Warframe Announces Infested Nightmares Bonus Weekend 

Warframe Announces Infested Nightmares Bonus Weekend 

Suit up, Tenno! Starting today and running until Monday, August 17th, Digital Extremes is adding the Infested Nightmares Bonus Alerts to their free to play game, Warframe.

During the weekend, players earn Double Affinity during Missions to rank up their Warframes and weapons. Tenno can also take on High-Reward Alerts and earn valuable items! In addition, Darvo has some dreamy 50% off sales on offer. Get half off select items in the Market.

Here is the alert schedule for those of you looking for particular bonuses or items:

  • ALERT 1-AUGUST 13 at 2 p.m. EDT until August 14 at 2 p.m. EDT
    Ishtar (Venus): Survive or DIE. Reward: 10,000 Credits, Orokin Catalyst Blueprint
  • ALERT 2-AUGUST 14 at 2 p.m. EDT until August 15 at 2 p.m. EDT
    Vallis (Mars): Survive or DIE. Reward: 10,000 Credits, Orokin Reactor Blueprint
  • ALERT 3-AUGUST 15 at 2 p.m. EDT until August 16 at 2 p.m. EDT
    Proteus (Neptune): Survive or DIE. Reward: 20,000 Credits, Gorgon Wraith
  • ALERT 4-AUGUST 16 at 2 p.m. EDT until August 17 at 2 p.m. EDT
    Thebe (Jupiter): Survive or DIE. Reward: 50,000 Credits, 25x R5 Fusion Cores
  • These bonuses apply to all versions of the game so whether you’re on PC, XBox One, or the PS4, you’re eligible! Check out the Warframe site for more details.

    Penello Responds to CoD: Ghosts Unplayable Offline On Xbox One Rumor, Detail Clarification Awaited

    Penello Responds to CoD: Ghosts Unplayable Offline On Xbox One Rumor, Detail Clarification Awaited

    Albert Penello, Lead Planner of Xbox One and Kinect has finally replied to whether or not DRM on Xbox One prevents players from playing games offline, as in the case of early Xbox One owner MoonLightSwami, he was unable to play Call of Duty: Ghosts offline.

    Call of Duty: GhostsA fan asked Albert: “Rumours of DRM still being on x1 are surfacing due to the guy that got x1 early supposedly he cant play ghost SP True?”

    To this a reply from Albert Penello was pretty straight forward: “NO”

    Although Albert Penello didn’t explained why Call of Duty: Ghosts cannot be played offline, he however promised to look into the details and provide updates later on.

    Greek Mac users demand support

    Greek Mac users demand support

    Greek Mac users are revolting – launching a new protest website that demands Apple launch a dedicated Apple Greece business unit.

    The Greeks are upset that Apple, like many computer manufacturers, has no dedicated Greek presence. The company doesn’t even offer a Greek version of its website.

    They have even launched a petition to lobby Apple to address this. This has attracted 349 votes so far.

    “In an attempt to stimulate the interest of those responsible for the ongoing, unacceptable situation in Greece with regard to Apple products and services, the WeWantAppleGreece website has been created, by Greek Mac users,” the protestors say.

    They feel left out. They feel that they aren’t drawing the full benefit of new Apple developments across the rest of Europe, and complain that, “the service and support provided by several companies in our country do not follow even the basic standards set by Apple worldwide.”

    They observe that the percentage of Greek Mac users is higher than generally believed, as many Greek’s buy their Macs abroad, or through independent import companies. They don’t want to be considered an insignificant minority.

    “We stand united in our quest for a competitive Apple products market, as well as real help, support and service for these products, set at the same high standard as the rest of the EU,” they declare.

    New WWE game confirmed for iPad/iPhone

    New WWE game confirmed for iPad/iPhone

    It seems like a brand new WWE game will launch on iPad and iPhone soon. WWE 12 Creative Director Cory Ledesma hinted about recently on his personal Twitter account.

    WWE logoCory Ledesma first tweeted, “WWE tweeps, who plays games on their iPhone/iPad out there?”

