The Games Journalism Prizes: Recognising Writing Excellence

The Games Journalism Prizes: Recognising Writing Excellence

UK-based games journalists set up an awards process to recognise excellence in the field of games journalism.

The Games Journalism Prizes, an awards initiative set up by a community interest group in the UK, have just announced the final group of nominees for their longlist, with the whittling down process to commence immediately and the winners to be announced some time in February.

On 16 July 2012, at the headquarters of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, a group of journalists gathered to listen to the thoughts of some prominent British writers on the subject of games journalism.

The six luminaries were Helen Lewis (New Statesman Deputy Editor), Kieron Gillen (Rock Paper Shotgun founder/Marvel writer), Naomi Alderman (author/journalist), Keza MacDonald (IGN UK Games Editor), Rob Fahey (journalist/ founder) and Keith Stuart (games correspondent for The Guardian).

The panel discussed the growing pains of the games journalism industry, the lack of recognition from more established quarters of the press and the ethics and integrity of a journalistic discipline so intertwined with corporate interests. It was an informal but informative session.

The discussion was brought to a close with the announcement of a new initiative to bring greater recognition to the efforts of games journalists. They went to some length to explain that the Games Journalism Prizes were in no way linked to BAFTA and were an independent peer recognition award.

“We’re an interest group, incorporating as a Community Interest Group – which means that no-one can ever own these awards, nor can anyone make a profit from them. The members of the advisory committee for the awards are Dave Green, Dan Griliopoulos and Keith Stuart. None of their work will be eligible for the prizes. The prize is not affiliated with BAFTA, The Guardian or UKIE.”

Further information can be found on the Games Journalism Prize website.


‘BAFTA Entrance’ Image Credit: Me, hence the terrible blurriness, sorry.

Watch video of the first iPhone 6…being dropped

Watch video of the first iPhone 6…being dropped

It almost looks like too perfect of a testimonial of the new iPhone 6’s sturdiness to be believable as an accident. But live TV cameras caught a young man in Perth, Australia dropping his new prized new Apple smartphone as he opened the box (see video).

Young “Jack” — first in line among hundreds who waited out at an Apple store — recovered quickly, seeing that the screen appeared to be unbroken: “It’s all good.”

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus become available in the United States today, but those in Australia, with its time difference, got the jump on Apple fanboys and fangirls in the U.S.

Here’s how to figure out which new iPhone, if you’re headed in that direction, is for you.

Xur's Exotic Sale: Week 41 Inventory | Destiny

Xur’s Exotic Sale: Week 41 Inventory | Destiny

Exotic sale Week 42, Xur is at the reef with some new goodies!

It’s week 42 – my god time flies! Xur is at the reef this week. Let’s see what our friend from The Nine has for sale:

For Titans: The new gauntlets, ACD/0 Feedback Fence are on sale for the first time since the launch of House of Wolves. These gauntlets look amazing and have an amazing ability. The main perk is called Wrath Conductors – when an enemy melees you, the gauntlets release a feedback of energy that damages all nearby enemies. This is great for PvP and can be great in PvE in certain situations. This is a decent piece of exotic armor from the new expansion and is a must buy for those who do alot of PvP.

  • Cost: 13 Strange Coins

For Hunters: Another exotic from the new expansion – Khepri’s Sting. These gauntlets for Hunters are interesting, as they grant invisibility for either subclass and increase melee power by 4x if behind an enemy while invisible via the main perk. This armor piece is great for those GunSlingers that want to cover and stealth that BladeDancers get. Plus who wouldn’t want that melee damage increase? This can be labeled as a buy if you want to complete your exotic collection (or if you like having a giant bug on your arm).

  • Cost: 13 Strange Coins

For Warlocks: Nothing special – Starfire Protocol. This chest piece is a pass, as it it doesn’t exactly have a great perk. The main perk is gaining an extra fusion grenade, which can already be gained in the subclass tree. This is a strong pass!

