Evolve getting delayed to February 2015

Evolve getting delayed to February 2015

It looks like the Fall releases are getting ever thinner, as yet another big game is getting pushed to next year. 2K Games announced today through its earnings report that the monster hunting game is getting delayed to February 10, 2015. 

Evolve is another in a growing line of high profile games to get delayed – a list that includes Battlefield: Hardline and Dragon Age: Inquisition. 

iPod prevails in big brand battle

iPod prevails in big brand battle

Apple’s iPod has gone months without an update. It’s been nearly a year since the portable music player added new capabilities, such as the ability to play video, or appeared in a new form factor, like the slimmed-down nano. In the rapid-fire world of technology toys, that’s usually the sign of a product line that’s grown long in the tooth.”

Despite this, iPods continue to fly off the shelves as fast as Apple and its manufacturing partners can make them.

Analysts and trend watchers say this success reflects that the iPod market isn’t as focused on recent product updates as much as it is on having a product that “just works”.

“The reason people are buying iPods is to play music, and it does that very well,” says Josh Rubin, editor in chief of Cool Hunting, which tracks consumer trends. “The Macworld keynote-watching, blog-reading, Apple obsessed person will watch for the refresh. But the broader consumer base is just interested in having a music player that’s easy to use.”

No updates, no problem

Aside from the updated U2 iPod, which added video-playback capabilities in June, all of the other iPods released since last October have been refreshes to existing lines. The iPod nano got a February update when Apple released a 1GB version. The iPod has been stuck on its fifth-generation incarnation since autumn: 30GB and 60GB models. The iPod shuffle has never seen a refresh since its launch in January of 2005, though Apple has cut the price.

However, the lack of activity hasn’t seemed to affect sales. Earlier this month, Apple reported it had shipped 8.1 million iPods during its fiscal third quarter. That’s a 32 per cent increase over its year-ago quarter, when the company shipped 6.1 million iPods.

The third quarter also saw Apple’s third best quarter ever in terms of iPod sales – topped only by the first quarter of this year when Apple sold 14 million iPods, and the second quarter of 2006 when it sold 8.5 million.

Brand identity

One key to this might be that the iPod has transcended the traditional market that Apple and other technology products typically reach. With nearly 60 million units shipped, the device has crossed over from the technology market into the realm of a general consumer product, analysts say.

“Digital music players are becoming mainstream,” Rubin said. “It’s no longer on the outer edge of the long tail.”

Another key to the continued growth could be the shorter time consumers are waiting to upgrade their music players. A May 2006 report from Robert Semple of Credit Suisse First Boston noted that the lifecycle of an iPod has dropped from two years to 1.5 years. This makes Apple less dependent on finding new consumers to go out and buy iPods, according to Semple.

“The key takeaway is that if any company can accelerate its product replacement cycle, it becomes less dependent on new user penetration for growth,” Semple wrote.

Mike McGuire, research vice president at market-research firm Gartner offers another explanation: many consumers are still making the switch to digital from physical media. And that’s helping fuel strong iPod sales even in the absence of updated models.

“Over the last several versions [Apple] hit some sweet spots in the market, but it’s still a new marketplace,” McGuire said. “I think a big chunk of this is that the online music industry and digital online media is still relatively young in the minds and experience of a lot of consumers I think a lot of people may have had portable CD players, and resisted the first three to four years of the iPod onslaught.”

Meanwhile, analysts say the iPod brand has become so synonymous with the digital music player that when average consumers decide to make the transition to digital music, they look for an iPod rather than consider the iPod product cycle or other MP3 players.

“It’s similar to Band-Aids and Kleenex and Rollerblades, where the brand has become synonymous with digital music players in consumers’ eyes,” Rubin said.

The iPod may be synonymous with portable digital music players in most shoppers’ minds, says Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg, there’s still an important distinction to be made. “Kleenex is a generic brand for all tissues. ‘Tivo’ is a generic term for DVR, any DVR is a ‘Tivo’,” Gartenberg said. “‘iPod’ is not generic for an MP3 player. Woe unto the consumer who bought something else as a gift thinking they were buying an iPod. It has not become a generic product; it’s a very specific product, from a very specific company, with white headphones, and heaven forbid the consumer erred and got that wrong.”

Despite the iPod’s strong continued sales, however, many analysts expect to see an update to the product line this fall in time for holiday shopping. That product, whatever it may be, could well be a complete replacement for one or more products in the iPod line, Gartner’s McGuire said.