    He then further added, “I might have some news for you about an iPhone/iPad game next week. Stay tuned…”

    So for more details on all this we have to wait next week. Which WWE game you want to see on iPad and iPhone?, let us know in the comment section below.

    Black Ops patch v1.11 available now for PC

    Black Ops patch v1.11 available now for PC

    Treyarch yesterday released patch update 1.11 for Xbox 360 version of Black Ops, and now this same patch is available for download for PC users as well.

    Black Ops

    The developer has also released a complete patch notes, we have listed it below check it out:

    • Corrected several issues related to Mod Tools file downloading
    • Ninja Pro Perk no longer makes sounds when mantling or diving to prone
    • Theater screenshots, films, clips and custom games now display player ratings
    • Addressed pathing issues in Call of the Dead
    • Addressed various exploits in MP and Zombies


    Ex Namco Bandai CEO "Kenji Hisatsune" joins Square Enix

    Ex Namco Bandai CEO “Kenji Hisatsune” joins Square Enix

    Kenji Hisatsune, Former Namco Bandai CEO has joined Square Enix. Kenji Hisatsune will take the post of Vice President of Global Mobile Content at Square Enix US.

    Kenji HisatsuneOn this new appointment, Square Enix CEO Mike Fischer has this to say, “His appointment will strengthen North America’s crucial role in the fast-growing mobile space”

    “His knowledge of the industry, regional and national sales background and excellent partner relations will be key assets in expanding our presence in this region.”

    Augmented reality market comes to life

    Augmented reality market comes to life

    Augmented reality (AR) could emerge on more devices and business applications with the launch of new AR desktop publishing tools and camera technologies from Metaio.

    Since the arrival of powerful computers and smartphones with built-in video capabilities and 3D rendering, companies have started developing mobile applications that use image-recognition technology to bring static images “to life”.

    Analyst firm Semico recently predicted that the augmented reality market will be worth $600 billion by 2016.

    Using a software development kit (SDK) from Metaio 3D-animation can be added to mobile devices and marketing campaigns.

    Thomas Alt, CEO of Metaio, said, “We want to connect every real-world object to the internet through our technology.”

    A new Metaio SDK is powered by the new Augmented Reality Experience Language (AREL), which can be deployed by developers to the mobile Android and Apple iOS environments.

    Metaio has integrated two chief camera technologies into its software platform. With Continuous Visual Search (CVS) users need only point the camera of their smartphone at a given image, surface, or even object to discover AR content.

    And with Simultaneous Learning and Mapping (SLAM) developers “can augment nearly any real-world environment instantly to gaming and interactive experiences”, said Metaio.

    There is also a new version of Metaio Creator, a “simplified desktop publishing tool which will allow non-programmers to create and run AR experiences quickly and without a single line of code”.

    Michael Kuhn, Metaio director of product development, said, “We’ve created multi-platform tools that nearly anyone can use to create and maintain augmented reality projects.”

    Metaio’s customers include Toyota, Universal Pictures, Volkswagen, Adidas, BMW, Audi, Bosch, and LEGO. The company also develops the freely available mobile augmented reality browser Junaio.

    Metaio’s technology updates were preceded by news earlier this month that mobile operator O2 would integrate augmented reality technology from HP’s Aurasma unit into its mobile advertising offerings.

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    Apple update: iDVD

    Apple update: iDVD

    Apple has updated its iDVD digital versatile disc (DVD) authoring-tool to version 1.0.1.

    iDVD is a software program for assembling DVD-Video discs and recording them onto Macs, so DVDs can be created and played back on DVD players.

    iDVD shares movies, music and pictures by dragging QuickTime media files into the DVD interface.

    An MPEG Encoder converts files into the format required for DVD. iDVD is available only with
    SuperDrive-equipped G4 Power Macs.

    The update is currently available only through Version Tracker.

    Business will ‘quit UK if RIP passes’

    Business will ‘quit UK if RIP passes’

    A wave of companies will leave the UK if the government’s Regulation and Investigatory Powers (RIP) Bill is passed without major amendments, business leaders claim.

