Popular GameTrailers Podcast "Invisible Walls" Ends With Ep.284


Popular GameTrailers Podcast “Invisible Walls” Ends With Ep.284 Time to Send This Podcast to The Video Editor in the Sky On Friday, January 17th, the long running podcast “Invisible Walls” on finished its five year run. Finishing on episode 284, Invisible Walls has been bringing video game news, discussions and an inside look into the personalities of the GT ...

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Colleges in Napster move


Colleges in Napster move Six colleges in the US have agreed to allow Napster to provide access to its online-music service. The colleges join the University of Rochester and Penn State University who signed up with Napster’s parent company Roxio earlier this year. According to reports, the universities are receiving the service – which normally costs $9.95 a month – ...

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Taxi Journey Needs Your Fare | Taxi Journey


Taxi Journey Needs Your Fare | Taxi Journey Taxi Journey will take you through adventure and mystery, solving puzzles along the way. Indie Studio Lexis Numérique has made a few games in its twenty years including 2004 Adventure Game of the Year Missing: Since January and now they are making a new game to add to their collection. Taxi Journey.. ...

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Be OS gets Net-ready


Be OS gets Net-ready Be, the operating system provider, will begin offering services based on its BeIA (Be Internet Appliance) OS by the fourth quarter of this year, the company has revealed. Be was founded by Jean-Louis Gassee, Apple’s former chief technologist, who headed the Mac maker’s research and design department in the 1980s. BeIA, which was launched in February, ...

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SugarSync iOS app adds remote file organization


SugarSync iOS app adds remote file organization Users of the SugarSync app for iPhone and iPad could already sync photos to and stream music from their desktop computers. But the latest update to the the Dropbox-style app takes a step beyond mere syncing, allowing users to remotely organize, move, and delete computer files. Version 2.2 of SugarSync’s iOS app launched Monday in ...

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Researchers develop new digital rights technology


Researchers develop new digital rights technology Researchers at the University of Maryland have developed new digital rights management technology that they claim will help organisations better protect multimedia content from unauthorised copying and distribution. The technology works by embedding a unique ID or “fingerprint” on individual copies of multimedia content. The tool features special codes designed to withstand so-called collusion ...

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