Macworld lists awards hopefuls

Macworld lists awards hopefuls

Macworld US has announced the 1999 finalists for its 15th annual Macworld US Editor’s Choice awards. Winners will be announced during an event at Macworld San Francisco, on Wednesday January 5, 2000.

Eventual winners of the 26 available “Eddy” awards are arrived at through extensive product testing.

This year has has been a bumper one for Mac devices, reflecting the increased credibility of the Macintosh as a computer platform.

FedEx begins shipping iPhone 5 pre-orders

FedEx begins shipping iPhone 5 pre-orders

The first batch of iPhone 5 handsets began shipping on Tuesday to people who ordered them online last week, according to FedEx tracking notices delivered the same day.

Receipt of the notices was widely reported on the Twitter microblogging service. One of the notices seen by IDG News Service showed the phone being shipped from a FedEx facility in Memphis, Tennessee, for delivery on Friday. The phone was ordered through Verizon Wireless.

Verizon, Sprint and AT&T opened their websites to preorders last Friday at midnight Pacific time — timing that disadvantaged those on the U.S. East Coast because it was 3 a.m. local time there.

On Monday, Apple said pre-orders of the new phone totaled 2 million in the first 24 hours. That was double the pace of orders for its predecessor, the iPhone 4S.

The quick pace of sales means that customers ordering the iPhone 5 online now can expect to receive it in October, Apple said.

Cellphone carriers in several countries around the world will begin selling the iPhone 5 through retail stores on Friday.

Sales are scheduled to begin in Australia at 8 a.m. local time, then move through Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the U.K., France and Germany before hitting the U.S. and Canada.

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Adobe Acrobat boosts scientific research

Adobe Acrobat boosts scientific research

With most pharmaceutical companies counted as customers, and electronic submissions to regulators requiring documents to be in PDF format, Adobe is no stranger to the life sciences.

But the company has been reinforcing its ties to the industry with a concerted life science effort that has a dedicated staff of industry experts.

“The vertical focus on the life sciences is new, but Adobe’s work in the area is not new,” says Melonie Warfel, director of Adobe Life Sciences.

Acrobat helps

The life science effort at Adobe is an umbrella program that covers pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies. Part of the effort is ensuring that documents meet FDA submission and other regulatory requirements. Within the pharmaceutical industry, the program targets a wide range of application areas, including R&D, clinical development, regulatory affairs, manufacturing, and marketing and sales.

Warfel notes that many of the business trends and business priorities that the Life Sciences group deals with are not new. “Our customers say they need to maintain their competitive advantage, comply with regulatory requirements, and protect their intellectual property,” says Warfel.

What is new is the amount of information that is being collected in life science organizations today. Adobe sees its strength in helping companies gather, present, and safely share this information.

From desktop to server

Part of the life science effort is tied to a transformation within Adobe. The company has quietly morphed from a desktop software company to a server software company. The fruits of this change can be seen in its Adobe Intelligent Platform architecture, which is made up of the universal client, intelligent documents, and Adobe document services.

Most people are familiar with the universal client aspect of Adobe’s architecture. This is basically the client software – the Acrobat Reader and Web browser plug-in – that allows workers, partners, and others to access and work with documents. With the client software, people can share documents within and outside a company and documents can be accessed using virtually any platform ranging from a PC to a PDA (personal digital assistant) to a mobile phone.

Intelligence attracts

While the universal client is essential in any company, it is the other parts of the Intelligent Platform architecture that have great potential and application in the life sciences.

Specifically, Adobe’s intelligent documents combine Adobe PDF and XML technology. This enables a digital document to keep the look and feel of a paper document while allowing life science companies to embed business functions within the document. For instance, intelligent documents can include error checking while data is being entered, data validation, and routing of information such as parts of a document or an entire document.

Architecturally above the intelligent documents is what is known as the Adobe Document Services. Among the features supported within the Document Services offerings are things like document generation, document control and security, collaboration, and process management.

For example, when it comes to document control and security Adobe offers the Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server for managing and monitoring electronic forms, and Adobe LiveCycle Document Security, which offers encryption and digital signature features for safeguarding the content of an electronic document. The LiveCycle line of enterprise products also includes a handful of document-generation and process-management offerings.

Part of the Life Sciences group’s strategy is to work with partners such as Accenture, EMC/Documentum, IBM, Open Text, Oracle Clinical, and others. Members of the Adobe Life Sciences group also take active roles in many of the industry standards development efforts.

Mathematica hits 64-bit

Mathematica hits 64-bit

Wolfram Research has announced Mathematica 5.2, a 64-bit multicore-supporting version of the popular science and technology software.

The release brings 64-bit technology to all supported platforms. This means more than 4.3GB of memory (the 32-bit address limit) can now be addressed, and high-precision or large numbers are processed in 64-bit rather than 32-bit digit chunks for faster computation.

“Mathematica users push the limits of computing-constantly requiring more memory and computational horsepower. That is why we have decided to be first-to-market with all-platform 64-bit and multicore support,” said Roger Germundsson, director of research and development.