    UK ISP’s are particularly concerned with the Bill. In the last few days, Poptel, Wellance, UUNet, ClaraNet and Greennet have all said they will move parts of their business abroad if the Bill becomes law.

    Other critics of the Bill, including the British Chamber of Commerce, Institute of Directors, London School of Economics and the Trades Union Congress have called it “ill-conceived”.

    Civil-liberties groups nationwide condemn the RIP Bill, which has become know as the “cybersnoopers bill”. RIP requires ISPs to install expensive hardware on their servers – at the ISPs own expense.

    Steve Rawlinson, of UK ISP Claranet, says: “Unless the government is prepared to deliver a more supportive regulatory environment, businesses will choose to base their Internet activities overseas.”

    Like Poptel, Claranet – which has 350,000 customers – will move parts of its infrastructure to Europe if the Bill is passed without key amendments being made. The company is in discussions with key customers who wish to base their Internet services outside the UK to protect themselves from the Bill.

    Silicon.com reports that corporate ISP Wellance was to use Britain as a base for European expansion, but these plans will be shelved if the Bill becomes law. Wellance provides secure online-transaction technology to corporate customers, including 3I and ING-Bank. Silicon.com also quotes IT consultant Gary Miles as saying: “I for one will not use UK Web services, nor would I recommend any of my customers host electronic activities in the UK post-RIP, the risks are too high.”

    The Home Office made several amendments to the Bill on its presentation to the House of Lords in June. Despite this, the Lords passed a major amendment to the Bill, reversing its burden of proof element. In its original form, this required that individuals prove whether or not they had access to encryption codes if asked by the security services. The Lords have passed this burden of proof back to the security services.

    The European Union has also condemned the government’s “hasty and ill though out” attempt at Internet regulation. Tim Fenoulhet, director general of the Information Society planning unit in the European Commission, believes that many of the RIP Bills aims are already covered by existing laws. He says: “The government has to strike a difficult balance between catching those carrying out cyber-crime, and protecting data and the vulnerable.”

    The government recently announced that it intends funding the National Computer Crime Unit, which will be created by the legislation, to the tune of £50 million. This unit, which will be housed in the headquarters of MI5 at Vauxhall, will be non-accountable, and staffed by representatives from the National Criminal Intelligence Service, the National Crime Squad and Customs and Excise, Silicon.com claims.

    The UK government says it aims to make the UK the most attractive environment for e-commerce in Europe. With some of the UK’s largest ISPs threatening to quit the country, this seems unlikely, according to analysts.

    Rawlinson says: “If growth in the use of the Internet by businesses for internal, business to business, and business to consumer applications continues as forecast, then you can be sure that British jobs are going to be lost. For any international company, it really doesn’t matter whether Internet services are based in France, Germany or the UK. It does matter to the UK economy – jobs will be lost, or at least created elsewhere in Europe, directly as a result of this legislation.”

    FFXV PS4/Xbox One Included In Square Enix's Jump Festa 2015 Line-up, Will Appear In Video Form, New Gameplay Footage?

    FFXV PS4/Xbox One Included In Square Enix’s Jump Festa 2015 Line-up, Will Appear In Video Form, New Gameplay Footage?

    Square Enix has just announced their line-up for Jump Festa 2015. One of the most awaited and highly anticipated title, Final Fantasy XV for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will make an appearance at the event but in video form, but no details whether a brand new gameplay footage or a tech demo (OLD one with some new clips addition will be showcased)

    Final Fantasy XV

    The full line-up of Square Enix includes: “Dragon Quest Heroes, Final Fantasy Explorers, Final Fantasy Type-0, and Bravely Second (these will be available in playable form at the event)”. Square Enix will hold a live stream for Bravely Second and Dragon Quest X, it will be held on December 20.

    On December 21, Square Enix will hold a stage events for Final Fantasy Explorers, Dragon Quest Heroes, and Dragon Quest X.

    Are you guys excited to see Final Fantasy XV included in Square Enix’s Jump Festa 2015 line-up?