“As they did with the mini to nano, Apple reset the rules, at the height of a product’s popularity,” McGuire added. “And they did that for one very important reason: if the competition gets close, and if you have something to pull out of your pocket that’s as good or better, then you kill it. And you do what a lot of companies haven’t done or can’t do, or are afraid to do, and eat your own young. If you really want to stay ahead and keep your competition one step behind you all the time, then when they start aiming for that famous product, you take it out and replace it with something as good or better.”

Second GTA V released, unveils filthy Underworld and more

Second GTA V released, unveils filthy Underworld and more

Rockstar Games has just released second trailer for their upcoming multiplatform game GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V). The trailer is just under two minutes but still an exciting one. It features gorgeous graphics, visuals and first look at the massive but filthy underworld.

Second GTA V trailerGTA V is schedule to launch in Spring 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360. You can check out our entire GTA V coverage HERE.

iPhone for Europe details emerge

iPhone for Europe details emerge

In a blow to Vodafone, Apple has chosen O2, Orange and T-Mobile as its European iPhone launch partners according to the Financial Times.

The latest in a series of often-conflicting reports explains all the mobile networks have agreed to share 10 per cent of all revenue from voice and data services using an iPhone with Apple. The contract was signed “in recent days”, the report explains.

As predicted, the report confirms Apple has adopted a more diverse bring-to-market strategy for the product’s launch in the European market, with Orange securing distribution in France, T-Mobile grabbing Germany and O2 securing UK distribution rights.

Macworld has received multiple reports from UK readers who have been in contact with O2 sales teams in recent days. It appears O2 representatives are promising callers that the iPhone will be made available through their network by “the end of the month”.

This lends weight to the Financial Times in its claim that Apple and its European mobile network partners will announce their partnerships by the end of the month.

Negotiations between mobile networks in their scramble for the device appear to have reached the very highest echelons of the boardroom: Deutsche Telekom chairman Hamid Akhavan and O2 chief executive Peter Erskine reportedly “campaigned for personal talks with Apple CEO Steve Jobs about the contract”.

The companies are predicted to make the announcement at the IFA show in Berlin, which runs from Aug 31 to Sep 5, reports the FT. However Apple has never previously exhibited at IFA, is not listed as an exhibitor at the show, and has not confirmed that it will attend this year.

LittleBigPlanet Karting Box Art confirms PS Move support


LittleBigPlanet Karting Box Art confirms PS Move support

Following a official announcement of LittleBigPlanet Karting, The new sony has revealed the state packshot for that game. The interesting factor relating to this packshot is it confirms Ps Move Support for LittleBigPlanet Karting.

LittlebigPlanet Karting

LittleBigPlanet Karting is schedule to produce at somepoint later this season for Ps 3. U . s . Front Games is developing the sport together with Media Molecule.

You should check out official LittleBigPlanet Karting below.

LittleBigPlanet Karting Box


Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Walkman

Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Walkman

Sony has announced a new wearable, water-resistant Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker themed W250 Series Walkman MP3 Player. The new Sony Walkman W Series, model NWZ-W252, features a convenient lightweight, wearable and water resistant design. New camouflaged styled KONAMI’s Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker version allows for exclusive access to original designed characters.

The Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker themed Walkman also comes pre-loaded with the video game soundtrack, available nowhere else in the U.S. Additionally, the limited edition version comes packaged with a coupon code, allowing gamers to unlock original designed characters and special Walkman apparel.

With 2 GB of maximum capacity, the new Walkman W Series can hold approximately 470 songs (4 minute length MP3 playback at 128 kbps). The model also features a quick charge function, allowing for up to 90 minutes of use from only three minutes of charge time. Full battery life is approximately 11 hours.

Additionally, the new Walkman comes with Content Transfer software, allowing you to move music files of playlists straight from your PC or iTunes library (not including DRM files). Just click on a file, then drag and drop into Content Transfer.

The Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker themed Sony W Series Walkman will be available in June for about $60 at sonystyle.com and Sony Style retail stores nationwide.

League of Legends European LCS Round Robin Qualifier Completed! | League of Legends

League of Legends European LCS Round Robin Qualifier Completed! | League of Legends

The round robin tourney is complete, with Ninjas in Pyjamas being disqualified for being unprepared and Supa Hot Crew taking the win.

The absence of Lemondogs left a void in the League of Legends European League Championship Series, which Riot Games moved immediately to try and fill.  Holding an online 3-team round robin tournament, either Ninjas in Pyjamas, Meet Your Makers, or Supa Hot Crew was going to have the chance to take the spot vacated by the no-longer qualifying Lemondogs.

It started with a disqualification.

The tourney was taking place online, due to the hurried nature of it, so the three teams were given certain guidelines to follow to be prepared and ready to go when their names got called, including applying a new patch.

