New Riot LCS rules prohibit professional players from streaming certain games 

New Riot LCS rules prohibit professional players from streaming certain games 

As Riot looks towards the start of its fourth season of competitive League of Legends, the company has made new adjustments to its League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) regulations which significantly change how professional players can operate their streams.

For those unaware, the LCS pays a salary to professional teams which compete within the series and assists them in getting Visas for tournament travel. Each year these teams must sign a LCS contract which among other things, dictates the rules and regulations they must adhere to as a professional player.

As reported by Ongamers who managed to snag a portion of this years contract, contracted players are now obligated to refrain from streaming over a dozen titles. As you might expect, a large majority of these titles fall within what Riot could classify as a “Moba” and thus competition. Notable titles include: Dota 2, all Blizzard games, SMITE, War Thunder, World of Tanks and even Fat Princess. Gambling games were also banned as was any “non over-the-counter drugs”, tobacco products, and firearms.

The move on Riot’s part makes sense. Riot wishes for LoL to be considered not just a legitimate e-sport, but a legitimate sport in general. To do that it must shape the image of its professional players, those that garner the most attention and effectively represent Riot’s product. Riot isn’t preventing other non-professional League streamers from streaming other content, but only those that now fall under its employment.

The move mirrors what other non-compete clauses look like for figureheads not only representing other “real” sports, but products as well. Someone who endorses Pepsi won’t be found out in public drinking a Coke. You could almost say the LCS players are now “corporate property”. What is your take on the matter?

Far Cry Primal Deluxe and Apex Editions revealed; PC version gets slight delay

Far Cry Primal Deluxe and Apex Editions revealed; PC version gets slight delay

Ubisoft has revealed the multiple special editions that will launch with Far Cry Primal as well as its contents, while also announcing the PC version will be slightly delayed and will now launch on March 1.

The Far Cry Primal Deluxe Edition with SteelBook will include a copy of Far Cry Primal, an exclusive SteelBook, a map of Oros, and its official soundtrack. It’ll also include a number of pieces of digital content, such as the Legend of the Mammoth missions which adds up to 45 minutes of additional gameplay, the Blood Shasti Club, and four enhancement packs.

Ubisoft is also making an Apex Edition available for Far Cry Primal that includes all of the above mentioned digital content, but none of the physical goods.

Far Cry Primal is scheduled to launch on February 23, 2016 on consoles and will now launch on PC on March 1.

Super Smash Bros. presentation: Bayonetta coming soon and more info on Cloud

Super Smash Bros. presentation: Bayonetta coming soon and more info on Cloud

Bayonetta, in Super Smash Bros…who would have thought?

Here is it folks — the last presentation video dedicated to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, hosted by Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of the series and director of Sora Ltd. Who would have thought the winner of the ballot would be Platinum Games’ Bayonetta? According to Mr. Sakurai, she was the number one choice in Europe and among the top 5 in North America. 

Announced during the presentation, the lovely lady from the Bayonetta games will join the Smash Bros. roster alongside Corrin from Fire Emblem: Fates in February, while Cloud will be available sooner.

When purchased at £5.39/$5.99, Bayonetta will come with new trophies that will be unlocked automatically and a new stage: The Umbra Clock Tower Stage. 

More information was given regarding Cloud and the Midgard stage as well. On that stage, players will be able to summon iconic Final Fantasy beasts. Cloud and Midgard will be available at the price of £5.39/$5.99.

Photo: SmashWiki

Sakurai also mentioned that all three upcoming characters will be getting amiibos sometime in the future.

Thank you for you hard work Mr. Sakurai!

Here is the full presentation for those who missed it:

Apple unintentionally confirms iPhone 5 name, and iPod touch, nano updates

Apple unintentionally confirms iPhone 5 name, and iPod touch, nano updates

Apple appears to have prematurely confirmed that tonight will see the launch of a new iPod touch and iPod nano, and that its sixth-generation iPhone will indeed be called the iPhone 5.

A quick search for iPhone-5 in on Apple’s website brings up five results, including an “Apple introduces iPhone 5” press release and an iPhone 5 tips page.

Searching for new iPod touch also reveals a press release with the headline “Apple introduces new iPod touch, iPod nano.”

Tune in at 6pm for our live feed of Apple’s event.

iPod shuffle sales stagnate

iPod shuffle sales stagnate

Fake iPod shuffles and low-cost local MP3 players have caused iPod shuffle sales to stagnate in Taiwan, DigiTimes reports.

Apple is facing competition from “grey-market” iPod shuffles imported from Hong Kong, as well as cheap players made by local makers, the report explains.

It’s a price war. While Apple charges NT$3,000 for its diminutive player in Taiwan, imported shuffles cost 10 per cent less, and local makers manufacture 1GB MP3 players for which they charge as little as NT$800.

Competition has also had an effect. While the shuffle has been available for months now, manufacturers including Samsung and Sony have launched similarly-specified players in recent months, attracting consumers to new devices.

