No apple iphone 5 this season, Chinese supplier states


No apple iphone 5 this season, Chinese supplier states

Doubt continues to be cast on the potential of Apple launching an apple iphone 5 this year following a Chinese supplier claimed there would be “no apple iphone 5 this seasonInch.

Exactly the same supplier provides pictures of components to have an iPhone 4S, so it states will launch soon, and were sourced from Shenzhen in China.

Apple Insider was informed about the various components by iRepair India, a repair shop for iPods, iPhones, iPads and MacBooks.

iRepair India’s co-founder told Apple Insider he knows china supplier under consideration and regards him like a credible source.

The claimed iPhone 4S components – battery, camera, home button, pier connector set up, and display glass, based on the report – are available to buy now, the origin stated.

There’s been much speculation about if the next-generation iPhone will be a slight upgrade from the apple iphone 4 or perhaps an all-new design with superior components, or perhaps whether Apple would launch two new models within the iPhone range.

A week ago, the brand new You are able to Occasions reported that the Apple worker, who spoke on condition of anonymity, had guaranteed the next-generation iPhone could be “fairly different” in the apple iphone 4, only pointed out one new iPhone instead of two.

However, contradictory evidence was later as per 9to5Mac, which claimed that the source had confirmed the presence of two new iPhones – one of these was suffering production delays.

Apple website ‘second most widely used retail site in UK’


Apple website ‘second most widely used retail site in UK’

Visits by United kingdom-based surfers towards the Apple website elevated five-fold between August and October with Apple comprising one out of every 250 visits online in October 2011.

That’s based on data from web metrics firm Experian Hitwise and IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group), which released the new Shops List during the last quarter, putting Apple in second place.

Very popular was Apple’s site it displaced Argos in the top two the very first time because the Hot Shops list was began in the year 2006. Amazon . com United kingdom and Argos have dominated their email list since its beginning but Apple’s climb from eighth to second upset the established order.

“The sad passing of Apple co-founder Jobs not just had an impact on appointments with the Apple website but additionally helped elevated understanding of pancreatic cancer, having a seven-fold rise in searches after his dying,” stated James Murray, Marketing and Research Analyst for Experian Hitwise United kingdom.

“In addition to Jobs’ dying, the launch from the new iPhone 4S pressed United kingdom Internet visitors to its greatest ever levels for Apple with more than 14 million visits in October 2011,” he ongoing.

After Amazon . com, Apple and Argos (pleasing placed from a to z, if you want that kind of factor) came Tesco and then. In sixth place was M&S, adopted by, Amazon ., John Lewis and Tesco Direct.

Tina Spooner, Chief Information Officer at IMRG, stated: “As the passing of Jobs will unquestionably have elevated traffic levels towards the Apple site, the sheer recognition of tablet devices like the iPad is another main factor.

“Amazon . com is expecting their Kindle to be among their greatest sellers this Christmas, and it’ll be fascinating to determine precisely how influential tablets become for consumers. IMRG are estimating that £3.72bn is going to be spent online throughout the peak activity days commencing 28th November and fifth December and, knowing through the high risers within the Hot Shops list, fashion retailers may be the big performers this Christmas,” she ongoing.

The New Shops List is printed quarterly and tracks recognition, as shown by visits, of websites selling products or services inside the IMRG Capgemini Index Classification.

Fleksy brings alternate keyboard to many popular iOS apps

Fleksy brings alternate keyboard to many popular iOS apps

Bay Area-based software developer Syntellia announced on Thursday that it is Fleksy on-screen predictive text input technologies are being put into several popular iOS apps, including utilities like Launch Center Pro 2 and text editors like Wordbox.

Greater than most likely every other technology in Apple’s mobile operating-system, the program keyboard may be the one of the things that helped Apple redefine the idea of smartphones, freeing handsets from hardware buttons that used to consider half (or even more) of the device’s property.

Still, the default keyboard is not for everybody, and that’s why iOS provides just a little-known iOS programming interface that enables developers to produce their very own input methods–and that is where Fleksy is available in.

Distributed like a special package that third-party developers can integrate to their own apps, Fleksy replaces the default iOS keyboard with Syntellia’s own, which utilizes a subtly different input method along with a unique predictive formula that, based on the organization, recognizes most words, even when all of their letters are typed incorrectly.

Though it occupies the equivalent screen property and incorporates the familiar Texting layout, the keys around the Fleksy keyboard are spaced just a little farther apart, which makes it simpler to type (specifically if you have big fingers) additionally, it supports numerous gestures where you can perform common operations, for example moving the cursor forward and backward without getting to turn to time-consuming operations that need your full attention. (Yes, magnifying loupe, which means you.)

According to my brief tests, the outcomes are really quite good, as lengthy as you are familiar enough with Texting keyboards that you could aim your fingers within the general direction from the keys you need to hit. Fleksy has an excellent recognition rate–so great, actually, that you could really hide the laptop keyboard altogether having its “ghost” mode but still continue typing while getting use of your whole screen.

