Will Windows 10 Be Supportive of PC Gaming?

Will Windows 10 Be Supportive of PC Gaming?

Windows 10 gaming potential is teased to be revealed during Windows 10 Consumer Event in Janurary.

Back during the annoucement of Windows 10 in September, Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s biggest gaming boss, vowed to demonstrate why the PC is incredibly important in relation to gaming. It’s finally time to find out Windows 10’s true gaming potential is soon, as indicated by a tweet Spencer posted this week, which reads:

“I’ll be focusing more on what we are doing on [Windows 10] in January. It’s time for us to talk about gaming on Windows.”

When Microsoft revealed Windows 10 as a platform for all of your devices, doubts arose in the gaming community concerning how much Microsoft would cater to the PC gamer this time around. From previous experience with an app-based operating system (I’m looking at you, Windows 8), it’s easy to have low hopes for the new OS.

However, back in June, Spencer said that “gaming on Windows is critical to Microsoft’s success.” Before that, he admitted that his company needs to do more to support the PC gaming community. He even goes so far as to claim that part of his job is to bring focus back to Windows gaming.

He even acknowledged in a past interview that Microsoft had lost its way with PC gaming, a trend that he said he hopes to reverse.

Around the reveal of the Windows 10 OS, it’s indicated that the OS will have ties with the Xbox One. Details on how it will operate alongside – or within – the Xbox One remain to be seen, though we may not have to wait long to find out.

Spencer’s tease of January news suggests that his reveal plans are probably coming during the recently announced Windows 10 Consumer Event, scheduled for January 21st. 

We’ll finally be able to see how Windows 10 may be able to satisfy our needs as gamers at the peak of 2015, so keep your eyes and ears sharp. Will Windows be able to deliver this time or will we be stuck with our copies of Windows 7 for yet another generation? Only time will tell.

Bethesda: More Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gameplay footage soon

Bethesda: More Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gameplay footage soon

Matt Grandstaff, Community Manager at Bethesda Softworks has revealed that more Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gameplay footage will be released soon for the fans of the game.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim screenshot

Matt said, “The Elder Scrolls News has been quite quiet lately. Ready to see more Gameplay footage? I have a feeling it’s coming soon.”

No details were revealed regarding the exact time. The first gameplay footage was revealed at E3 2011, watch it HERE.

US is ’Net laggard – Ellison

US is ’Net laggard – Ellison

Europe’s lead in wireless digital telephony will generate more Internet users there than are in the US, according to Apple board member and Oracle chairman and CEO Larry Ellison.

“First comes Europe, then Asia. The US will be dead last with this technology,” Ellison told a packed hall in Geneva, during a keynote speech to mark the opening of Interactive 99, held parallel to the Telecom 99 exhibition.

Ellison – self-proclaimed “best mate” of Apple CEO Steve Jobs – believes Europe has a two-year lead over the US in digital wireless technology. While today, the cost of Internet access via fixed phone lines prohibits widespread Net usage in parts of Europe and Asia, wireless technologies will change that, he said. Users will access the Internet in increasing numbers via a variety of wireless devices, including mobile phones, Ellison predicted.

“Most people in Europe don’t have PCs. That’s because you’re smarter than we are,” quipped Ellison. He then launched into his by now familiar criticism that desktop PCs, loaded with applications, are too complicated for the average user.

Ellison did not miss the chance to gloat over the predictions he made four years ago at the last Telecom show.

“At that time, I angered some people by saying the PC was ridiculous,” Ellison said, reminding the audience about his prediction that the world would move over to a network computing model, where users access a network that stores the applications they need.

“It’s happening. The desktop PC is becoming a network computer,” he said.

Apple’s forthcoming AirPort wireless technology – used in the iBook, new iMacs and Power Mac G4 – still requires a computer, but does allow users greater mobility and flexibility in accessing the Internet and ethernet networks.

The network computing model also makes it easier for users to access the Internet via a variety of mobile devices, Ellison said. When data and applications no longer reside on the desktop, but instead are stored in centralized servers, it will be easier to access those applications through different Internet appliances, he said.

The Internet, in the last four years, has also changed the whole computing world dramatically, Ellison said.

“Four years ago the PC was the centre of the world. Not now,” he said. Just as the PC pushed out the mainframe, the Internet has now pushed the PC off centre stage, he said.

Dutch Sony PlayStation 3 ban lifted

Dutch Sony PlayStation 3 ban lifted

Wait, you hadn’t heard Sony’s PlayStation 3 was banned in the Netherlands? Well it was, however briefly, thanks to a court order earlier this month that temporarily froze imports of the game console, culminating in the impounding of some 300,000 systems. Believe it or not, the same court order also allowed LG to seize newly purchased PS3s already in Dutch homes.

Sony imports some 100,000 PS3s to Europe every week. No big deal, right? Except for the fact that most of those systems enter Europe through The Netherlands.

The Netherlands Hague Court just dismissed the 10-day import injunction, and those 300,000 systems are now free to resume travel. But the injunction was just a preliminary salvo in a bitter licensing dispute that’s ongoing between South Korean electronics manufacturer LG and Sony Corp.

At stake, a bunch of patents, as well as who-knows-how-much money in fines, royalties, and settlement fees (if indeed any settlements can be reached). Sony alleged back in December that LG was using Sony-patented technology in several of its phones without Sony’s permission. In early February, LG countered by claiming Sony’s Blu-ray drive infringes on several LG patents for Blu-ray playback.