“We’ve been able to do this because of our state-of-the art software engineering processes and close working partnerships with platform vendors such as Microsoft, Apple, Intel and Sun Microsystems.”

The company has “dramatically sped up computation, reduced memory usage, and introduced grid computing; now with 5.2 we’ve enabled Mathematica to take advantage of more memory and more processors for computation, too,” the company said.

Mathematica 5.2 is available for Windows (32-bit/64-bit), Mac OS X (32-bit/64-bit), Linux (32-bit/64-bit) as well as the several workstation and server platforms.

Hands-on with Alpine’s excellent iLX-007 CarPlay aftermarket stereo

Hands-on with Alpine’s excellent iLX-007 CarPlay aftermarket stereo

I demoed Alpine’s CarPlay-equipped aftermarket stereo, the iLX007, in sunny Santa Monica, literally next door to the Hotel California. Yup, the place from the Eagles song, where “you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.” And that’s an apt location to try out this stereo, which, unlike the Pioneer AVIC8000NEX, is CarPlay only, and thus iPhone-only. You could check out any other phones you like, but you could never leave your iPhone–unless you want to reduce your $800 CarPlay unit to a lowly AM/FM radio.

So any cross-platform households will need to look elsewhere. Pioneer’s AVIC8000NEX system, which retails for a spendier $1400, has a whole separate interface you can use without connecting your iPhone. It’s even got Bluetooth so you could use it with another phone, and CarPlay only comes up when you physically connect an iPhone.

Alpine went the other way. The iLX007 only works with CarPlay-compatible iPhones (that’s the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, and 6 Plus), and since CarPlay requires a tethered connection, the iLX007 doesn’t have Bluetooth. Without a connected iPhone, all you get is an AM/FM radio, and a display of the car’s rear-view camera if it has one. But even with that caveat, I came away from the demo very impressed by Alpine’s execution of CarPlay–the iLX007 fixed my biggest complaints about the AVIC8000NEX, which were trouble getting Siri to listen, and the overall cruddiness of the touchscreen.

Now that’s a touchscreen

Alpine’s 7-inch capacitive touchscreen worked a lot better. The Pioneer often wouldn’t register my taps, which is frustrating even when you can do most of the navigation by voice. Alpine’s screen looked good, even in the bright midday sun, and every time I tapped it, the tap registered right away. (Imagine that, a touchscreen that works when you touch it…)

My other problem with the Pioneer CarPlay stereo was summoning Siri. When you get an aftermarket CarPlay stereo installed, it comes with a microphone that’s mounted on the windshield. (I’ve seen it peeking out from under the rear-view mirror and at the top-left of the windshield near the driver’s side door.) Saying, “Hey, Siri!” when using the Pioneer stereo would bring up the Siri screen, but not the audible boop-boop of recognition. I’d wait for the boops, and the screen would time out, and I’d have to try again.

Luckily, the Alpine stereo has a Siri button front and center. I wouldn’t mind it being bigger, but I’m very happy that it’s there. Every time I touched it, there Siri was, with a boop-boop, ready to go. Navigating by voice worked just as well as it did in my drives with the Pioneer, which is to be expected. If you know how to phrase your requests to get the responses you want, you’re golden, but sometimes if you ask wrong, Siri can’t figure out your meaning. But at least with the Alpine, you know she’s listening.

If your car has a voice-activation button on the steering wheel, the stereo installer can program it to be a Siri button, so you don’t have to press the Siri button below the touchscreen. And the Alpine rep explained to me that you can use the “Hey Siri” trick here too, but it’s your phone’s microphone that’s listening for that, not your car’s. (And of course this has to be turned on in Settings > General > Siri.)

Thanks to the smoother touchscreen and Siri button, using the iLX007 is a breeze. CarPlay uses apps and data already on your phone, so you don’t have to install apps to your car and worry about keeping them updated, or have to search the same addresses in your car that you already looked up earlier on your phone or computer. If your phone knows it, your car does too.

Who should buy this?

The iLX007 does have an AV input in the back, if you want to add other sources, but Alpine doesn’t think that will get a lot of use. This is for people who want to use CarPlay and nothing but. If everyone who drives your car has an iPhone, it’s ideal, combining navigation, music, and communication with a no-fuss interface that’s as familiar as that one Eagles song.

Unofficial Fix For GTA V Character Transfer Issue Between X360 To PS4 Discovered: Unlinked Xbox Account & Re-Link Again

Unofficial Fix For GTA V Character Transfer Issue Between X360 To PS4 Discovered: Unlinked Xbox Account & Re-Link Again

Yesterday, Rockstar Games fixed GTA V character transfer issue between PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 version of the game and promised that the same fix for Xbox One to Xbox 360 and other transfer possibilities will arrive on November 19. But, it seems like GTA community won’t have to wait this long as Reddit user “Winkus” has discovered how to fix GTA V Xbox 360 to PlayStation 4 character transfer.


Winkus says:

“I was one of those people who hadn’t played since last year. Couldn’t get the transfer to work. So i signed into the social club unlinked my xbox account and relinked it. Restarted the game and bam transfer went in fine. Figured i would share and see if it might work for you guys too.”