Additionally to produce Center Pro 2 and Wordbox, Fleksy is making its debut in SMS application GV Connect and geolocation software BlindSquare. If you wish to provide the technology a try free of charge, you are able to download a duplicate from the company’s own demo, which requires iOS 7 and creates both iPhones and iPads, from the Application Store.

A 5-minute Woz brain dump (Also known as, 2013 UC Berkeley commencement address)


A 5-minute Woz brain dump (Also known as, 2013 UC Berkeley commencement address)

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, an experienced from the college commencement address circuit, shared a totally free-form talk to UC Berkeley grads recently throughout their ceremony.

Pay Attention!2013’s techiest college commencement loudspeakers

2013 Durch TALK:Read Dropbox Chief executive officer Came Houston’s address

Wozniak, who dropped from UC Berkeley in 1971 and co-founded Apple with Jobs a couple of years later, came back to cement his bachelor’s degree in the school in 1986.

Throughout his talk, Wozniak told graduates the personality they form throughout their college years is most likely virtually what they are likely to have for existence. He stated he loved the individual he is at college and made the decision to remain this way, it doesn’t matter how wealthy she got from his work on Apple along with other endeavors (he stated he returned and trained grade school “secretly, no press”).

Woz also thrown out this formula: H=S-F (happiness equals smiles minus frowns) and encouraged grads to prevent things that can make them frown. He stated students are in a time of getting peak physical and intellectual energy, and just look so far as the likes of Apple, Google and facebook to determine what individuals how old they are can accomplish when they are creative.

UC Berkeley has condensed Wozniak’s 15-minute speech into about 5, and here you go for the listening and viewing pleasure:

On data center in Network World’s Data Center section.



Apple returns products to EPEAT registry


Apple returns products to EPEAT registry

It isn’t frequently that people get missives from Apple towards the public, significantly less apologies. But senior v . p . of hardware engineering Bob Mansfield required to Apple’s website on Friday for, because he described that Apple was reversing its earlier decision to get rid of its products in the EPEAT ecological registry.

Within the letter, Mansfield states that company been told by “many loyal Apple customers” who expressed their disappointment within the EPEAT removal. Describing the move as “an error,Inch he stated that the organization has replaced “all qualified Apple products” within the registry. That, obviously, doesn’t include Apple’s iPhone or iPad models, because they fit in with device groups that EPEAT doesn’t rate.

However, that return does include some qualifiers. For just one factor, Mansfield echoed an earlier statement from Apple concerning the EPEAT removal, noting that the organization makes lots of ecological progress “in areas not measured by EPEAT.” With that list are removing toxic materials from Apple’s products, including brominated flame retardants and PVC, which the organization made an attempt to get rid of dating back to 2007. Mansfield also pointed out that Apple’s products not just meet but exceed the government’s Energy Star 5.2 rating about energy usage, that they states is unmatched within the tech industry.

For why Apple made a decision to reverse course, some clues come within the last couple sentences of Mansfield’s letter. The manager mentions the IEEE 1680.1 standard, which EPEAT relies, might be strengthened with the addition of the above mentioned criteria, as well as states that the organization is searching forward “to dealing with EPEAT his or her rating system and also the underlying IEEE 1680.1 standard evolve.” The IEEE 1680.1 standard is presently while being updated by an IEEE Work Group.

Apple’s withdrawal from EPEAT wasn’t particularly advantageous either to party. Apple risked getting dinged once more by ecological groups in addition to potentially losing business from government, corporate, and greater education institutions which use the conventional. EPEAT, however, lost not only a prominent industry supporter, however the most visible and lucrative tech company around. Given individuals mutually destructive factors, it’s possibly unsurprising the two will come to some kind of agreement.

It appears likely Apple has maneuvered to obtain what it really wants: more input in to the updated standard. The greater cynical minded might explain that by adopting standards that Apple has met, the organization has an advantage on competitors. But it is also difficult to reason that tighter standards would not be to the advantage of ecological factors.

For speculation from many–including myself–the new Retina MacBook Pro was at the bottom from the dispute, I noted this looks like it’s and not the situation. Regardless of the nature from the new MacBook Pro’s construction, which apparently might make it tough to effectively recycle, Apple’s ecological report for that product states it holds EPEAT’s Gold rating–the greatest level available.


Why Apple has withdrawn from EPEAT: the MacBook Pro Retina Display battery

Greenpeace gives Apple thumbs up for date center efforts

Bay Area to prevent buying Mac pcs

Apple’s EPEAT withdrawal raises recycling, disassembly concerns

Apple turns back on atmosphere, exits EPEAT register


Cyberpunk RPG Copper Dreams reaches crowdfunding goal Copper Dreams

Cyberpunk RPG Copper Dreams reaches crowdfunding goal Copper Dreams

The indie, cyberpunk RPG exceeded its crowdfunding goal in under 30 days.

The anticipated indie game Copper Dreams has become a measure nearer to being reality.

Whalenought Studios, the couple duo accountable for the sport Serpent within the Staglands, started the campaign for that game on May 12, setting an objective of $40,000.

Today, with 1,023 backers, how much money promised for that game is $42,612.