The Division Beta extended until Tuesday February 2; More invites sent out

The Division Beta extended until Tuesday February 2; More invites sent out

For those who don’t know, the Division beta has been in full effect since Friday of last week. Earlier in the weekend we reported that the beta servers were already almost filled to capacity, but it looks like Ubisoft has managed to pull a few more servers in from the wild as the publisher has announced via the official forums that the beta will be extended until Tuesday, February 2 at 12PM CET/6AM EST/3AM PST.

They also announced via the same post that they would be looking to let more players into the beta, while still maintaining a smooth and positive experience for everyone. If you signed up for the waitlist you’ve got another chance at getting a beta code, while any users who pre-ordered the game, and have yet to receive access will also begin to receive keys today.

This is great news for those looking to try Ubisoft’s open-world shooter before it hits store shelves in March of this year. We’ll have our impressions of the beta up after the fact, so be sure to keep an eye out to see what we think of this early look at Ubisoft’s next big game.

You can check out the full official forum post and join the conversation on Ubisoft’s website.

Hearthstone's Curse of Naxxramas Expansion Opens Its Gates July 22 

Hearthstone’s Curse of Naxxramas Expansion Opens Its Gates July 22 


The end is finally near, after roughly 7 months since Hearthstone ventured into Open Beta the CCG’s first expansion, Curse of Naxxramas will begin opening its wings starting next Tuesday, July 22nd. According to the official blog post from Blizzard, the single player expansion will go live in North America for both PC, Mac and Ipad on the 22nd. Meanwhile, European players will be able to play starting on the 23rd.

Curse of Naxxramas will add around 30 new cards to Hearthstone, many of which posses special Death Rattle abilities which proc once the minion dies. Quite fitting seeing as Naxxramas is depicted in World of Warcraft as an ancient Necropolis filled with a variety of undead creatures and cultists.

Oracle-Google trial won’t start until next year

Oracle-Google trial won’t start until next year

The intellectual property lawsuit between Oracle and Google over the Android mobile OS won’t go to trial until next year, according to a ruling made Wednesday in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California by the judge overseeing the case.

Oracle sued Google last year, claiming that Android violated a number of copyrights and patents it holds on the Java programming language. Google has denied wrongdoing.

The trial was initially set to begin Oct. 31 but was postponed last week by Judge William Alsup due to scheduling conflicts with a major criminal trial.

Alsup’s order on Wednesday didn’t specify exactly when the trial would begin next year, but stated it would be split into three stages heard by the same jury. In step one, “liability on the copyright claims, including all defenses thereto, will be tried and determined by special verdict before going to Phase Two,” he wrote.

The second phase will cover liability on the case’s patent claims, he added. “The jury will decide these issues before going to Phase Three.”

In the final stage, “all remaining issues will be tried, including damages and willfulness,” he wrote.

Time limits will be imposed on the presentation of evidence, but time not used can be brought forward to a later stage, according to Alsup.

Oracle and Google have until Nov. 18 to lodge any objections or critiques of the trial plan, he added.

SEGA Launching 6 Games for Nintendo 3DS by 2011

SEGA Launching 6 Games for Nintendo 3DS by 2011

SEGA is supporting the new Nintendo 3DS in a big way, and proof of this is that they have announced 6 new game titles which are currenly in developmenr for it.


Of these six games confirmation of only two can be made, first is a new installment of Sonic Super Monkey Ball 3D and the other one is persumably going to accompany the 3DS in its release.

No rest for the workers, as laptops go on hols

No rest for the workers, as laptops go on hols

A British Computer Society survey has found that over 20 per cent of UK executives plan to take their laptops with them when they go on holiday this year. Of these 15 per cent are taking a computer to stay in touch with the office, while a further eight per cent want to get online to email friends and search for local information.

While the latter group’s reasons might make sense, the former represent the ever-increasing trend towards workaholism in the UK. They plan to spend up to 14 hours working on their notebook while away – an hour a day on a fortnight’s holiday.

BCS boss David Clarke puts a more positive spin on this phenomenon, saying that it “reveals people are using technology to adapt to the demands of their work”. This is backed up by the survey’s finding that those who did take their work away with them came back more energized and refreshed, knowing they wouldn’t have to wade through hundreds of emails on their return.

Travel tips
If you are one of this growing breed of techno addicts and plan to take tour iBook or PowerBook on your hols, BCS has some tips to keep your Mac notebook safe and functioning while abroad:

– Make sure your notebook is insured by your company or personal policy.

– Don’t forget spare batteries or a suitable mains charger.

– Keep your laptop in its carry case when not in use. Don’t check it in as luggage on the plane.

– Ensure you have password protection activated.

– Use it discreetly when in public as laptop theft is on the rise.

– Don’t store sensitive data such as passwords or bank details on your notebook.

– Take a lock to secure your notebook when you leave it in your hotel room. If available, use a safe or safety deposit box.

– If you plan to work abroad, let colleagues know when you are contactable to keep intrusion to a minimum.