Were LG to win, Sony would have to pay royalties on every PS3 that uses the technology (or every PS3 sold), a pretty bleak scenario for Sony given their install base worldwide–nearly 50 million sold–and slender system profit margins.

Sniper Elite V2 announced for 2012

Sniper Elite V2 announced for 2012

Developer behind Aliens vs. Predator and Star Wars BattleFront, Rebellion, has announced Sniper Elite V2, a sequel to  the third person tactical WWII shooter “Sniper Elite”.

Sniper Elite V2 will be publish by 505 Games, and it will launch in 2012 on the current generation of consoles.

Sniper Elite V2

“It’s very exciting to be working with one of the new breed of major publishers like 505 Games,” said Rebellion CEO, Jason Kingsley.

“Sniper Elite was an important, genre-defining property and we’re hoping to have even greater success by teaming up with the talented guys at 505.”

Rebellion CTO Chris Kingsley added: “It’s fantastic for us to be involved in the world of Sniper Elite again. We look forward to winning even more awards with Sniper Elite V2 and wowing the consumers with what will be a great game.”

Google revenues and search traffic climb

Google revenues and search traffic climb

Google reported record fourth-quarter and full-year results last night, as Hitwise reported the company now controls 63 per cent of search traffic.

Announcing the results for the fiscal year ended 31 December 2006, Google CEO and Apple board member, Eric Schmidt, said: “Our impressive performance in the fourth quarter demonstrates the continuing strength of our business model across Google properties and those of our partners.

“Our growing organisation allows us to deliver ever increasing amounts of information and content to our users both through investments in search and ads as well as through strategic partnerships.”

The company reported revenues of $3.21 billion for the quarter, an increase of 67 per cent compared to the fourth quarter of 2005 and an increase of 19 per cent compared to the third quarter of 2006.

GAAP net income for the fourth quarter of 2006 was $1.03 billion as compared to $733 million in the third quarter. Non-GAAP net income in the fourth quarter was $997 million, compared to $812 million in the third quarter.

Modem drivers launched

Modem drivers launched

Macintosh’s Mac aRa Modem Magic is a collection of over 200 V.90, V.92 and ISDN modem drivers for Macs.

The company says: “Most 56K modems don’t ship with highly optimized drivers and
Apple has not added any new modem drivers since 1998, with the exception of a modification to the iMac driver in 1999.”

Macntosh’s webmaster Tracy Turner claims that the drivers will deliver significant speed enhancements for dial-up modem users, connecting at data speeds of between 49,333 and 53,333bps.

The company says: “18.45 per cent of all dial-up Modem access occurs at 48,000bps or faster. That means that 82.55 per cent of all dial-up Modem access occurs at 46,666bps or slower.”

The speed-enhancing collection costs $39.95, and is available online from Kagi, the shareware community’s virtual shop.

Xbox One July 2015 Firmware Will Arrive Today Worldwide, Won't Add Any New Features, Changelog Revealed

Xbox One July 2015 Firmware Will Arrive Today Worldwide, Won’t Add Any New Features, Changelog Revealed

Xbox One July 2015 firmware update will be available for download worldwide later today. Surprisingly, July 2015 firmware for Xbox One won’t add any new feature but instead will prepare the console for Game Streaming to Windows 10 and the much awaited backward compatibility feature, which is rumored to arrive in October 2015.

Xbox One

Microsoft’s Major Nelson has this to say about July 2015 firmware for Xbox One:

“Later today Xbox One owners will be getting a system update. This update prepares for game streaming to Windows 10 (launching July 29th) and our upcoming Backward Compatibility feature launching in a few months.

There are no new user-facing features in this release as the team focuses on the New Xbox One Experience that will be available later this year.”

Xbox One July 2015 Firmware

Are you happy with the way Microsoft are improving Xbox One with regular monthly update, what other features you want Microsoft to add to Xbox One? Tell us in the comment section below.

Nike says ‘Screw it,’ releases new FuelBand SE a day early

Nike says ‘Screw it,’ releases new FuelBand SE a day early

If you were eagerly awaiting the release of Nike’s latest hardware device, you’ve got some stellar luck–the brand spankin’ new fitness band went on sale on the Apple Store Tuesday afternoon.

Retailing for $150 and available in all black or black with colored accents (red, pink, and green), the FuelBand SE is the long-awaited upgrade to Nike’s popular FuelBand line. The wrist-worn fitness tracker pairs to a new Nike+FuelBand app to measure your activities and translate them into “NikeFuel.”

Much like the previous incarnation, the FuelBand SE tracks how much you move, as well as the intensity and frequency of movement. The LED display on the band will show your progress, as will the app (when synced with the band over Bluetooth 4.0).

However, unlike the original–which first appeared in February 2012–the new FuelBand SE has a redesigned circuit board and improved water resistance. The new FuelBand app has likewise seen an upgrade with a refined algorithm which helps measure movements with better accuracy. Other new features to the service include improved social sharing, a “Win the Hour” motivational partner, and a Fuel Rate which tracks the rate at which you’re earning NikeFuel.

New God of War: Ascension Artworks show Ares, Zeus and more

New God of War: Ascension Artworks show Ares, Zeus and more

SCEA has just released some brand new artwork of their upcoming PS3 exclusive game “God of War: Ascension”. These new artworks show some of the characters (Ares, Zues, Spartan and Trojan.) that will be present in this upcoming action-adventure game. God of War: Ascension is schedule to launch on March 12 exclusively for PS3. You can check out all the new artworks below.

God of War: Ascension Artwork 1God of War: Ascension Artwork 2God of War: Ascension Artwork 3God of War: Ascension Artwork 4