  • Cost: 13 Strange Coins

Weapon of the Week: Hard Light. This auto rifle is great in design, and it shoots bullets made of light. Awesome, right? Looks aside, this is a somewhat decent AR, with the main weapon perk being Volatile Light-Bullets, which overpenetrate enemies and ricochet on hard surfaces. This can be bought at your discretion, as it isnt anything special (like the Suros Regime), but does look great.

  • Cost: 23 Strange Coins

Engram of the Week: Chest engram. Hopefully you saved your motes of light so you can try and gamble on a chance to get that exotic chest piece you may be missing. 

  • Cost: 23 Motes of Light

That’s it for Xur’s week 42 exotic sale. Until next week, guardians!

The Olympics becomes second most valuable brand, beaten only by Apple

The Olympics becomes second most valuable brand, beaten only by Apple

A new study by Brand Finance has revealed that the Olympics brand is now valued at $47.6 billion (around £30 million). This makes the Olympics the second most valuable brand in the world, beaten only by Apple, which is valued at $70.6 billion (around £45 million).

The Olympics brand’s value has seen an 87 per cent increase since the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, according to the study. This makes the brand’s value higher than all of its major sponsors, which includes Samsung and Coca-Cola.

CEO of Brand Finance, David Haigh, said: “There is no doubt that the Olympics ‘Brand’ is a formidable revenue generator and has huge value. It has recently been criticised for heavy-handed brand control, however it should not be forgotten that in the current four year cycle $4.6 billion has been generated for initiatives to develop sport worldwide. It is also expected to produce a net benefit to the UK economy of more than $25 billion (£16.5 billion).”

The London 2012 Olympics are just days away, but Londoners are ‘not that worried’ about Olympic traffic chaos, according to a new poll. However, Parallels and the Mayor of London say they should be. If you’re hoping to watch the Olympics from afar, here’s how to watch the events live on your iPhone.

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Olympics facing threat from cyberattacks, says UK official

New iPhone to have 1GB of RAM with ‘A5X-like’ chip

New iPhone to have 1GB of RAM with ‘A5X-like’ chip

Apple has internally seeded a prototype next-generation iPhone to test in an iPhone 4S casing. The seed reveals that a variation of the iPad’s A5X will provide 1GB of RAM to the new iPhone. An iOS 5.1 build also reveals new iPod touch information. The devices could be ready to launch simultaneously this summer.

That’s according to 9to5Mac, which has examined Apple’s internal new iPhone prototype seed. The report suggests that the purpose of testing the next-generation iPhone in an iPhone 4 or 4S casing is to try out a new chip without leaking any information about the new iPhone’s design.

The new iPad has an A5X processor but the chip’s heavy focus on graphics suggests it may not be ideal for smartphone use. 9to5Mac thinks that the iPhone prototypes Apple is testing have a variation of the A5X’s S5L8945X architecture, aiming to give the next iPhone the 1GB of RAM that the new iPad boasts.

9to5Mac claim to have also investigated a file inside of an internal iOS 5.1 build, which has revealed what’s expected to be a new iPod touch, internally labelled iPod 5,1.

The current iPod touch label is 4,1, so 9to5Mac predicts that the fifth-generation iPod touch could have major internal changes. This could include an A5 or A5X-like chip similar to the one being tested for the new iPhone.

9to5Mac estimates that the fifth-generation iPod touch could launch alongside the new iPhone this summer.

iPods rule the roost on Amazon

iPods rule the roost on Amazon

Apple’s iPod family remains the best-selling consumer electronic device on Amazon US, for the third year runnning.

Various iPod varieties were named as the year’s best-selling devices by Amazon yesterday.

The 30GB video iPod was named as the most frequently purchased electronics gift in 2006, with the black model being the “most wished-for” gift, appearing the most often on customer Wish Lists.

Apple’s 2GB black iPod nano was the most frequently-purchased electronics gift in last year’s list.

Macs also dominate Amazon’s list of top selling computers, holding first an second place on that list.

In the UK, Amazon has declared Christmas 2006 its most succesful yet, with almost nine orders per second. iPod was the second biggest-selling consumer electronics device, just behind the Kingston Technology 1GB Data Traveller USB Flash Pen Drive. The iPod is presently the biggest-selling device in Amazon UK’s ‘electronics and photo’ category.