Copper Dreams is really a cyberpunk inspired RPG, in which the protagonist is among the many citizens hanging around forced into colonizing the area, and government owned metropolis, Calitana to alleviate the over crowding in all of those other world.

Based on the game, the federal government sent supplies towards the immigrants initially, however it just sent more and more people. “The lucky get drafted to war,” the narrator within the trailer stated, “The rest get drafted here.”

Due to this forced colonization, Calitana operates to ruin. With no official rule, corporations took charge. The protagonist works best for one of these simple corporations, but on the way, finds out secrets while stalking competitors.

The campaign for that game will formally finish on Saturday at 5:30 p.m., Eastern Daylight Time. The sport arrives for release in March 2017.

New iPhone the new ios 4 beta shows FaceTime via email


New iPhone the new ios 4 beta shows FaceTime via email

Rumours suggest Apple’s next mobile OS is going to be open to all non-iPhone devices earlier than later, including email based FaceTime video calling. reports that the new ios 4.1 Beta 3 adds a brand new option within the iOS ‘Contacts’ application, that provides users an opportunity to make FaceTime calls using whether telephone number or their email. “This could allow FaceTime compatibility with devices not connected having a telephone number for example future camera-enabled iPads and ipod device touches,” MacRumors notes.

The lately introduced apple iphone 4 has two built-in cameras, one around the front over the display and something around the back near the Brought flash. The leading camera continues to be tuned for FaceTime, while offering the best field of view and focal length to pay attention to the face at arm’s length, showing users within the best light insists Apple. Presently apple iphone 4 users only need click ‘Contacts’ and tap the FaceTime button to begin a phone call.

Apple are anticipated to refresh the ipod device range the following month, together with a new ipod device touch, while a 7-inch small-iPad may be announced.


Apple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4


Apple updates iWork, iPhoto, Mountain Lion ready

Apple updates iWork, iPhoto, Mountain Lion ready

OS X Mountain Lion - AppleOS X Mountain Lion - Apple

The recently new version of iPhoto (9.3.2) works with OS X Mountain Lion, has improved performance and today enables the consumer to talk about images easily via Twitter or Messages.


Apple reminds users of coming shutdown

Improved iWork file discussing arriving Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion: All you need to know in one location

The new sony: PS4 Firmware 2. Launch “Just Not Far AwayInch, Explains How Free PS Plus Games Are Selected Every Month

The new sony: PS4 Firmware 2. Launch “Just Not Far AwayInch, Explains How Free PS Plus Games Are Selected Every Month

At GamesCom 2014, The new sony announced details regarding Ps 4 firmware 2.00 and mentioned that it’ll get to Fall 2014 i.e. will launch among September 22 and December 21. Holidays 2014 approximately to begin but nonetheless we have not heard everything from The new sony regarding exact release date of Ps 4 firmware 2..


Ps Europe Blog Manager Fred Dutton did provided some good info when fans can anticipate seeing launch of Ps 4 firmware 2., “Just Not Far AwayInch stated Fred.

“I can not discuss new hardware features today, apart from to state that [updates] will always be within the works – as formerly announced there is a big PS4 update just not far away that i will be speaking much more about soon.”

A week ago well-known industry insider Tidux mentioned that Ps 4 firmware 2. was scheduled to produce right before Evolution’s PS4 exclusive racing title, DriveClub, but Game Director Paul Rustchynsky clarified that, “it is simply a rumor” and there’s no truth into it.

Lastly, Fred Dutton also described the entire process of selecting Ps Plus Free Games for every month:

“There exists a global PS Plus team who choose the games each month. I am afraid I can not discuss precisely why they choose particular titles, apart from to state they are doing their best to choose an assorted line-from quality games within the three platforms.”

“Obviously, not every games attract all gamers, there is however some really awesome stuff within this month’s selection. Pix the kitty is ridiculously addictive making with a scarily gifted team with an excellent pedigree, Spelunky is among the best platformers from the last ten years and Rainbow Moon is really a cracking RPG. For Batman – I appreciate it’s five years old, but [within my honest opinion] I’d also argue it is the best game within the series.”

PS4 Firmware 2. will prove to add number of fan requested features for example capability to share game play videos online, Share Play feature which enables online co-op game play of games even when your friend does not possess a copy from the game under consideration and remote controlling Ps 4 titles over internet.

Are you currently disappointed using the time The new sony take to produce PS4 firmware 2.? Inform us within the comment section below.

Optional PS3 firmware 4.11 goes LIVE, details revealed


Optional PS3 firmware 4.11 goes LIVE, details revealed

SCE has released an optional firmware update 4.11 for Ps 3. The update has become readily available for download for those PS3 proprietors around the world. Based on The new sony, this latest firmware in minor one and improves facets of system software.

Playstation 3

Based on reports from Examiner, this latest firmware also carries treatment for PSN installation issue. PS3 proprietors can download firmware 4.11 by selecting System Update in the Setting column from the XMB.

Have you ever downloaded PS3 firmware 4.11?, share your knowledge about us within the comment section below.