Other users has acknowledged in the thread that this fix has indeed worked for them. So try it out guys and let us know whether it fixed the issue for you or not.

Also Note:

“If you haven’t logged into Xbox Live for a long time, you need to go to the xbox live site, log in, and accept the new terms of service.” You might not able to re-link (as mention in the above fix) until you perform this process.

Apple renames new iPad, scrapping ‘4G’ in favour of ‘Cellular’

Apple renames new iPad, scrapping ‘4G’ in favour of ‘Cellular’

Apple has changed the name of its new iPad on websites worldwide, swapping ‘4G’ to ‘Cellular’. This change was made following accusations in the UK and Australia that Apple had been misleading customers about the tablet’s capabilities.

The change has appeared in Online Apple Stores across the globe, including the UK, Australia, US, Canada, Ireland, Hong Kong and more.

In March, Apple changed the small print on its UK store webpage, admitting that 4G is only available in the US and Canada.

However, in May, Apple faced further accusations that its adverts for the new iPad’s 4G capabilities in the UK were misleading. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) reportedly received ‘dozens’ of complaints about the new iPad’s capabilities, which are currently redundant in the UK, and wasn’t satisfied that Apple had complied with an agreement to amend claims about the tablet’s 4G feature on its website.

In Australia, Apple offered refunds to anyone who felt they had been mislead by the iPad’s 4G capabilities, but the company then argued that it had never marketed the device as being compatible with Australia’s networks.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 for Mac hilarious online craze

Surgeon Simulator 2013 for Mac hilarious online craze

Surgeon Simulator 2013 is a game that’s unwittingly become the latest Internet craze, and you can download the Mac version here if you’re interested in joining in.

The game sees you controlling the hand of a surgeon trying to save the life of Bob, who is having a tough time on the surgeon’s table. 

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Surgeon Simulator 2013, by Bossa Studios is one of the games to come from this year’s Global Games Jam. The game is unintentionally – or perhaps intentionally – black-humoured, as players try to give Bob a heart transplant. The game sees most players accidentally spill surgical tools around, drop items inside Bob, cut his ribs open, and try to take his innards out.

Surgeon Simulator 2013Surgeon Simulator 2013

The game is portrayed from a first-person point of view, with the surgeon’s hand floating around in front of you, all of which adds to the dark humour. The operating theatre is covered in blood.

It doesn’t help that the hand is somewhat hard to control. The A, W, E, R and Space keys control fingers, while the left mouse button lowers the hand, and the right mouse button is used for rotation. Sadly, for Bob, it’s nowhere near as easy to control as it sounds.

All the time you play the blood count is going down, and Bob’s chances of survival are decreasing.

This has led to many people posting images with pithy captions, and recording videos of their surgical prowess, such as this hilarious video by YouTuber Robbaz, who comments happily along as he spills surgical tools into Bob’s open chest cavity.

Click here to visit GameJam and click the Mac download link to play the Surgeon Simulator 2013.

Alternatively just watch this video of the game in action from YouTube with commentary from Robert. (Warning, there is some mild swearing and gory content)..

The iPhone 5 could be available to pre-order on 12 September

The iPhone 5 could be available to pre-order on 12 September

In July, iMore reported that Apple is planning to unveil its next iPhone at a special event on 12 September. Now, the blog reports that the iPhone 5 will be available to pre-order that same day, and will be shipped nine days later for US customers. For international markets, the iPhone might not hit the shops the first week of October.

The information comes from “sources that have provided iMore with accurate iPhone related launch dates in the past,” says the report.

The report claims that Apple is getting “more aggressive” than previous years, by organising the pre-orders on the same day as the unveiling. The iPhone 4S was introduced on 4 October 2011, and the pre-orders didn’t begin until the 7 October.

Following iMore’s 12 September event claims, further evidence flooded in from publications including AllThingsD and The New York Times, which agreed with iMore’s report.

eBay has seen a 70 per cent increase in old iPhones on its site since the September iPhone 5 reports.

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iPhone 5 now available for pre-order in China

iPhone 5 now available for pre-order in China

Taobao, the Chinese equivilant of Amazon, has started to accept pre-orders for the next-generation of iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5, and is listing the device along with purported mock-up images and technical specifications.

Orders are now being accepting by a variety of different sellers, some charging up to $1,100.

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Apple has made no official announcement regarding the next-generation iPhone, which is expected to be announced sometime later in the year. We excepct the iPhone 5 to be announed in either September or October, and on sale officially in the UK in October.

iPhone 5 with larger screeniPhone 5 with larger screen

Taobao sellers claim they plan to purhcase the iPhone in Hong Kong or the United States and bring it to mainland China.

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Although there are no official details regarding the next generation iPhone, it is widely expected to feature a quad-core processor and perhaps a slightly larger screen, there are also rumours of a smaller dock connection, liquidmetal casing, NFC wallet and all kinds of things (see: rumour roundup). The only thing anybody is really sure of is that it will run Apple’s upcoming iOS 6 software.