Macs land teacher top prize

Macs land teacher top prize

iMovie has helped a Mac-mad teacher land a top UK technology-in-education prize.

Innovative use of iMovie landed David Baugh a Teaching Awards 2000 prize for the most creative use of technology at primary-school level.

He picked up the prize at a recent awards ceremony at London’s Millennium Dome.

The 15-category awards trumpet the use of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) in the classroom. Each category winner received a £20,000 cheque for their school.

Baugh, who teaches at Ysgol Frongoch school in Denbigh, North Wales, said: “Macs allow children to express themselves creatively without a teacher having to be on hand the whole time to sort out problems. Teachers can get on with teaching and take on an almost advisory role with the children.

“I am the school’s ICT co-ordinator and on my last foraging mission to London in the school minibus I netted 10 Power Macs. We wired them in ourselves over a weekend and invested our saving in iMacs.”

Sony Exec Explains Lack of "Uncharted 4 for PS4" Announcement at GamesCom 2013

Sony Exec Explains Lack of “Uncharted 4 for PS4” Announcement at GamesCom 2013

At GamesCom 2013, Sony didn’t announced any AAA exclusive game (such as Uncharted or God of War game) for Playstation 4. This disappointed Playstation fans a bit and were given an impression that there aren’t any AAA exclusive game currently in development for PS4.

Uncharted 4SCEE Chief Jim Ryan has cleared all dark clouds and has confirmed that PlayStation 4 still has a number of “triple-A exclusives” in development. Jim also commented on why GamesCom 2013 lack a new Uncharted game announcement.

In a recent interview to MCV, Jim was asked “Do you feel your conference lacked a big announcement like an Uncharted or God of War?”

To this Jim replied: “You are on a never-ending treadmill of these events and you have to get the balance between doing too much at one and not having enough at the next. We felt having that slightly different approach at Gamescom worked. But then you will have different days, when someone – hopefully me – will get on a stage and announce a triple-A exclusive, because those games are being made.”

Now that we have a confirmation that AAA exclusive is indeed in development for PS4, we would like to ask you guys, what you want to see in the next installment in Uncharted 4?.

Share your views with us in the comment section below.

4G turning into meaningless moniker

4G turning into meaningless moniker

The term 4G wireless literally refers to fourth-generation wireless technology, but apparently there’s not much else that buyers can count on when it comes to the 4G label .

T-Mobile USA this month reignited the debate over the definition of a 4G network when it launched TV ads claiming that it operates “America’s largest 4G network.”

Competitors said that T-Mobile’s High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA+) network shouldn’t be described as either “next generation” or 4G at all. In fact, T-Mobile last summer was calling basically the same HSPA+ network “the fastest 3G network.”

“I’m afraid that carriers desperate for one-upmanship will make 4G a meaningless technical term,” said Gartner Inc. analyst Ken Dulaney. “All it’s going to mean is that it’s faster than the last network you were on.”

T-Mobile defended its use of the term 4G. “What we’re selling today is clearly the equivalent or the better of what’s being marketed today as 4G,” said Mark McDiarmid, senior director of engineering at T-Mobile. The HSPA+ network delivers, on average, 5Mbit/sec. downstream to smartphones and 12Mbit/sec. to laptop dongles, he said.

Until recently, 4G referred to cellular networks using either WiMax or Long Term Evolution (LTE) technologies.

But the International Telecommunication Union ruled on Oct. 21 that WiMax and LTE in their current forms don’t qualify as 4G. The ITU reserves that moniker for networks that achieve speeds of 100Mbit/sec., or about 10 times the performance that any carrier, including T-Mobile, can offer today.

The ITU said that the only technologies that will qualify as 4G are a future version of LTE to be called LTE-Advanced, and the next generation of WiMax, officially known as IEEE 802.16m or WirelessMAN-Advanced. Neither is expected to go live commercially until 2014 or 2015.