To Do It”

Ready At Dawn upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title, The Order: 1886 is scheduled to launch on February 20. Questions are being raised by critics about gameplay length, QTEs and on many other aspects. But in this post we won’t be talking about all these controversial issues related to The Order: 1886, and instead will let you know what Ready At Dawn’s co-founder thinks about “Photo Mode” feature for The Order: 1886.

The Order: 1886

Recently, Our friend at DualShocker got in touch with Ready At Dawn Boss Andrea Pessino and asked what the development team thinks about adding a Photo Mode to The Order: 1886 in future. Here is what Pessino replied:

“We haven’t announced anything yet, but I hope we’ll get to work on something like that, because I want to see it too. It would be really great. It’s not as easy as it seems, especially in our game because there’s all kinds of crazy stuff that happens behind the scenes to make it look so good, that once you freeze the camera and let the player move around, we have to be able to handle it correctly.

So it would be a little bit of work, but it’s something that, if we manage to do, I think it would be really spectacular and add a lot to the game.”

How many of you would like to see Photo Mode feature for The Order: 1886? Tell us in the comment section below.

Source:  DualShocker

MW3 patch 1.08 available now on Xbox 360, coming soon to PC and PS3

MW3 patch 1.08 available now on Xbox 360, coming soon to PC and PS3

Infinity Ward has released a new patch update for Modern Warfare 3. The patch 1.08 for Modern Warfare 3 is now available for download on Xbox 360, it weigh 5MB.

Modern Warfare 3On Twitter Bowling has said that MW3 patch 1.08 changed the following, “improved lag comp, theater fixes, nerf to Striker, buff to all other shotguns, upload to YouTube faster.”

PC and PS3 gamers will get the update soon, as Bowling said, “it will be coming out shortly for PS3 and PC. The PS3 version of the patch had PS3 exclusive updates that delayed it slightly.”

The developer has not revealed the official changelog for the update, but many reports claims that this new patch fix the following:

  • Extended mags glitch on some shotguns has been ironed out.
  • Fix for out of memory 7 error.
  • Enemy Stealth Bomber color blind mode glitch removed.
  • Possible improvements to lag compensation.


Pixar closes on a high

Pixar closes on a high

Pixar Animation Studios reported financial results for its fourth quarter and fiscal year ended December 31, 2005 last night.

The company earned $152.9 million, or $1.24 per fully diluted share, on revenues of $289.1 million. This compares to earnings of $141.7 million, or $1.19 per fully diluted share, on revenues of $273.5 million for the year ended January 1, 2005.

For the fourth quarter of 2005, Pixar earned $30.9 million, or $0.25 per fully diluted share, on revenues of $55.6 million. This compares to earnings of $55.2 million, or $0.45 per fully diluted share on revenues of $108.9 million, achieved in the fourth quarter of 2004.

“2005 marks Pixar’s tenth year as a public company and, I’m pleased to report, our most profitable year ever,” said Pixar CEO Steve Jobs.

“With the proposed merger of Pixar and Disney, this will likely be our last report as an independent public company, and I’d like to thank every Pixar shareholder for their support over the past decade in helping us build this amazing company.”

Results for the fiscal year were driven by film revenue of $274.8 million, primarily from ‘The Incredibles’ and ‘Finding Nemo’.

Apple sued over locking iPhones to AT&T

Apple sued over locking iPhones to AT&T

Two iPhone users filed a class action suit against Apple in an effort unlock their phones from AT&T.

The plaintiffs, Zach Ward and Thomas Buchar, argue that Apple includes in the iPhone software that locks the subscriber to AT&Ts network. This action, they say, violates federal anti-trust laws, because Apple has done so without getting the subscribers contractual consent for the lock.

The lawsuit was filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Northern California, and is available online.

Among the first to report the news was CNETs Steven Musil.