Ninjas in Pyjamas did not get patched before the tournament.  They were given fifteen minutes to get into the game lobby, losing a ban every five minutes of time they used up.  In the end, with fifteen minutes wasted, probably the favorite team to win the round robin tournament was still not ready to play, resulting in a disqualification from the tournament.

This left Supa Hot Crew and Meet Your Makers to face each other in a best of three series, and with the new patch active and the changes in the meta, it was guaranteed to be quite a show.

Meet Your Makers managed to out-farm SHC in the first game, despite giving up first blood to MrRalleZ’s Lucian. But MYM were unable to hold that lead after several well-executed teamfights by SHC overcame and passed the farm disparity, resulting in a solid win for the Supa Hot Crew in game one.

Game two started a bit slower, with first blood taking longer to earn, but ultimately swung even more heavily in Supa Hot Crew’s favor, ending in a surrender vote from MYM to seal the ultimate victory!

The round robin may not have gone as expected, but it was nonetheless exciting to watch once it actually got started.  As a prelude to Season 4’s League of Legends League Championship Series, it did exactly what I had hoped it would do…

It left me wanting to see more!

NHL 15 announcement on May 5, first details, exclusive PS4/Xbox One features and trailer expected

NHL 15 announcement on May 5, first details, exclusive PS4/Xbox One features and trailer expected

The first next-gen installment in NHL series will be revealed on May 5, 2014 i.e tomorrow, according to the detail in the teaser image just shared by EA Sports via Twitter.

NHL 15EA Sports NHL tweeted the text: “Are You Ready?” along with the following image. So guys expect to see and hear a lot about NHL 15 in coming week as its going to be the first NHL title on Xbox One and PS4 so don’t get surprised with the bullet list of next-gen features from EA Sports to hype the announcement.

Many fans expected NHL 14, the last installment in the franchise to be the first next-gen NHL title but at that time developer “EA Sports Vancouver” decided to concentrate only on PS3/Xbox 360 port. So this time around it will be interesting to see what the studio has in store for us in NHL 15 for PS4 and Xbox One.

So are you guys excited about the official reveal of NHL 15? Tell us in the comment section below what all next-gen features you guys want to see in the game?

NHL 15 Teaser Image

Bye Bye Flappy Bird: Dev Removing App From iOS App Store & Play Store | Flappy Bird

Bye Bye Flappy Bird: Dev Removing App From iOS App Store & Play Store | Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen admitted today that he’s removing the game from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Coming tomorrow, the hit mobile game Flappy Bird will no longer be available for download on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. If you don’t know what Flappy Bird is (which is highly unlikely), it’s a simplistic game featuring 8-bit graphics where the main goal is to keep your bird alive by flying between pipes. The game is often frustrating and highly addictive.

But, just two hours ago, Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen posted on Twitter that he is taking the game down off of both mobile platforms. In a recent interview with Dong Nguyen, he admitted that he makes over $50,000 in ad revenue every day thanks to the game.Here’s what he said on Twitter:

“I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I cannot take this anymore.”

Two more tweets were made after that stating that he won’t be selling Flappy Bird to any other companies, and that he will still continue to make games. Because Dong is taking Flappy Bird down from both platforms, it is extremely unlikely that we will ever see it release on Windows Phone. Fans are extremely unhappy about Dong’s choice, but there are plenty of alternatives to choose from on both the App Store and Play Store. 

Even though Dong is removing Flappy Bird from both stores, he still has other mobile games (in the same graphical design as Flappy Bird) on the App Store and Google Play Store.

How do you feel about the downfall of Flappy Bird? Leave a comment below telling us what you think!

Need for Speed 2015 trial now available, week before launch | Need For Speed

Need for Speed 2015 trial now available, week before launch | Need For Speed

Xbox One owners who have subscribed to EA Access can play a time limited trial for free.

Need for Speed, which is set to arrive on November 3, now has a free trial version for Xbox One owners who have subscribed to EA Access. The trial has an upper time limit of 10 hours. 

The game can be downloaded through the EA Access app on Xbox One or via Xbox.com. The download size of the game is a hefty 18.18 GB. Unlike other trials, this one will save your progress for the full game if you buy it.

The new Need for Speed, according to its description, will feature five game modes: Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw. It will also feature real-world icons of urban car scene like  Magnus Walker, Ken Block, Nakai-San, Risky Devil, and Morohoshi-San. The game will also require an internet connection to be played.

For those who do not know, EA Access is a subscription-based gaming service, which provides early access to upcoming EA Games. Subscribers also have access to an ever-growing library of games and a 10% discount on digital EA purchases on Xbox One.

Need for Speed is set to launch on November 3 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The PC version of the game, however, will arrive later in spring next year.