The lack of contractual consent is rooted in Apples deal with AT&T in 2007, when the carrier became the only U.S. cellular network to offer the iPhone. According to Musils account, the lawsuit argues that To enforce the terms of its agreement, Apple installed software locks on the iPhone that prevented buyers from taking their devices to a competing wireless carrier.  The plaintiffs say this violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which includes an exception that allows handset owners to modify their phones for use on the wireless network of their choice.

“Through these actions, Apple has unlawfully stifled competition, reduced output and consumer choice, and artificially increased prices in the aftermarkets for iPhone voice and data services,” according to the complaint.

The suit is asking for monetary damages, a restraining order to prevent Apple from blocking consumers who want to unlock their SIM cards, a requirement that Apple provide SIM unlock codes if requested by an iPhone owner, and finally if somewhat confusingly yet another order that would stop Apple from selling phones without adequately disclosing that theyre locked and requiring Apple to get the consumers contractual consent for that lock.

Musil notes that previous consumer lawsuits against the wireless carriers  over network locking led to a 2001 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, AT&T vs Concepcion. The court ruled that a clause in AT&Ts customer contract, which limited customers to seeking arbitration and foregoing class action, met the basic standards of fairness.

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Did Obama and Apple’s Tim Cook discuss tax loopholes?

Did Obama and Apple’s Tim Cook discuss tax loopholes?

We consider likely topics of debate when President Obama and Apple boss Tim Cook spoke last weekend

CNN Money has been speculating about newly re-elected President Obama’s chat with Apple boss Tim Cook last weekend, and it suspects that Apple’s tax strategies may have been brought up.

After securing his second term as US leader, Barack Obama promptly met with or called more than a dozen major company executives to discuss economic strategies as the nation faces up to what many call a ‘fiscal cliff’ in the near future.

Election pledges, not to mention Tim Cook’s White House campaigns in the past, strongly suggest that the subject will have involved tax: both men have talked about the necessity for altering the US structure in a way that will reward companies for ‘repatriating’ their earnings.

Apple moneyApple money

Alleged tax avoidance has been the source of widespread public outcry recently. Apple, along with Starbucks, Google and Amazon, has seen its tax arrangements come under the spotlight, with widespread anger over the low tax rate it has managed to pay on its enormous worldwide profits by canny overseas holdings and a complex structure of subsidiaries.

Tax filings last month revealed that Apple paid less than 2 percent tax on its overseas earnings in the past 12 months, compared to a federal tax rate of 35 percent back home.

As we reported earlier this month, “The claims are based on figures revealed in Apple’s Form 10-K, filed with US regulator last week. That filing shows that Apple paid just $713m (£445m) in overseas corporation tax on its foreign profits of $38.87bn (£23bn) in the past 12 months.

“That’s 1.9% tax on foreign earnings that were up 53% compared to fiscal 2011. In 2011 Apple earned $24 billion outside the US and paid income tax of 2.5% on it, according to the Associated Press.”

Both Obama and Cook would like to find a way to encourage US firms to bring those earnings back home without scaring the companies off with punitive tax rates.

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Frogger Returns now at Nintendo DSiWare

Frogger Returns now at Nintendo DSiWare

Konami today announced the availability of its first ever Nintendo DSiWare title, Frogger Returns. Based on the highly successful WiiWare version, Frogger Returns delivers the classic dodge-and-run gameplay fans remember and still love as a downloadable game on Nintendo’s portable handheld platform.

In Frogger Returns, players guide Frogger out of the hectic commotion of city streets and back to the safety of his home marsh. Staying true to its origins, Frogger Returns offers classic gameplay with colorful 3D graphics, as well as a new perspective, all-new levels and enemies. Game-changing power-ups add a fresh spin, while multiple gameplay modes raise the stakes and give players the freedom to attack their top scores, race against the clock, or simply get Frogger to his home pad.

Frogger Returns is now available for download on Nintendo DSiWare for 500 Wii Points.